Date: 3rd March 2006 at 4:19pm
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David O´Leary is looking to get Aston Villa above the 40 point mark – a haul that he believes will ensure our Premiership safety this season – before assessing where the club is going.

Does this sound like he is saying to the board, shape up or I ship out?

O´Leary said: ‘I´ve set myself the target of getting to 40 points as quickly as possible, have a good run in the FA Cup, get to the end of the season – and then see what´s happening at this football club.’

Takeover talk has gone silent, O’Leary was quoted last week as saying he won’t be able to afford James Milner in a permanent deal from Newcastle because he thinks his budget will probably be only £3million and the fans have voted with their feet this season.

Looks like this summer could be crucial, once we ensure safety this season, we need to start worrying about the next one, because if radical changes don’t happen, we’ll end up in exactly the same position or worse.

Villa face fellow strugglers Portsmouth tomorrow.


7 Replies to “Shape Up – Or I Ship Out?”

  • I’ve long thought he’d walk should the current VP scenario not look like changing much sooner rather than later. Why remain in a position where his hands are tied due to serious financial restraints, a situation that under Ellis will only get worse, and w

  • maybe he already knows something…thats the impression i get following his last few interviews.

  • If he gets us to safety he can go with his reputation intact as, he will be able to slag, the club, board,fans, players etc and he will not be the first to go saying there is no ambition or long term plan at this club. The whole situation is becoming very

  • Doesn’t get away from the fact that we play ugly football though. He has had the usual restraints and has done worse than most previous Managers. Ellis being an inept Chairman has always been his get-out, but it was easier to accept when we were just mi

  • I think he’s going to walk in the summer, in fact I’m sure of it.

    If the takeover goes through, he’ll leave saying “The new owners want to bring in their own man so I’ll stand aside and let them get on with things”. He’ll probably have a very handsome

  • Forget a takeover, for Doug it’s now just a race to get us relegated before he pegs it. Absurd? Don’t you believe it. If he can leave us where he found us in 1968, he will. If you’ve listened to his recent interviews, he’s mortified that we don’t worship

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