Date: 16th March 2018 at 4:05pm
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I`ve just not had the time to get on to discuss the QPR game this week. I’ve not been sulking honest, just been busy and then thought … well… meh! So I think I shall now draw a line under it. Usually I`d do the highlights, manager talk, my opinion and all that. But we all know everyone – including the fans in my humble – froze that night and it really was a case of after the Lord Mayor`s show.

Do we harp on about it?

I`d say no, not unless we do the same against Bolton this weekend. Such highs and lows in one week wasn`t it?

The one comment I have seen from Steve Bruce, this from the press conference today and I read in the Birmingham Mail that strikes home for me is:

“It`s not new to me. It`s very difficult this league.”

Not only is it a difficult league, but it is also a long season and it`s not over yet. A win v Cardiff City and them losing to Wolves and we could be back in the mix. Yes, of course, as some are very quick to point out, Cardiff are on form and so are Fulham. So? We are also.

Remember the disarray and chaos? It is of no real surprise that it`s taken a long time to turn it around is it? And yes, he`s made mistakes for sure, those who appreciate the changes accept them, the ‘haters` don`t. That`s football. Only two teams in the league have won more games than us though (and one of those clubs has been built on sand!). We have 20 wins.

It is a sad fact we started the season cold, far too slowly and it took an age really for any sort of team spirit to appear. But it is also fair to say we had a very low base to build from.

If not for the fact we REALLY need to get back up to the Premiership for financial reasons, I`d not be at all bothered staying in the Championship, I`ve found it far more enjoyable than being an also ran in the land of milk and honey, run by people only interested in £ootball not the love of the game.

I haven`t had the time to fully look at the run down of money spent to money recouped by Bruce but with the FFP rules I know his budget has been limited. If he`d spent tens of millions I`d probably get why some are so very against him. We aren`t currently what we would like us to be, a top of the Premiership quality team. However, we are 3rd in the Championship and still in the fight. Is that good enough? No. Is that down to Bruce? No. It just is what it is. We aren`t Real Madrid, we are a club trying to re-build from a very low ebb.

This article was brought to you in ‘I`ve typed that to make myself feel better` and ‘trying to make sense of things` mode.

Woe betide them if they lose to Bolton Wanderers though!!


7 Replies to “Shock News – We Aren’t Real Madrid.”

  • Well put Fear, I’d agree with the majority of that. Not sure I fancy another season in this league but I understand where you are coming from. We aren’t quite as good as some like to think and nowhere near as bad as others make out. I’m one for believing

  • thought we needed to do that v QPR for sure garygaryshaw but fans were on the players backs so quickly. After the great win v Wolves, it made no sense at all to me.

  • oh and yes, I realise some are desperate to get back to the Prem. I am because i know the wage structure needs it, the size of club, the staffing levels etc… but to go up to be also rans, it’s all a bit depressing really. But that’s modern £ootball rea

  • The atmosphere was very poor against QPR, I think a lot of people turned up expecting an easy win and were already looking ahead to other games. Some expect performances like the Wolves game every week, but football isn’t like that unless you’re Real or B

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