Date: 25th April 2006 at 3:10pm
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I’ve put as much effort into this match preview as the chairman, manager and team have put into this season. So here goes:

We play Manchester City and the kick off time is 7.45pm



10 Replies to “Shortest Villa Match Preview Ever”

  • I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so flat and ambivalent about a game, it has even occurred to me to stay home but now I’ve promised to take my dad as a punishment for how he used to tell me off when I was young, I guess I’ll have to go! On the pl

  • I know exactly how you feel. Never felt so flat as I have this season. Shame the club don’t put as much effort as the fans who spend there hard earned cash on watching them week in and week out.

  • I think we’ll be lucky to pull in 26,000 tonight, and probably even luckier to take all three points. By the law of averages though, surely its about time we turned this over-rated lot over? 2-1 to us, but thats the heart and not the head talking.

  • 1 point6 season to a climactic end as O’Leary says we will finish the season on a high, God I would dread to see what finishing on a low is!!!! There is always next season I suppose

  • I have lived down in East Kent for nearly twenty years now. I get depressed because I can’t get to the games, I went to the baggies game recently and the thing I noticed was how down people were (I loved it of course). I think the bottom line is that we

  • could you right this season off as one that will help you in the long run? gettingrid of dead weight etc?

  • No vertigo red, we have those seasons most years and whilst Elis remains there is no use getting rid of any other dead weights really!

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