Date: 28th January 2013 at 4:38pm
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Just one interesting point that I`ve tried to make a few times but was put well by … wait for it… Gordon Strachan the other day.

He was on the FA Cup highlight show and said the following about Villa. Now, I know, many will say ‘he hates us` etc. However, even putting aside his management career, we have to admit he did have an illustrious playing career and doesn`t know what it is like to be a professional footballer.


“People talking about they are young players. That`s the problem sometimes the Chairman`s want young players but the youth team coach needs to be able to say they aren`t ready yet. It can be a problem, if you throw them in too early and they get this sort of experience (the thrashings and constant losses and losses to div 2 and 4 teams) it can effect them for a long long time.

He added

“They are trying, they are absolutely trying” and goes on to say that defenders often develop later than strikers, it is all about instinct and that they need the help of older, more experienced players (same as Martin Laursen amongst others have said).

He ends saying Lambert hasn`t become a bad manager over night and is just going through a dodgy spell.

So, I guess, especially now we know Lambert is staying, the one thing fans have to try to do, is just support these players.

There were reports of the players who bothered to go over to the fans at Millwall were abused. That isn`t going to help surely? I think they are trying. Just some aren`t ready and some just aren`t good enough.

Just a small thing but the only thing we can now do is be the 12th man, support them and *****ng well pray to the good lord Paul McGrath that we pick up enough points to remain up.