Date: 5th October 2015 at 3:53pm
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Manager Tim Sherwood has given his normal Monday briefing, and goalkeeper Brad Guzan has also given his thoughts as frustration reigns.

Beginning with Sherwood, in his piece on the Official Site he talked of his confidence at turning our fortunes around and how he’s also still searching for the ‘right ingredients’ in the starting eleven to pick up all three points on a regular basis.

‘I understand 100% the frustration of the fans at the moment. When your team is not winning and you’re not performing to the level what you expect then you’re going to be very disappointed. I understand that. I won’t insult their intelligence. They’re coming here to have a day out with their families – they want to be entertained and watch their team win football matches. I am the manager and I take responsibility for the performances.’


‘But it’s the same Tim Sherwood they were singing the name of last season. I am not working any less hard now. I can turn it around. I know I can – and I will. I am confident in my ability. The more I see of the boys – lack of effort is not the problem. They try. Now I have to find the right ingredients to put them on the pitch at the right time against the opposition we play and try and get a spark. I am still searching for that.’

Sherwood went on to say that obviously that correct mix ‘isn’t there’ at the minute, and again he talked about changing systems and formations to learn what works best for this group of players.

‘I will be searching for the right formation and the right players to play in it. At the moment I think it’s only right that I keep changing it because we’re not finding the wins. I’d love to get that victory and keep with the same side for the next four or five weeks. Unfortunately I haven’t got that luxury. I am still learning. But there are still so many points to be won. With back to back wins in this league it sends you up the table. I am confident we will be able to do that.’

Despite all the changes, there remain constants and under performing constants that might be an idea to start with and that’s where most of the frustration comes from. Players aren’t going to be 100% each and every game but if the squad is supposed to be picked on merit, players in a dip should be taken out of the firing line until they recover their form.

Moving onto Guzan, in his interview he was also adamant that results would pick up for us in the coming weeks, but he obviously acknowledges that losing another game this weekend was a bitter pill for everyone to swallow.

‘We’re disappointed after a result like that. It’s tough to take. It’s tough to swallow. We have to find a way to keep fighting, which we will and we have to move on. The Premier League is a league of details and you have to find a way to limit mistakes and close people down and be hard, especially in your own penalty box. Unfortunately, we probably gave Stoke a bit too much time but we’re not far off.’

Guzan went on to say that we had chances again in the game so the trick is to start making those chances count because it’s the only way we’ll get over ‘this little hump’ and of course if we start finding the net, confidence will grow even further.

‘We believe in one another, we help each other. You just need to find a way to get over that hump and we’ll use the next week and a half to do so and make sure we’re ready for Chelsea. We know it’s disappointing for the fans, we know it’s disappointing from our point of view. We’re continuing to stick together and we’re going to need the fans now more than ever.’

Well with Chelsea next up and our habit of helping other sides improve their own fortunes maybe the special one can do us a favour for a change!

‘There’s still a lot of football to be played. We’ve just come into the month of October but we know results are very important and we have to find a way to pick up some points. You have to be looking forward. There’s nothing we can do regarding what’s previously happened – we can’t change the past. We have to find that character, the belief, the fight, the spirit – all the things that help you get out of tough times. The talent is definitely there. We just have to find a way to get results.’

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