Date: 16th March 2006 at 10:44am
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Having been to the last two away games I can see that we first of all need to reach the 40 point mark. Once that’s done what’s the point??

Lets make a start for next season. Be honest – how many players would you really want to stay at Villa if we could have a real clearout and start afresh? Davis, Barry, Hughes, McCann, Milner, Mellberg, Moore and maybe some of the youngsters.

That’s not even starting to talk about Doug and David O’Leary. On that point there is no way that the Doug of a few years ago would have stuck with a manager
who has no relationship with fans, no tactical awareness and no motivation let alone the poor run of form! In my honest opinion the Doncaster defeat should have been O’Leary’s last game in charge. Three or four years ago Doug would have sacked him BUT we beat Brum, sacking him would cost money and he is (hopefully) selling up and retiring soon! SO..why bother?

Anyway, back to playing squad – I think we should get 40pts to ensure we will be about next season. Then try a different starting XI and give some players a run. See what they can do and get an idea on who stays and who goes.

How about:

Taylor (GK)
Hughes (RB) Samuel (LB) Bouma (CB) Cahill (CB)
Milner (R) Berger (L) Djemba-Djemba/Hendrie (CM) Gardner (CM)
Agbonlahor (ST) Baros (ST)

OK it doesn’t make great reading but my point is lets see how players like Taylor, Cahill and Djemba play a bit and see how they get on – if one or two of the fringe players perform its a few million saved to spend elsewhere.

I know for most that a double over the scum will be enough for most fans but for me I expect a lot more!

– On a side note – I am a Northern Ireland fan – just have to point out that it is excellent to have two N.I. players (perhaps our best) playing for the Villa!! Shame that there are two Bluenoses in Taylor and Johnson though!!

by Robert Moore


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  • Seeing as our season is always over by this time we hear the same thing every year, but it will never happen due to the money involved in every league placing. I’m all for giving Garnder a run but we still need to try and finish as high up the table as p

  • I would put Gaby up front with Lukey. If we are going to experiment lets do it in style, they are the future lets go for it. Taylor no way he’s even worse than Tommy.

  • Without being overly pessimistic, I have to wonder how long its going to take us to actually reach the magical 40 point mark. Would like to see Gardner given a few games though, likewise Agbonlahor. Cahill too deserves a run, but he seems at odds with the

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