Date: 17th February 2010 at 8:55am
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Following on from the article yesterday about the new Champions League qualification proposals: Top 4 Won’t Like New League Proposals – MON Does

we have had a poll suggested by villa_de

Should the qualification remain as it is? Should it be a play off between 4th and 5th? Should it be, as proposed, a play off between 4th – 7th?

Or should we be looking at adding the FA Cup or indeed both Cups (League Cup being the other) into the mix? It would then surely at least make it a ‘champions’ league then?

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What people are saying so far:

Gunnerman: Apparently Moyes isn’t a fan of the idea – depends on the views of the rest of the league. I like the concept, but as has been debated on our forum I’m not convinced the idea has been properly thought through. It could end up in us losing our 4th champions league spot, putting the whole thing back to square 1.

The Fear: That was the only point against I could really come up with, as you say, we could potentially lose the 4th place if we do follow through, although I guess they’d only go ahead with the right permission. It is unfair in many ways, as are the play offs in the lower leagues, but on the flipside, they can be very exciting and might open things up a little…. Better way, as I’ve said numerous times in my CL rants, is to give the places to champions, so 1st in league, League Cup winners and FA Cup winners. Then maybe 2nd also. Used to be a competition for winners, now it is for also rans.

paul_ownz: Don’t like the idea myself and not just because i am an Arsenal fan. In the last 3 seasons Blackburn, Bolton & fulham have finished 7th and had this proposal been in place could of seen them in Europe. I don’t see how anyone would benefit from those teams being in the competition except fans of those clubs. The CL which already has a rubbish Group stage would add another(possible) couple of average/poor teams making it easier for the big teams to win it, We would eventually lose our 4th spot place because it works on co efficiencies etc. A better solution would be for the FA cup winners to go head to head with 4th spot.

claretandbluearmy: that’s a bit shallow and selfish paul the big four are the big four because they get massive funds for champs League, who’s to say Blackburn, Bolton and Fulham couldnt improve ther whole structure with that financial backing and become the new ‘Arsenal’ maybe?

Full comments: Top 4 Won’t Like New League Proposals – MON Does

Also an interesting article about the same issue on Vital Chelsea, whose position is, as expected as one of the ‘top four’ a bit different to maybe many of ours: Click Here

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