Date: 4th December 2006 at 12:00pm
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General Charles Krulak has revealed that Randy Lerner

‘has invited, and Ron Saunders has excepted, to be our guest at the Aston Villa-ManU game on 23 December. Ron is coming home.’

I believe there could also be a presentation to Ron at half time.

Doesn’t get any better than this does it?

Oh, and hot off the press, I believe a £7million re-development of the ‘tired’ Holte Suite is under way or about to get under way.

So, we might have Doug on every radio show that will have him and in every paper with quotes as to how well he’s done BUT for me, ACTION speaks so much louder than words.

So what have we had now?

A new owner who shuns the publicity as he doesn’t want to be Mr Aston Villa, he wants the attention to be on the club not himself.
The Bodymoor training ground re-development has been re-started and plans improved.
Free transport was given to fans taking them to the Chelsea game (although I’m still waiting for payment of my limo hire bill!)
A happy manager with the promise of a proper war chest.
A legendary manager about to be brought back and honoured.
Plans for statues.
The Holte Hotel restored.
Fans representatives being listened to.
£7million refurb of the Holte Suite (if my sources are correct)

Still no cushioned, heated seat with pop up umbrella and drinks dispenser for me though.

Lerner Out!


28 Replies to “Ron Saunders ‘Coming Home’ +++”

  • It just gets better and better doesn’t it. My dad was showing me his Ron Saunders book over the weekend “Look its God”. I did have to explain that there was only one god in my eyes tho and he’s black and Irish!

  • This year will go down as a milestone in the history of our club. And what way to end the year than to honour one of our greatest ever managers. Another superb move from Randy…. I think I am beginning to like the bloke 🙂

  • A brilliant PR initiative. It doesn’t take much to keep the regular fan happy. Something DHE’s pride wouldn’t allow.

  • Be great to see Ron again. Hope he has ‘accepted’ and not ‘excepted’ though, otherwise it will be disappointing!

  • How true Gaz, and yes it could be just a pr initiative, personaly I prefer to think of it as the act of a management who understand just how much history we have and just how proud we are of that, must admit to a certain amount of negative bias regarding our cousins across the pond, but slowly and surely these chaps are impressing me more and more, UTV

  • It’s good news after good news. I’m starting to get used to this. Will be great to see Ron back at VP- a long time overdue. Great game to choose to do it as well. It’ll be a full house and his appearance should give everyone a lift

  • You are all so right, it is good news that the new management team have sufficient understanding and intelligence to work with the supporters not against them as that previous ego maniac did. I am so glad I have not heard him holding forth on the radio Iwould have switched off if I had. It makes you wonder at the intelligence of these programme and newspaper editors if all they can do is go after a hasbeen. Can’t they find anything better to fill their pages?

  • Interesting feature on Ellis on the BBC website, where he says he deliberately hasn’t interfered with Randy. Really Doug?! Why is that? Because you can’t? Because the only position you now hold at Villa was given to you to shut you up? It’s amazing that the bloke still thinks he holds some sort of influence at VP! He’s now trying to make it look like he is giving Randy £7m from the sale of the Serpentine. It belonged to the club, Doug, not you! Good riddance!

  • Stefftthevillan: Try not to think about the moron that is George W. Bush, and most of those negative bias against us “cousins” will go away!

  • Great article in 442 magazine December edition this month. Says about how doug took in wages and earnings £29,000,000 out of villa! Also does see Krulak lose a bit of front when asked about their intentions for villa when asked if they wanted to do it for financial reasons… well why are all these foreign investors getting involved??? Oh and people like Randy don’t get rich by throwing money around for fun to be fair, though perhaps he’s hoping he can make money out of us and us from him… which is fine in truth.
    Bit disturbing though.

    As for Ron Saunders, I thought he was done with all those football days and has nothing to do with any of it any more? If its true thats fantastic, he deserves all the credit that he gets.

  • If it’s true, what a superb mark of respect – how great it would be if Dennis Mortimore accompanied him -it almost brings tears to your eyes.

  • Also can we stop talking about f****ng Ellis. He’s had his day, so let him “REST IN PEACE” and allow him to watch how Vlla should have been run for the last 25 years!

  • Indeed, hopefully we’ll hear less and less from a certain former chairman but i think we can ignore and get on with the positives anyway, does speak volumes that he has to keep trying to convince us what he did when the new lot JUST DO IT!

  • Slightly off topic but if United are valued at £624m, Liverpool at over £400m, the bar codes at £125m and even West Ham at £100+m, Doug did a crap job getting just £64m with £7m left in for goodwill!

  • Taken 25 years for the Villa Faithful to say a propper Thank You to Ron Saunders, People forget he was manager of Aston Villa for 8 Years unheard of these days, 8 Years and he left without propper recognition. He did wonders at Norwich City before coming to Villa.
    The only Manager to go to Three League Cup finals three years running with thre different teams. AND in the complete history of Aston Villa he doe’s not get the reference he truely deserves.

  • RS deserves his moment in the sun. Everytime I recall his fighting talk aimed at the media after Bobby Robson’s Ipswich had beaten us 2-1 at VP to swing the Football League Championship race in their favour, a tear comes into the old eyes. The team was down, the supporters deflated, yet in one brief t.v. interview RS had everyone believing again that the Championship trophy was Villa Park bound.

  • geordievilla, just read the bbc interview – ‘thank god i signed o’neill’ says ellis. you did it because randy said you had to. the other one- ‘The majority of supporters – if you read the letters that are coming in – are praising me for taking Martin on here.’ seriously, he’s *****ing me off even after he’s left !!

  • Always remember his speech after we won the league and people thought Ipswich should have, “Hear the knock of the knocker, until his hammer falls. But remember the act of the knocker, requires no brains at all.”
    Those were the days, jumpers for goalposts………………………….

  • gordonsleftboot…i think you may find that the prices banded around for these other clubs include debt repayment as well,also dont forget that although villa were not officially in debt by way of a loan , they did have a £12 million overdraft which was not incorporated into the sale price,so this £7.5million that doug has supposedly sorted for the villa only partly covers this.

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