Date: 14th July 2006 at 8:14pm
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Looks like the issue of whether Aston Villa should sign Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink or not has split the fans down the middle.

49% said they should sign him as he would be the perfect Baros replacement.
51% said Villa shouldn’t sign him as ‘we’ve already got one OAP striker’.

The gossip about any possible signing has all but disappeared anyway, so looks like more press talk, I mean, do we really think Villa will actually sign ANYONE?!

Our latest poll asks if the players were right to release the statement condemning Doug Ellis.


6 Replies to “Should Jimmy Come?”

  • This proves one thing. Wherever Fear went on holiday they didnt have English newspapers. 😉

  • Jimmy Case?, Jimmy Johnstone?, Jimmy Bullard?, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink?, No all gone ! so it must be JIMMY MILNER

  • omg Fear have u been on holiday to the moon or something!?! unfortunatly jimmy signed for charlton a few days ago! and u must be the only person in the UK that didnt know! lol

  • Jimmy Case wasn’t a bad player in his day. Nor was Jimmy Greaves – and he’d add some potency to the strike-force!

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