Date: 8th February 2012 at 11:06am
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Should fans be protesting?
Poll Date: 07 Feb 2012
Suggested By: JP Fear

Yes, at all times 48%
Yes, before games only 8%

No 41%
Unsure 3%

So the yes vote has it but it is split and I must admit, I`ve been surprised at some of the reactions in our forum, in the article comments and also on the facebook part of Vital. I`ve not looked on Twitter, I leave that to our very own Prepared to run! Villa fans I find are never easy to predict!

Current poll asks if you are attending or not.

I`m not sure which part of: Been asked to publish this and as an open site and one where I like to put all opinions and contributions up, I’ve agreed. I do want to make it clear this site isn’t pro or anti this, we aren’t endorsing or otherwise. It is down to individuals what they decide with such matters. Be remiss of me not to follow through on the request though. the press don`t understand!

It is widely quoted this morning that Vital Villa are organising the protests. We aren`t. This is an open site, one I`m proud of, we try to cater for all sides of any argument and to offer a home for any Villa fan to communicate their feelings. Hence, without a second thought, I posted the statement when they submitted it.

I am not trying to hijack their protest or to add much comment to it. It is down to each individual fan as to what they want to do. I`ve never protested against a manager and won`t be now but respect those who have and are. I would be a total hypocrite to slate anyone for protesting after my days (amongst many others) organising the old Ellis stuff! I also remember how vile they were to organise and the abuse you face. Never again! LOL

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Vital Villa asked in our last poll

Article comments for the statement (non spell checked):

Disagree with this.

‘the unthinkable happens’? What, we finish 14th?
Stephen Jay Hawkings

As long as it is before the game and not during, the fans have a right to voice their opinion.

Oh dear. If this was relegation form we would be bottom of the league so factually incorrect. I accept that everyone has the right to their own opinion but I have the right to believe this is the wrong thing to be doing now.

Anything that gets McLeish out!!

What worries me the most is by Protesting and turning on Mcleish now, we are letting Dunne Collins and Warnock of the hook, these same players caused us trouble last year and are back to there tricks, so if we do succeed in ousting Mcleish soon what happans whe a new manager comes in? he wipes the salte clean and Dunne Warnock and Collins get a fresh start to cause Villa more trouble again? I want to support the protest in wanting better for Villa but i am really concerned that Dunneetc are the ones we should be turning on first IMO.

For those that are still saying ‘give him a go’ i’ve gone into the archives and pulled up some of the quotes from our 2-0 surrender away at Spurs… one particularly bad egg in a whole load of rotten egg McLeish performances: ‘Im still raging after that appaling showing…we surrendered before we started with our shocking team selection and dumbfounded tactics…we do not even compete in terms of real effort, fight and spirit & thats what the gaffer is meant to bring if nothing else’ – marcobavfc ‘Heskey & hutton in midfield absolute trash.lets get this ginger ***** out before its to late.’ – robbo110 ‘only 30% possesion, only 3 attempts on goal, only 1 on target, …. complete and utter ****e !!! Skysports keep saying AM showed spurs too much respect …. b*ll**** !! he’s clueless !!’ – bixit ‘If we were a dog we would need putting down for sure’ – p.avfc ‘Well whos to blame for this pile of crap! Perhaps Mcleish will blame the ref, bad luck……… Anything other than he is the worst manager I have ever witnessed down the villa’ – ShaneBlack There’s loads more and not just on the tottenham surrender. We’ve seen far too much dross so far this season, and with McMuppet and his Eckscuses, we’re doomed to continue to suffer until this fool no longer graces our great club.

We’re screwed either way, we should wait until the summer and then try and ship him out along with the main root of our problems. No good changing things now….Would be funny if we beat City after the protest though!

Can we set up a Facebook page too? Why not try and get ‘McLeish Out’ trending on twitter? Or perhaps we could occupy Trinity Road? Have you thought of drafting Swampy in too? No protest is complete without a hippy chained to a tree.

you have the right to protest….but i do agree with others that some players also have a lot to answer forthis and last season. He’s not my first choice either but if you think for one minute he will be sacked you kidding yourselves… would cost too much and Mr Learner will not repeat the O’Neil payout, with limited funds who would want the job anyway. #utv #vtid
V111A DR

Were in a mid table and top 10 fight this season and will most likely finish 11th or 12th yes dissapointing but for me the unthinkable won’t happen as there are worst team’s below with below par players than us our board hiring mcleish is sign of ambition for a mid table finish so that’s where are at the moment i would fully back the protest if we were sitting where wolves and qpr are but as bad as things are wer’e not there yet though close we are !!

It’s rather quite simple really. If you don’t agree with the protest – don’t join in. If you do agree, feel free to join in.
Pride of Lions

We could finish 5th and I’d still be screwing. The only way this would happen is if there were 15 worse teams than us. NOT because we climbed up to 5th. A decent manager would get lots more out of the team, regardless of injuries, losing our best 2 players, having little to spend or whatever other Eckscuses anyone wants to make. I honestly don’t think that anyone other than Avram Grant and a couple of others could do any worse. There are hundreds of managers who would take the job who have experience in lower leagues and their coaching badges. Ferguson or Clough Juniors, Southgate, Ince, Hoddle (if only,) Gorman…. Rather have any of these and many more than Eck. THE EXCUSES MUST STOP PEOPLE.

