Date: 6th July 2006 at 10:09am
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Ive been prompted to post a new thread after seeing West Ham splash out a bundle of money over the last 6-7 months compared to our nil outlay at present.

Thats right West Ham, only back in the Premiership for 1 season after 2 years out. The same West Ham that was in so much debt when they went down they had to sell all the best players for peanuts compared to our spotless accounts which show no debt. The same West Ham that until only recently were getting crowds of 25,000 compared to our average of 35,000 over the last few years, the same West Ham that have only been in the top flight for 8 or 9 years out of the whole of the Premiership compared to our ever present status. The same West Ham that beat us twice last season quite comfortably as well despite having players who cost peanuts and are mostly from the lower leagues. The same West Ham who have young hungry and fit players who are prepared to run through a brick wall for the cause.

They have spent 7m on Ashton, 3m on Mears, 2m on Carlton Cole, Lee Bowyer for peanuts and have just had a 4m bid for Chhimbonda turned down. We on the other hand and have done absolutely bugger all despite having our worst season ever.

It beggars belief and Im starting to realise that this season coming will be one hell of a fight to stay in the division never mind improving on last season.

Im angry I really am yet the Chairman says that were heading in the right direction. I d hate to see us if we were heading in the wrong direction!

So comparing the 2 clubs we should be the ones spending money on new players and West Ham should be grateful they have survived in the Premiership and now start moving on to try and establish themselves as a regular top flight club. Instead they are showing all the ambition to want to do well and we are showing all the ambition you would expect when you have a Chairman who has done very little positive in his 30 year reign.

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  • Absolutely spot on. However, it just shows what a good manager can do for a team built on peanuts. We wouldn’t be having any debate at all if we had a young, hungry manager who cared about the club like they do at West Ham. Over the years in the Premiersh

  • villa need a turnaround of spurs proportions, forget west ham they are the joke of london. the only way villa will get on a par with the teams higher up the league is to buy some good young players at nice prices.

  • DougInABox, you say it all!!!! Doug is a problem but I beleive his main problem is not being tight but in fact his lack of ambition and leadership qualities. A change in this might just attract a better quality of manager. As it stands we have DOL who

  • Not a Villa fan but my mate is and he tells me that there are section of the Villa support that back Ellis. I find that incredible.

    Your No 1 problem has to be Ellis. The buck stops with him. With your potential Vills should not have suffered the w

  • eillis is rubbish agreed, but does anyone really trust our current manager to spend money wisely??

  • Yes I trust him to spend money wisely. In the few occasions that he has been backed by Ellis, he has bought 2 international defenders with champions league experience and an international world class striker and former golden boot winner. it is when scr

  • West Ham fans complained for years about their board – and with good reason. But as far asI know the board that took them to meltdown is still there. Our chairman is too old and stubborn to learn the lessons they have.

  • It seems that everyone agrees, only one man is too blame. Doug Ellis made his money in the 70s and is still stuck in that era. The Chairman needs to lead by example if all he is doing is taking a pay check, all the players will do is do the same. He sh

  • yes we need to get rid of doug, hes past it, and yes we need 2 get rid of DOL but if we get a new board n DOL goes then hu will replace him? venables wont, svens off 2 jamaca n i cnt think of many others at the min.

  • A very good article. Its very sad that writings such as this piece do not cross the desk of Messrs Ellis or Stride, to enable them to read the honest and heartfelt views of an everyday supporter. What they have allowed this club to become (and I include S

  • Look at DOL when he played reminded of a brick wall, nothing got through him but boring, boring, boring except fot the moss growing. Ellis is the old private school headmaster that stares at the pictures of the stars of the 80’s who hasn’t been out of his

  • elmo85 – you talk crap on more than one site it seems. west ham the joke of london you say !!!!! not on the last day of the previous season we weren’t ……….. 2-1 should have been 5 ……….. have your got a list of excuses for next season yet when

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