Date: 5th September 2006 at 3:10pm
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Ok , now that Mr Lerner has been confirmed as being the new man in charge [ed comment: 85.5% return, 90% needed for it to be a done deal] and we will have some new directors with new ideas taking our great club forward how about some realistic suggestions and ideas in the short to medium term for improvements at Villa Park

It has long been touted that Ellis was this great business man, however I think we were ran rather more as corner shop than a large superstore!

Here are my ideas although in preference order:

1.Move the away fans from behind the goal at the north stand and give them the top and bottom tier in the corner of the stand that hopefully will be re-named this would hopefully have the effect of improving the atmosphere and also beneficial to our players knowing our fans where behind the goal at both ends.

2.Improve the organisation of the catering / drinks available prior to a game and half time at the ground the staff at the beer points seem totally clueless and at best serve only 10% of the people wanting food or drinks at halftime therefore = lost revenue for the club

3.Improve the clubs official website and make it far more user friendly and up to date with news of what’s happening at our club ( although I have noticed an improvement of late)

4.We are the only premiership club in a massive catchment area lets improve our marketing and for less attractive games let give out free tickets to local schools and clubs they are the fans for the future and a little investment now will pay dividends in the long run

There are of course many bigger things that need to be done at the Villa and after many years of neglect and mismanagement it is not going to be a overnight fix however these are my suggestions for quick short term improvements and hopefully ones that see us one day established back in the elite!!!!

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  • I have a great idea but if it takes off I want a cut Mr Lerner….basically you have a season ticket discount if you a buy a shirt at the same time. I.e. £50 disount if you buy a shirt as well.

    This would apply also to match day tickets – get 10% off

  • All good ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing what Randy has in plan for the medium/long term. Suddenly being a Villa fan is interesting again.

  • I have another one…we need to start a chant of ‘get your takeover approval slips back in before lerner changes his mind and Ellis starts filling his pockets back up with the transfer kitty’…not sure how it would sound but its an important message.

  • you know i wish i’d bought shares purely so i could send them back again now to help the process go smoothly!

  • 1. The away end is a great idea. Would be good for the players to celebrate with our fans.
    2. Try and do something by putting seats in the corners.
    3. Attach the North stand roof to other stands.
    4. Get the training ground finished to help attract pla

  • A few points. There is already Council permission in place to increase ground capacity to 52000 by redeveloping the North Stand. As soon as we can fill 42500 regularly then this improvement will take place. Buy your season tickets. Why give tickets away f

  • 100% behind the suggestion of moving visiting supporters from behind the goal and relocating them in the corner up/lower tier of The Witton Lane Stand.

  • I think I would rather give away fans half of the upper tier of the North stand, so that none of them are anywhere near the pitch at all. When the stand is then developed consideration should be given to incorporating the away section as far from the pitc

  • My only concern with giving the away fans the upper tier above any of our fans is that you can imagine all sorts of things being flung down onto our fans , with the season tickets idea think its easy to say buy your season tickets but we have to be real

  • agentprovocateur. I understand your views on away fans throwing things down. However this is easily remedied by having the first few rows of seats being cordoned off, in the same way as the segregation used on the bottom tier of the Witton Lane. Newcrapst

  • Changes to the away fans seating area would be great but it would have to be done for Next Season…..
    Worth a thought, I wonder if anyone from the club reads these boards? If there are and you do action please.

  • Voice of the holte i agree on what you say about Manure idea indeed there will be a fair number of manure fans in villa sections so yes charging £45 to me seems like a very good idea and similarly means that fans who go regular wont mind this at all becau

  • apv. We both want what is best for the Villa. It is a pity that those employed by the club have not done enough to engage the fans in this process.

  • VOTH, APV why oh why didn’t you get your bid in on time, you could always offer your services to MR LERNER as fan specialists, go on Randy give em a job.

  • Steff. I work for one of the largest media organisations in the country. I have had to do business with the Villa as one of my accounts. However there has been absolutely no inclination from the club to do anything positive in terms of marketing at all. I

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