The players do have to take a lot of the blame but I ask these fans blaming them what would you do as a manager?? would you not drop them to the reserves where they belong or would you do as our fool of a manager does and kepp playing them every single week no matter how *****e they are? its bad management simple as, even if he felt the players were just unlucky with these schoolboy mistakes if ECK was a decent manager he would have stopped these mistakes when they began 6 MONTHS AGO, how anyone can defend a manager who lets a team make the same mistakes for 6 months is beyond belief and far beyond any logic, im sick of the stupid excuses and blaming attacking players for constant defensive mistakes completly draining them of what little confidence they have…BAD MANAGEMENT, BAD BAD BAD BAD MANAGEMENT!!!!

Have to say I am up for this. I fully understand the reasons not to demonstrate. I have thought long and hard about the pros and cons. As pointed out by several people there are reasons, both for and against. But imho we can take this dross no more. If McMuppet had a good record and it was possible to see shoots of hope in what was happening then I would wait until at least the end of the season, but there are not any. None at all. He has relegated Small Heath twice (for that we are thankful) and he built a Rangers team that went on the longest winless streak in their history and was eventually chased out of Glasgow for coming third in the two horse race. The football is dire. The players are openly revolting against the manager. They shouldn’t I know, but if you are asked every day to do something that doesn’t work you will eventually snap. If you are a mechanic and you are told to remove a nut with a screw driver you would tell your boss to eff off. Season ticket sales were down. Pay on the day customers are down even with massive incentives and price reductions to boost the flagging numbers. Atmosphere is terrible. The fans lack of vocal support is transmitting itself to the players and creating a terribly intimidating feeling around Villa Park that I believe is causing the players to play with fear (not the Fear). The manager epitomises everything about a club. If you think McMuppet is the person who epitomises the values and football traditions of Aston Villa then please feel free to support him. Sing your heart out for him. Lets hear the crowd singing Big Ecks Claret and Blue Army, Stand Up if You Love McLeish etc. I am happy for fans to follow their heart, but I am certain more fans want McMuppet out than want him in. So those that support him, sing it loud and proud. Those that don’t please be equally loud and proud. As fans we may disagree on the values of protesting or not, but we do it because we love the Villa. Lets not fight amongst each other. If you want McLeish to stay bring along your ‘I love Eck’ banners. The Support prevention Officers (stewards) will allow these. If you want McLeish out bring along your ‘get the F’eck out of Villa’ banners. If there are enough of them the Support Prevention Officers will not be able to eject everybody. Their is a split in the camp. Last survey showed over half want McMuppet out, but it is the right of those that want McMuppet at the club to sing for him. We are Villa. We are Prepared. Up the Villa. McMuppet out.

About time too. Will ‘they’ listen? Most likely not but this fool is going to get us relegated. I have had my interest in Villa massively reduced in the last 12 months and have attended less and less, even to the point now that despite the fact I get access to free tickets, I still don’t bother.

Have just printed 500 very simple ‘ECK OUT’ flyers on A4 paper. On the reverse I have just added the words ‘The Villa is ours, The Villa is ours, go back to Small Heath, The Villa is ours’. Not sure if people will be happy to show them, or sing it, but it makes me feel better after the way the Support Prevention Officers (stewards) threatened to eject me for displaying my Eck Out banner last week. As I have consistently said, if he had a record of success and building clubs for the better I would give him time. But he hasn’t and we must act now to get rid before the damage is permanent.

McLeish (and Randy?) out, great got it. Now please tell me who in?

I want Mcleish out as much as the next person, but not sure if it is the right time…Nothing against people doing it though, they pay money so they can do what they want.

i would rather have a ***** head and his dog in charge of villa just to get these jokers out – I just cannot belive with the talent in our squad and by that i mean just heskey 😉 we are 13th and the game on sunday i hold about as much hope of a win or draw like the uk getting out of the euro lark – sorry to be so doom and gloom but we got to vent som how – oh well c;mon england for the rugby
Ted 369

ClivetheVillan, once again spot on with your thoughts about Dunne and cohorts. Our defence is a shambles, and of late McLeish has taken to publicly blame wingers and forwards for not covering the p9ss poor defenders such as Hutton, Warnock and Dunne. As for Protests, the best way is to hit the Finances, don’t buy merchandise and although it huts just stop going, that message hits home immediately.

For what it’s worth, I’m surprised it has taken this long. The Spurs showing was abysmal and a legitimate protest the match after that would have been far more rational than now… or after the United at home match. No matter, I just can’t see Faulkner and Lerner sacking him and paying out 3-4 million pounds for the remaining years of his contract.

