Date: 9th August 2018 at 12:48pm
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Season ticket holders advised to come early and bring their season ticket cards?


Maybe you can give us your suggestions.

With new ultra rich owners, maybe our season ticket cards are going to be replaced with solid gold ones?!

I like this one, with that said, I’m driving. DOH!

There are others worrying that this is because of doubts the season ticket cards will work. Hopefully not, mine are from last season and worked fine!

And a bit of proper information here if you haven’t received your season ticket card yet:

Certainly hope – and actually believe – this will be for good reasons, not worries over the season ticket cards. If there were concerns on that front, they would surely communicate it a bit more fully. I think this was meant to be cryptic for a reason, a bit of fun. I’ll try to find out.

What would your most favoured reason be? Let us know in the comments or forum thread. It’s a bit of fun – keep me entertained as I don’t get out much!

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