Date: 14th September 2010 at 4:28pm
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Right, as per Supporters Consultation Group – Feedback Needed

It is clear from the number of comments, pm’s and forum posts that the one issue to be brought to the SCG is the North Stand video screen.

We have two issues left.

The catering ones + the one from rdunbar100 re: cider have been brought up at SCG meetings before, so I can’t really repeat those, however I will forward to the relevant department, so your feedback has been taken.

The public address system has also been left before, the General has also touched on this in one of the GK threads.

Music again seems to be an issue. I think therefore that should be brought up, both anthem and music on tannoys, as it could tie in anyway (ie if they played the Bells are Ringing!)

Obviously it’s nothing major in any way but…. the music still needs sorting out. I’m not saying the club need to introduce an anthem or anything like that but we’re now into at least the second year of that horrible (bad medieval choir) noise that he teams come out to, and I don’t understand who decided on that racket and why?

I realise you are never going to please everyone, and I post this at risk of starting another lengthy discussion where some headbanger will come and suggest a death metal band no-one has heard of etc… but when we did the vote on here ‘Hundred Mile High City’ by brummie band and predominantly Villa fans: Ocean Colour Scene, was a popular choice. Okay its mainstream and maybe not to everyone’s taste but at least it’s suitable and geographically relevant to a certain extent. We could at least give it a go? Anything is better than the current shite.

I don’t know what has been suggested in the past but for a long time now I’ve thought Villa should instigate chanting with the home fans. We should make Villa park as loud as it can be so our players know we are backing them, we need the away fans to be drowned out and their players effected.
A perfect example of this was the recent game against Rapid where their fans were amazing in the backing they gave their team (not the damaging of our seats) I think their fans won them that game. It was embarrassing to the Villa fans and the only time we were heard was when we scored and then all we could chant was ‘who are ya? Who are ya?’ We could not complete with that drum. They were so loud and some of there chanting was quite catchy. I’m sure it must have effected our team when they are singing things like ‘Villa Villa who the F*** are Villa’ and we had no reply.
Why don’t Villa professionally go about making Villa park the most hated and uncomfortable ground for the opposition players. Lets make them not want to play against us. Chants could be printed in the match day programme which would encourage fans to buy it so generating more money. We could have people with PA systems to get the chants going and hand out things like flags and banners to add to the atmosphere. The cost would be quite minimal but the effect could be amazing. It would just take a little organising. If we can get all fans joining in, then it would encourage more to come week in week out to be a part of the great atmosphere come win, lose or draw. People like to feel they are apart of something. We should ban away fans from having drums! why give them an advantage? We should have Drums ourselves setup professionally by Villa staff so be used a appropriate time. A few thousand Rapid fans made a right din at Villa park, so imagine what forty thousand Villa fans could do if it was organised correctly.
Fear, what is happening with regards to a club anthem. We seemed to be getting close on this one, only for mealy mouthed excuses to come out. When is someone going to grab this one by the horns. The club have said it should be fan led. We have led on it, but still it lies dormant!!
Ok i’ll meantion it….an Anthem as it aint going to come from the fans.
You could start by just playing the TRADITIONAL VILLA Bells are ringing before the game…not to difficult and no one would object.

Entertainment for kids etc has been mentioned but they do family days with events outside already.

Website feedback has been left before so I don’t think we can leave that feedback this time but I will pass on the feedback.

Traffic management has been brought up before, again I’ll send that to the right department so the feedback has been left.

Feedback was left at the time re: the badge, can’t bring that up again: Bring back the old club crest/badge (circa 81/82). Can’t stand the current one. Round with more claret and less blue please.VillaWillRiseAgain

So we have for the 3rd…

1) Over 60’s discount (Erod)

2) I have one – Why have the reserve team fixtures mostly been changed to afternoon slots? (Sheriff Kimbo)

3) I would like to know whether the issue with reducing the wage bill is to fall in line with the incoming regulations on clubs having to have their wage bill fall in line with their turnover/income? Is this why there are transfer funds avaliable which effectively cannot be used until a ‘gap’ is created in that wage structure?
we are not far off of five years of the current regime and were told the club had a five year plan. In relation to that plan, are the board happy with how we stand at year four (if not what are they going to do) and what is the plan /strategy for the next five years?

Really not sure this is the sort of feedback we can get answers from but hey… if voted for…

4) The Fear – I’m a lions club member but its not really good for much living abroad. It would be nice for those living abroad be able to get something for it. IE. I would prefer to pay a yearly membership fee and receive something in return. wether it be a signed thank you letter and some merchandise or go in a draw to win signed player jerseys etc etc.
do something for your overseas fans. comps or something… anything.

5) Can we have an announcer who doesn’t shout please? chocolate teapot

6) Now that the manager situation has been more or less sorted, focus will soon become set on a the North Stand redevelopment. I understand that a museum is to be part of the provision in that development, but can the club confirm that the museum will (at least in its major part) be a classical museum and that the club will appoint someone who is well-qualified in the history of the club to advise on the museum’s presentation?
Cheers Lergy, you just reminded me what I wanted to about…Fear, with the development of the ground & having done the stadium tour umpteen times, it is a great shame that we do not have our trophies on show apart from an egg & spoon cup in the north stand area…we talk about tradition & a great history yet we do not show that off…would be great to have a museum/trophy room, so to display our proud past & have a couple of photo opportunities…

7) Here’s a question: If we are to get a new stand at the Witton End of the ground, will it have stained glass windows? (This would, in my view, be excellent.) If we are to get stained glass windows in said new stand, would it be possible to run a competition to offer Villa fans the chance to design them? It would be a great way for Club, fans, history and vision to be celebrated together. Thanks.

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