Date: 11th July 2007 at 1:23pm
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by voiceoftheholte:

Would you want Randy to ‘buy’ the title?

Interestingly, only 22% said that they would and want the Villa’s owner to ‘spend whatever it takes’.

The same amount (22%) voted no saying they should only spend what the club could afford.

The majority said they would prefer to see Villa do it ‘our’ way (54%)

Only 1% wanted to see us do it the Manchester United way, which is a bit surprising as they brought through a great crop of kids, supplemented them with quality players and made history throughout the 90’s and are still reaping the rewards now!

1% voted they wanted to see Villa win fairly and squarely.

That left NOBODY at all wanting to do it the Chelsea way. In their defence, something I’ve never done before I might add (!) they have the right to ask why we all say they bought the league and don’t point the same finger at Manchester United who, through this summers spending alone, have surely all be guaranteed the title next season?

Our latest poll asks who you would most like to see come to Villa next.


20 Replies to “Should Mr Lerner ‘Buy’ The League?”

  • Lerner would never have the money to buy the league,I dont think we have as muvh as we all think.

  • It’s one thing having the money, it’s another getting the right players on board. So far, I think Portsmouth and Spurs have made excellent signings & are ahead of us. They’ve paid over the odds, but added some quality to thier squad.

  • I didn’t vote as I didn’t really undertstand all of the options (call me stoopid!). What exactly does “Do it ‘our’ way” mean?

    I’d like to see MON spend money wisely with the youth academy continuing to bring through talent to supplement his purchases. Simple as. Mr Lerner’s millions should only mean that we can afford to buy a player IF MON feels a particular player would enhance the squad AND if said player can be convinced that VP is the place to be. MON is as important a cog in this as anyone.

  • I’ve said along that we’ll have to pay a bit over the odds, because if we don’t someone else will, and I think my point’s been proven, that said I don’t think any of the players sold so far, I personaly would have wanted at Villa, lets hope things improve

  • Eltoro – Distin, Bale, Nugent and Bent are all players that would have added quality to our threadbare squad.

  • Bale is unproven at prem level so far and hugely overpriced,Nugent made it clear he only wanted to join Everton and got stuck with Portsmouth,Bent is possibly the most overpriced player in the history of football,Distin and Parker I might agree with you,we could never compete with Chelsea for Ben Haim,

  • Randy is worth around £875m and in 5 years will have spent a quater of that on Villa, including the purchace, new training ground, stadium upgrades and facilities, not just players. This should put us in the CL or Uefa Cup positions which will inturn bring some financial return to the club. So I think its fair to say that he will dig deep, I just don’t think that he wants to be held to ransom in the market. Look at Spurs £16.5m for Bent ! Liverpool £27m for Torres ! bit over the top. Man Utd have spent hard but got some phenonomal talent to show for it. We have a good team behind the scenes, lets just go along for the ride. They will deliver as promised, all the players we have been linked to have been press twaddle, quality is on its way.

  • Look at the facts irrespective of price; all these players would have added to squad, that’s all I’m saying. It’s not easy getting players in, Spurs want 18m for Defoe, west Ham wantyed 12.5m for NRC.

  • yeah, again some of the options on the poll mean the same thing; others mean nothing. as a result the poll is rendered useless.

  • It would be impossible to win the the league with out spending million’s, it the only way to compete now day’s.

  • Dont know about ‘buy’ the league, I’ll settle for buying just a couple more players before we venture stateside.

  • I’d settle for the promised quality signings at the mo. I’m very frustrated at the mo. If MON’s brinkmanship is the cause of our inactivity the there will be some very disgruntled people out there if no signifcant additions are made b4 the deadline. Notice that the word deadline has been mentioned by MON. This means that we start the season with what we have now.

  • Another quality midfielder, rightback/defender, and maybe a striker is what we need at the moment. we have a good basis of a squad at the moment which will improve under O’Niell, it is small though so he must have players in negotiations, some may come some won’t, but we will be last to know. He has got rid of the weaker players who don’t fit in with his plans, so he must have options coming in, and he will have a full pre-season to get the team gelled together. We finished the season strong, only Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal lost fewer games, so it was starting to happen. Have a little faith, I think he knows a bit more about management than any of us on here.

  • MON isn’t stupid , he is one of the most respected managers in this country. And there everyone goes critisising him fot letting around 7 players leave and only bringing one in. MON must have things on the go , he wouldnt let people leave if replacements were’nt being lined up. Keep the faith.

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