Date: 5th June 2018 at 1:16pm
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There seems to have been another twitter spat between Steve Bruce’s son Alex and some Villa fans.

Alex replied to one tweet accusing his dad of playing with negative tactics:

“Negative Style…..72 goals scored 3rd highest in the division….. not that bad for a defensively minded hoof ball team…. £2.5million spent last season, £18million brought in…… 3rd bottom when he took over and led the team to a play-off final in 18months. Failure!”

But many did see that side of the argument.

I’m really never convinced that Twitter is the best place for these sorts of conversations. Of course a son is going to defend his dad. But wouldn’t it be better to rise above? To ignore? I did note on earlier tweets on his page he was wishing Villa luck for the play-off final but his first and foremost priority is naturally going to be Bruce.

Is it an argument he really needs to get into? I guess maybe I miss the point, perhaps people enjoy the endless arguments on social media and thrive with the abuse that often ensues. I don’t get it. I like to discuss things, I do at times get a bit heated (in the moment) but I quickly remember it’s just social media, it’s ‘just’ football, no one is dying here, we could all try a bit more courtesy couldn’t we?

On social media? Meh, to be honest, no, I don’t think people can.

I digress.

Some of the discussion:

It is hard to argue that the first half at Wembley was anything BUT negative really. It was yet another no-show by Villa and we have had an awful lot of those. As much as I’d like to argue against this because I like Steve Bruce and I dislike the idea of another manager-merry-go-round, surely the buck stops somewhere? If it was a one-off no-show, fine. But it wasn’t. But too many point the finger straight to the manager instead of questioning the players. Did Bruce miss the three good chances Jack Grealish had for instance? No, Jack missed those. Are fans looking for Jack to be sacked? No, they are desperate for the £40million transfer rumours to be wrong.

VillaBoy is a very anti Steve Bruce poster on Twitter. He pointed out:

Should be stay or should he go poll in the Forum thread, join in the discussion

It is split between keeping Bruce or going for young and hungry. I’m glad, at least, that the other option ‘tried and tested’ hasn’t got many votes, because that would be ridiculous in my opinion. The likes of Moyes and Allardyce are no different to Steve Bruce. That’s not a criticism of them, it’s just what it is. I’m (going off subject slightly) pleased to see Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard moving into football management, we need a new breed now instead of the same merry-go-round of older managers.

And in defence, Pete does quite rightly in my humble opinion, point to the underachieving high earning players. Trouble is, you can’t sack the players under contract, you can the manager so the manager is always the easy target, isn’t he?

It is an argument where there are merits on both sides with Steve. I still think that the players have to take a huge amount of the responsibility, whether they are told to sit deep or not, for the nature of the strolling around at times. But then, and yes, I really am agonising over this as I keep arguing with myself, the boss is still the boss, ultimately he has to get the players doing what he wants, otherwise………………..

And it is the otherwise I am wrestling with.

Should be stay? Should he go? I have no idea, I will now go and listen to The Clash though!

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