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I like this report, mostly because I have a tenner on Roberto Di Matteo being our next manager! seem to have caught up with the rumour that Villa want the Chelsea caretaker manager.

According to reports, he hasn`t been told if he will be kept on at Chelsea yet, some of the London press are saying he won`t be as that arse who helped ruin the Premier League wants Pep Guardiola.

One of the many theories as to why we`ve not quite yet got a new manager is that we are waiting for Roberto. This report says he isn`t prepared to take just a one year contract whilst Chelsea wait for the ex Barcelona boss.

The Mirror says that he still lives in the Midlands at Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire. I don`t think they have quite checked their facts there, he lives in Leamington Spa!

I digress.


Comments from Vital members:

Villan58: RDM is one of those managers I’d be happy to see at Villa but, only if we had a DoF in place and only if RDM had a very strong second in command with him, someone like Ray Wilkins. On his own, as an out and out manager, I would have to say a big, no thank you. Now I’ll freely admit that my assessment of RDM might be completely wrong but, I have the impression from him that he is a very nice pleasant man, very even handed and fair. The other side of this seems to be missing from his character completely, you know the dark side, where he can demand things from his players and get it, just because he wants it. In other words, I don’t think RDM is forceful enough to control a dressing room, especially one that has some senior players in it. He may well develop this side darker side but, I’m afraid until he does, he would be better off by remaining a coach.

HH2 I’d take him based as much as what he just did with Chelsea as what he did at MK Dons and Baggies where his teams played good stuff.

Pride of Lions: I’m on the fence with this one. He’s certainly not the top of my list, but I would accept him over Martinez. He had the baggies playing some decent stuff before a bad run which saw him sacked. Has done a good job at Chelski. They were going nowhere before he took over in January. Ok he had to bring the seniors back to get things moving, but hey, he still did it. A couple of trophies to boot. Hasn’t been a bad 4 months for him. Tempered with that, I still have a slight doubt he could take us back up to 5th-8th position due to lack of nous. But hey who knows…….

King Makoun II Lost all respect for him after a complete lack of support for AVB and then his celebrations against Napoli, sucking up to the players. He is clearly one to let the players do what they want with no discipline (same was the case at West Brom allegedly) and has played pretty poor football at Chelsea. Other than the wins at Barca and Bayern which though impressive were massively lucky they haven’t been great.

BodyButter: I’d have no problem with him, however, if Chelski are willing to offer him a 12 month deal and he chose us over them, I’d be very suspicious. Surely any man who has confidence in his own ability would happily take a twelve month contract?

Deanovilla: Yep. Wanted him when he left West Brom and he’s gone on to win a Champions League since then. Not sure how anyone could turn down a Champions League winning manager. Some fans have serious delusions of grandeur.

Maundy: He beat Barca and Bayern by setting out the most negative teams possible, aimed at stifling the opposition and catching them on the break. That’s OK when you have players like Terry, Lampard, Cole, Cahill and Drogba, but I can’t see it working with Dunne, Warnock, Collins, Ireland and Bent… I think that all RDM did during his time ‘in charge’ at Chelsea was tell the players what a nasty man AVB was for upsetting them and that he’ll let them do what they want. Not convinced about him as a manager at all a the moment.

CliveTheVillan Some of my mates are Baggies fans and they say Di Matteo was a good manager but like many baggies managers he had no money, he got them promoted only finishing second to Newcastle who had a real strong team for the Championship and they played good passing attacking football, they also tell me many was gutted when they got rid of Di Matteo as they enjoyed his style of football the team played.

Wurzel Well i will tell you now, most of my family are WBA, and they did not shed one tear when he went. Has he learnt a bit more now? Lets hope so.

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