Date: 19th April 2007 at 4:16pm
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Villa left-back Jlloyd Samuel says he will be off in the summer after not getting a chance in the team since the arrival of Martin O’Neill.

Jlloyd, an ever present only a few years back, hasn’t even made the bench for most of this season and the player has confirmed he will be moving to pastures new in the summer.

‘I just want a fresh start now, I see my future elsewhere.’

‘Martin O’Neill told me to wait for my chance after I returned from injury but it never came. I’m disappointed because I never really got an opportunity to win my place back in the team. I thought I would have been given more chances. Martin has this great reputation as great man-manager and manager but if anyone asks me ‘how good he is’ I won’t be able to answer because I haven’t been given a chance to work with him.’

Bolton and Middlesbrough have been reported to be interested several times this year and Charlton were also linked but that was before Alan Curbishly left. That said, who isn’t linked to Middlesbrough!? Jlloyd will be able to leave on a free as his contract expires in the summer.

Shame, always thought, with a bit of luck injury wise, he was a decent enough player, I’m sure he’ll become one of those players who leaves Villa and excels. Mind you, I’ve been known to be wrong before now…. not very often though you understand, in fact I think the last time was 1975 when I insisted fruit salads were tastier than black jacks, a decision I lived to regret…….


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  • He’s been very poor, apart from one season (like Angel). Like most modern players an over inflated view of his own abilities, always tried his best, but far too mouthy in the press for my liking. Like Hendrie, should have done his talking on the pitch. To try and make out he’s leaving because he’s not been given a chance – more like he’s not good enough and he wants a juicy 40k per week contract with Boro or Bolton, keep his crib pimped up.

  • thats low, he works with o’neill on a daily basis so how can he make it out that the lord our mon has never even spoken to him. get back to mtv cribs. big sam wiill knock your ego out of you if you end up at bolton.

  • I’ve always said he wasn’t good enough, but what i want to know is, where are those idiots that questioned, my knowledge of the villa when i said he wasn’t good enough 18 month’s ago, seems MON agrees! and thats good enough for me, so you juankers stand up u know who u are!

  • Yep,another player who is purely media driven – he`ll have a decent game and he`ll be doing full page interviews in the mail telling everyone about England aspirations,the bloke is a total t@sser,no backbone but i will say against Blues at home last season he was exceptional so i thank him for that but 90% of the time he hid on the pitch and has become a millionaire from being average.

  • Parma violets were better than fruit salads and black jacks. I realised this in 1974. Why did they stop making the Aztec bars, beats me.

  • If he has not got the guts to stay and fight for his place in the team and thinks his own ego is more important then in my book – good riddance. We want players who want to fight for their place and are proud to play for Villa.

  • The fact is the guy is simply not good enough to even warrant a place in the reserves.

    He had one good season and has gone downhill from there. He was a daydreamer and therefore a liability. I don’t like slagging Villa players off but when they come out and slag the manager off when the club is trying its best to improve its PR it totally *****es me off. The guy has had plenty, if any, too many opportunities and time and time again has failed to live up to the expectations.

  • So Big Sam’s mob it is then, there were rumours a while back he had been tapped, however its looks like he will be leaving by mutual consent…

  • A sensible move. His career had stalled at VP, despite an impressive start, and with the much improved form of Freddie, there was not going to be an early way back for JLloyd, if at all. He’s got the ability to be a success elsewhere, and good luck to him in that quest. Bolton would be a good move for him, if only because they look like being involved in European competion again next season.

  • If we want to move to the next level, we need a better class of player than Samuel (and we’ve already got that in Bouma in fairness). What this article highlights is the difference between a player like Samuel and a player like Angel. The general consensus with Angel has been to wish him well and he’ll be missed (though it is acknowledged that the time is right for him to leave) – this is largely down to his attitude which was evidently quite the opposite to Samuel’s, who always came across as being to complacent to lift his game to where his talent could’ve enabled him to take it.

  • I agree with Glensider. Sometimes events happen and a career stalls or goes backwards. I actually think Jlloyd is a reasonable defender and somebody is going to benefit from having him join on a free. I suppose all of us on this site have got better and better in our jobs, have always given 100%, have never been on this site when we should be working etc. He wants to look after his own interests (who doesn’t) and I seem to one of the minority who would like to wish him well for the future. His career mirrored that of the previous manager (can’t remember his name). It initially looked very promising and then it tailed off. Had he had not got injured against Reading in the first home game this season it may have been very different but we will never know. The choice that M’ON has to make now is ….. does he buy a replacement for Bouma, effectively making him second choice and therefore p******g the player off, and putting the club in the same position as when he arrived to take over from Jlloyd? Or does he buy a promising youngster who would relish the challenge of fighting Bouma for the position. We are not Chelski (thankfully) and can not get away with having two great players for every position, this can only happen when you are playing enough games to warrant it and this means regular Champions League football.

  • Seemed to play in the wrong position to me. Woeful defender but good left sided attacking player. Doubt if he”ll make an impact in the premiership though.

  • One thing that really gripes me is watching him a few years ago on MTV Footballers Cribs. To start with, considering the amount of football he plays can he be considered as a footballer? And then when he does play can you consider him as a footballer?

    But what really sickens me is seeing how this bloke, at the same age as me, lives. And the luxery he has been basking in at our expense and cost on and off the pitch.

    Then he throws his dummy out of the pram and says I am off.

    Well see you later JLO, you wont be missed – on or off the pitch.

  • Useless defender, too slow, and far too thick.

    One trick going foward (which is to pretend to cross the ball on the left and then go onto the right) which when it worked was good but dosent come off anymore and he has had enough chances to prove himself.

  • How many times do we need to listen to J-Lo talk about his move away in the summer. I’ve counted at least 4-5 articles this season where he hasn’t spoken about how he’s been given a bum deal by not playing this season. It’s players like him that have been the problem with Villa over the last few season, he should concentrate on keeping his Icon’s site up to date.

  • voth, mon wouldn’t be a good manager if he thought ‘i wont sign this player, i dont want to ***** him off’ freddie will have to accept that his position should be under threat on a weekly basis. its the way it should be, its what gets a player playing like his life depends on it. that was the problem with jlo, he was quite happy to take the money, then mouth off every few months.

  • I think he has his own site on icons with a blog on it.
    Probably talks about new diamond studs he wants to buy and cars and fine ass ******es and *****! Kieron Dyer Syndrome as far as I am concerned, his head has made the grade before his ability ever will.

  • Erm, think I said this before J; but just in case you missed it. BYE Mr Cribmeisterfanstabeyachass! Your crib was rubbish and you will never be a top player. Once your speed goes you are ****t! Pampered primadonna. Please take a look at JPA and admire his excellent personality.

  • Sorry that was meant to read Crib-meister-fantasta-beyach-ass! Also, you will be *****t once your speed goes. One trick-paul daniels ass chump.

  • Cant believe so many replies. Who the chuff cares weather the sack of——- goes. You get out of things what you put in. Jlo put in what? Just go!!!!!

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