@TTed369 – no you wouldn’t – Would you take the porn master and Brady in charge of Villa? Until someone comes up with a valid replacement for the manager & board then whats the point? – just support the team FFS.

Oh dear me the stats show AM is doing better than mon did in his first season so far , where was your bed sheets then ? We are better than this embarrasing

I am totally against this and if I see any banners around where I sit I will be ripping them down. Total waste of time. We should be singing our hearts out and be making loads of positive noise – I bet most of you who will be protesting are the same ones who sit in their seat and don’t sing even when we are winning. IMO Eck has had some bad luck – Jenas, Herd injured / Zogs loss of form / good players sold / no money because of MONs disgraceful signings – and so how is he supposed to sign new players on crowds of 30k? I bet loads of these keyboard warriors don’t even go to the matches. Set up a Facebook page ? Lol he must be *****ting himself now!

I have no love for mcleish but would echo the thoughts of Piper, chiefy and lost in Ca. Its embarrassing to see the glee in sky sports reporters faces when they can cover unrest at the villa. It’ll be interesting to see just how many turn up for the protest.

Worst part of this is,where will it end ? Find Mcleishes tactics poor and the signing of Hutton probably his biggest mistake. But if Lerner appointed him and wont budge are you prepared to go the extra step of trying to have Randy Lerner removed ? With money so tight and a lack of big money owners available to buy (just ask Everton) my one concern is that we could not replace Randy Lerner with anything better and as he appears to have decided he wont be funding any big money moves will he be be bothered?. The protest should be held after the game its the way we used to do things in the past and seemed to work well enough,and of course i agree paying customers have the right to voice their opinion a facebook page would be a complete waste of time every bluenose for miles would be on it you would get half a million votes strange that only 35000 bother to come to home games.And yes I agree with those who are saying some of the players should hang their heads in shame,its one thing for the fans to voice their disaproval of poor management but the players should shut the **** up he backed them and its their poor form as much as Mcleishes poor tactics that has led to this.

Couple of things. Piper, my banner says ‘Get the F’eck out of Villa’ I sit near the front of the top tier of the Holte. It will be displayed before the game outside the Trinity and it will be displayed in the game. Please feel free to try and rip it down. And for your information, I do sing my heart out and not only when we are winning. Chiefy, you are wrong but not by much. After 24 games of O’Neill we were on 29 points, but he had taken over a terrible squad and didn’t get the chance to spend £20m. And you say it is embarrassing because we are better than this. Too right it is embarrassing. That is why we are protesting. And lost in ca. This is a protest against the manager, not the board and not Randy. Many think Randy was wrong in appointing McLeish and he should have controlled M’ONs spending, but Randy is simply having to balance the books. Why do you want to bring in the Porn Master/Brady argument into this discussion? Who to bring in . . . Benitez, Poyet, Billy Davies, Capello, Di Canio, Kermit the Frog . . . . we have to trust in Randy to get the decision right, but his choice of McMuppet was sadly misguided.

All I can say is that this will make our club that already has a negative media look even worse and be made to look bad by the media even more so than we do already. We are just giving them ammunition. I think Kean at Blackburn is much worse and look how their fans looked. Its simply not the right thing to do and not before a game live on Sky at 4pm. We should be looking at this game to improve our season like beating them 1 – 0 last year so badly helped us. I agree with Clive the Villan that its actually our defence that are to blame for most of this and they simply make too many mistakes! I dont want our fans to show such a negative image to the players who do love the club like Gabby, Albrighton & Gardner who will be our future. I dont see managers with pedigree queuing up for the job. This season is all about surviving and getting rid of the utter dross from our wage bill. I think Heskey will be gone in the summer and I was as annoyed as the rest of you to see him come on for N Zog on Sunday, that was one of the worst substitutions I have ever seen. I dont see us going down but following Sunday our next 3 games are huge oppurtunities for points. Does anyone think any good can come of this??? McLeish & Randy already know the fans thoughts but they just want to get through this season and then build again!
Chelt Villan

The ironic thing is, for the first time in 20 years i’m not going to VP regularly, and it’s all because of AM (okay and Heskey…). So I won’t protest, but only because i’m not going to the match…..terrible support i know but why pay 50 quid (inc travel) to watch this dross!

chelt Villan, fully understand your points, but the time has passed for not protesting. And according to the survey the majority want a protest against McLeish.

blinking press have quoted this protest as Vital Villa. NOOOOooo! I’m not taking sides, I’ll not be attending, I’ve never protested against a manager, I respect everyones right to but I’ve done my days of protesting, this one I don’t really see as productive at this dicey stage of the season.
the fear

Players are again getting off scott free for their awful performances.
the fear

Just waiting to see Piper go flying over the barriers into the lower holte with a handful of torn off banner in his hand now!! Lol. The players seem to be still sulking from all the quality leaving Fear and I include MON in this. They were brought in on a promise and going places but Randy has rapidly destroyed their dreams. No other teams want them on those wages at their ages and no other managers would be able to get the same performances out of them. If I wasn’t a fan, I wouldn’t blame them for taking Randy for all they can.