Date: 21st May 2006 at 11:03am
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Ok, very quiet news day, so I will announce the result of our last poll and go and enjoy our fantastic summer 🙁

Vital Villa asked what sort of new owner you wanted and it will come as little shock that 49% wanted a Russian quadzillionaire!

Now all we need to do is sit back and wait, job done. All that fuss with protests and all we needed to do was ask the fans what they wanted. Who knew? :-p

29% said they didn’t care what sort of new owner we got as long as Doug goes!

14% wanted a consortium of businessmen meaning only 8% were looking at a fan led investment vehicle.

Personally I’d go for an ultra rich sugar daddy for the fun of it BUT long term, a mix of the next two options (business consortium and a fan led investment vehicle) sounds ideal to me.

I’d de-list Villa from the stock exchange then sell 49% of the club to the fans and ex-shareholders. Thus giving extra capital to plough back into Villa whilst retaining overall control. I don’t have a utopian view of fans owning the club but do think there should be fan representation and what better way to involve the rank and file than to get them fully ‘invested’ in the club?

Be our luck for Doug to be immortal mind you. 🙁


8 Replies to “Russian Quadzillionaire In Vogue!”

  • They are two totally conflicting ideas – a consortium of businessmen would be looking to make returns and dividends on their investment, while a fan group would be happy to plough all the money back into the club. It wouldn’t work together.

  • Id rather not have a consortium because they will not be there to make the club better they will be there to make as much money as possible.

  • One owner would be beter than a consortium, at this stage anything would be beter than what we have.

  • We need a modern thinking, go ahead, ambitious, business minded board, complete with a forward thinking marketing guru to fill the capacity of CEO. Not too much to ask is it?

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