Date: 8th July 2009 at 5:42pm
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According to Sky Sports News Spurs have formally put a bid in for Villa and Norway striker John Carew a bid that Villa have turned down.

Not much detail at the moment, according to The Times Appy Arry was willing to use Jermaine Jenas and David Bentley as part of the deal.

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  • are they having a laugh no chance hes happy here why take a backwards step stupid yids

  • backwards clarkamug – you had a decent season didn’t have the legs and now you are so far ahead of us – do me a favour

  • This headline is midleading, although it made me read. You see, have have been linking John Carew with a move away for weeks in those transfer columns, but this suggests you never actaully belived in the gossip you were taking down!!

  • yeah well we will see it is two seasons now but i guess theres no need to deal in facts

  • Sorry…. but Jenas and Bentley for maybe Carew and some cash would be worth it !! Buy Berg in and you have just got Villa a top 6 side again, I reckon Carew will probably miss half the season with injuries next season should get a young berg in.

  • Put your rulers away, lads.

    Villa have been European Champions, which in my eyes makes them bigger than most clubs – although, to be fair, I wouldnt say that of Forest.

    On the other hand, Spurs have won more European Trophies than any other English club, after Liverpool and Man U.

  • Want facts mate, If harry had been at spurs from the start of the season statistacly they would of finished 5th. You have lost two of your best players and rumours keep mounting your going to lose your third best one. you dont look like bringing in like for like and more importantly improve your squad depth. I like villa as they play the game in the right way, but dont start mouthin off because it will make you look foolish.

  • Bentley AND jenas for john carew! lol no chance! carew is a decent target man, not an outstanding one, absolutely no way is he of a calibre high enough to warrant spurs offering both midfielders

  • villa 4 Ever no way mate carew must stay. and all this interest in villa playes just shows what a good team we have really.

  • Offer them Ash instead for our pick of any five of their players plus £20 million. That would send the tic man back to his hole.

  • sorry zz but I have to pick you up that, how can you possibly present ‘if harry had been at spurs from the start of the season statistically they would have finished 5th’ as a fact. There is absolutely no fact to that. The only fact you can derive from it is to say that spurs were the 5th best team for the games where happy was manager, which is a totally different situation.

    I could equally present a ‘fact’ that Villa would’ve finished 3rd if Martin Laursen hadn’t got injured as that’s where we were when he went out, doesn’t make it true though does it.

  • Lol. This Villa vs Spurs argument is as old as time itself. Despite both sets of fans posturing the only certainty is grown men will act like 6 year old children. It always surprises me when people take transfer rumours so personally probably no truth in it; despite Carew being very decent striker (and exactly the type of man we need to give us balance) there’s probably little truth in the rumour because Villa do not need to sell so we’d have to offer double what he’s worth to prevent Villa laughing us off the phone. Also Bently and Jenas for Carew?! Surely that should have set off the alarm bells…

  • True say paul e, but as we are all now equal first we are back to hypotheticals for next season. Saying that it would be a backwards step though is way off the mark as long as a player is getting as much first team football in the same league. The only instance that it may be a negative move is due to having to get used to a new team as both clubs are in the same position for next season.

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