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Should he stay or should he go?

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My tuppence worth on this ‘Grealish to City’ stuff:

I like Jack Grealish – kind of. He is clearly our best player at the moment, the talisman who has – at times single-handedly – carried the club forward over the past few seasons, but I also think he is bit of a t**t for some of his off-field behaviour, especially during lockdown.

Cards-on-the-table: personally, I don’t actually think he will go to Manchester City. Whether he has a release clause in the 5-year contract he signed so recently the ink is barely dry, I have no idea. But his love for Villa, and being appointed the captain, is well-documented and beyond any question.

He strikes me as being (footballer stereotype alert!) a little bit thick, but even he can’t fail to see the potential here at the moment: ambitious and extremely wealthy owners, year-on-year improvement, spending big money on the likes of Emi Martinez, Ollie Watkins and (this window) Emi Buendia… what’s not to like?!

We could (and should) be on the cusp of something pretty special, and more importantly, sustained.

My claret-and-blue tinted specs make me think he’d be an complete and utter idiot to leave right now. The squad is improving, the positivity around the club is there for all to see and the return of fans to Villa Park in that context will be something else.

But, if he does decide to leave, for “footballing reasons/winning trophies/working with Guardiola” or otherwise (i.e. a massive pay rise), then he can eff right off. He and City would be more than welcome to their tawdry arrangement and I would only wish the very worst on them.

He’s hardly a Villa legend in my book, nowhere near in the same league as many of the players I have seen down at B6 in my lifetime… Spink, Evans, Mortimer, Withe, Cowans, McGrath, Bosnich, Mellberg, to name a few off the top of my head.

When I try and imagine how I might feel if he actually DID go, I can honestly, hand-on-heart, say that the sense of devastation I felt when Yorke, Barry or Milner were sold would outstrip any feelings/misgivings I might have if Grealish bails out.

As said, just my tuppence worth. If he stays, great, good on him and probably my respect and admiration for him would go up. I could really get behind that kind of loyalty and dedication to/belief in the NSWE ‘project’ But if he goes, he goes and he can eff right off.

No one is bigger than the club and I will still be there cheering the boys on, laughing at ‘Prize Where It Lies’, engaging in some dubious half-time chit-chats and ‘enjoying’ the agony and ecstasy of being an Aston Villa supporter.

For more debate and discussion on ‘Super’ Jack Grealish, and anything else Villa-related, head over to the forum:

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  • mr frederick harper says:

    This circus has been going on for far to long. Jack should be up front and come out and say I’m going or staying.
    I don’t think he is being fare to the Club, Owners, The Management and the Fans., come on Jack SORT IT. The new season
    is just weeks away.

    • Phydeausorbs says:

      Agreed. Villas best player but would not be too unhappy to see him go now. Signed contracts mean nothing. Speculation on transfer every season. Unexplained long term injuries creeping in.

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