Date: 1st July 2006 at 2:03pm
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Steve W suggested we asked ‘after which Villa legend should the Doug Ellis stand be re-named when ‘he’ goes?

70% said Ron Saunders, no real shock there.

17% said William McGregor, who the Trust are trying to raise funds to erect a statue for.

8% said Dennis Mortimer.

4% Peter Withe, 1% Tony Barton and 0% Charlie Aitken.

Our new poll asks if Milan Baros will stay at Villa following the latest links (albeit just from clubcall who usually have very little substance in their rumours) to Italy.


4 Replies to “Ron Saunders Stand At Villa”

  • Anything other than naming a stand after that doddery old sod would be an improvement. should never have been changed from Witton Lane

  • Agree with your there DougInABox. I’d rather it be called the Christiano Ronaldo Stand than the Doug Ellis!

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