Date: 19th November 2018 at 6:27pm
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I thought this was good to share, another great endeavour from our Aston Villa Foundation designed to help Villa fans and people local to Villa Park. It is the side of football I really enjoy and it should be trumpeted.

Healthy Goals – Dan's story

Dan Lawrie has lost 8% of his body weight since signing up to Healthy Goals in July.The Aston Villa FC fan has also made positive changes to his diet and lifestyle.Read more about his story ???? you'd like more information about the programme, email:

Posted by Aston Villa Foundation on Tuesday, 6 November 2018

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The Aston Villa Foundation has a weight loss league and as they say, it is already having positive effects.

They explain

“As well as providing a competitive five-a-side league, players are benefiting from nutritional/dietary advice, lifestyle advice, physical activity guidance, weekly weigh-ins and quarterly blood pressure checks.”

Dan Lawrie has lost 8% of his body weight.

He said: “Before I joined Healthy Goals, I did very little exercise. My diet consisted of bacon sandwiches for breakfast and something quick for an evening meal. I drank alcohol every night and basically abused my body.

Adding, “If ever I need dietary advice or if I’m suffering with certain injuries, I know I can talk to the staff and they will spend time explaining things to me.”

Dan seems sure it is the being part of a team that has kept him motivated.

“I feel it’s important to get along with the other players in your team and in the league, as it helps to keep you motivated and not want to let your team mates down. The hardest part was getting over the first 2 or 3 weeks – your body aches, I had little niggling injuries and suffered with bad shin splints, but that was because I hadn’t kicked a ball for 15 years. Once you step on the scales and see that you have lost weight, it reignites your motivation to keep going for another week.”

“I can honestly say since joining healthy goals, I can feel my fitness levels increasing, I’m feeling much stronger and energised and my general attitude is improving, I can really feel Healthy Goals changing my life.”

The Foundation explains:

The league is open to men and women over the age of 18, and players are able to sign up as a team with friends or come as an individual and be placed into a team.

Healthy Goals costs £5 per session and takes place in the Academy Building at Villa Park every Wednesday from 8-10pm.

If you’d like more information or want to sign up, please email or call 0121 327 2299 (Ext 414).

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