Date: 14th March 2006 at 3:15pm
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Lets hope that we have a new board by the summer; because David O’Leary is quite rightly looking for three players AND the permanent signing of on-loan Newcastle midfielder James Milner

O’Leary says ‘in general we are not far off being a good side’ and it is very difficult to argue with him. Maybe you could argue where we are in the league, but that is a different article! The squad – albeit small – is littered with international players, we just need better cover in key areas and have a definite need for a midfield general.

Links so far have focused on possible free signings and loan players, without a major change at the boardroom level, I can’t see how that will change.

O’Leary told the official site: ‘How many players would I like to invest in? You are never in the ideal word but if we were to get three players in here it would be a big help. If we could add in a couple of key area, I know that could be the difference for us. I want three players to make the squad bigger. I’ve got James Milner here for the season. I don’t know whether I could get James on a permanent basis ­ I’d love to.’

Adding the news that will get Doug trembling ‘James would be in addition to those three. We’ve done good business. We’ve taken £1.5m for Solano and I’m hoping we can use that towards getting James Milner. But we’ll have to wait and see on that.’

‘In general we are not far off being a good side. If I could add to this team in a few places, we’d be a very decent side. It is up to me to get us safe and then you never know what decisions might be made at the club or we all might know what is happening.’

Interesting final line, he has said it before and it surely suggests that he thinks there is the possibility of a takeover, but only when we are safe? It would make sense, if we are relegated (have faith Villans, it might be a close run thing, but we aren’t going anywhere – Freudian slip that?) then the club will be less attractive BUT also available for a lesser price.

What is for sure, the foundations are there, we just need someone to come and build on them to take us back to competing in the top 6-7 clubs.


3 Replies to “Safe First – Then What? 3+1”

  • the way he keeps talking about the takeover rumours you get the impression that he knows a lot more than he’s letting on.
    personally, since the jan transfer window closed there is no need to rush any takeover as its not going to have any bearing on the p

  • Would this take into account those leaving as well or would they then be replaced with additional signings, as I can see Berson and DJ Dj going along with Hendrie and possibly Delaney. Interesting comments re takeover as it has all gone v quiet.

  • We really have to pray for the takeover, a takeover, any takeover. Without the removal of Ellis and his collection of boardroom yes men, the serious decline will continue unabated.

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