Date: 7th July 2009 at 10:35am
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by Clarkamus:

How Many New Players Do Villa Need To Compete?

A lot by the looks of it!

65% said Villa needed to bring in another 6 players, which after the departures of Gareth £arry and Martin Laursen does make sense as we’d still only really be 4 up!

23% voted 5, just 5% thought 4, 3% voted for just ONE arrival?

2% apparently think we are ok as we are… hopefully that wasn’t Martin O’Neill voting!

That left 1% saying we needed 2 more players and 1% for 3.

Did you follow all that? Hope so, I’ll be asking questions later.

Our latest poll asks if you think we should bring back England striker Peter Crouch who David O’Dearme sold for a pittance to Southampton, only for them to sell him on to Liverpool at great profit (and Villa had no sell on clause thanks to the last regime not being very bright!)

I’d not say no, we could end up with half the England team the way we are going!

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29 Replies to “Should Villa Buy Peter Crouch?”

  • Wouldn`t complain if he did come,But at the same time i wouldn`t be bothered if he didn`t,I am more concerned with us getting a creative midfielder first and foremost.

  • We should bring him in. Gabby, I believe will be great but has a tendency to blow hot & cold. JC can’t do it all and for god know what reason is being linked with a move away. Harewood well……………… and it is too much to ask of The Fonz to come in and play 50 games. Oh and he scores, nice thought eh!

  • Yep, upfront, although we’re not stong anywhere, is probably the least of our worries, ‘keep aside. Cover for Young/Milner, somebody in the centre who can privde us with a bit of spark, a centre back with a heavily broken nose and a dubious record of bookings who’ll scare the b’jesus out of strikers, that’s what we really need.

  • As I said a minute ago;
    No, no, no, no, a thousand times no to signing Peter Crouch! (awful) Yes, yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes to signing Brede Hangeland! (a rock)

  • yes – class player and a real target man. He’s not the sort of player we need, but maybe get him in, ship out the donkey and still acquire another solid striker….

  • Well there we go then – that’s all very clear-cut as usual, with a unanimous decision from Villa fans. I expect we will be all over the forums soon, slating O’Neill for buying Crouch, or for not buying Crouch, depending … :o)

  • I’d welcome Crouchy back with open arms. A goalscorer – a couple of seasons ago at Liverpool he was on fire, and he didn’t do too badly for a depleated Pompey team last year – and a great professional. Sign him.

  • I’d welcome Crouch as he puts in the effort but only if we are going to lose Carew. We still need a prolific goalscore and I think MON should be tapping up Wagner Love – he’s awesome and has an impressive strike rate and I reckon he’d fit into our pacey counter attacking style of football

  • Crouch in? Hell no. Please, please, please lets concerntrate on a couple of defenive options then the midfield before we start looking at strikers. If we do insist on strikers then bring in Ruud from Real Madrid.

  • I cant believe for one minute that there is any substance to this rumour, if indeed it can even be classed as a rumour as opposed to sheer bored media speculation. If though I am wrong, and MON’s thinking is along the lines of Crouch in/Heskey out, then maybe, just maybe, I could force myself to go along with the idea. I’m not a Crouch fan, far from it, but I could see where he might just offer us an option or two that are beyond the capabilities of Heskey. If MON however, is considering moving on Big JC and replacing him with Crouch, then I would have to shout a very loud ‘no’!

  • He is a good player but will be more expensive than Bent, Van Nistelrooy, Falcao etc. who we should be going for first!

  • I’m getting a little confused about which thread I’m supposed to be making my Crouch point on, so I’ll just say it again!:

    The thing about Crouch is that he is without a doubt a lot better than he looks like he should be, but still not as good as people sometimes say he is. He’s a clever player who has a good eye for a goal, but his physical stature let’s him down immensly (I should know this as I am just an inch shorter than him and I am also slight of build which on occasion leaves me looking like bambi when I play football on a wednesday!). When he mucks up it’s just embarrassing to watch. If he’s wearing a Villa shirt next season I can see my mates aiming their ridicule at me everytime he produces one these regular gangly blunders. Then again if we sign him, he might be our top scorer and leave me and a few other Villa fans with egg on our faces, and that’s the kind of egg I don’t mind having rubbed in my face. But there a lot’s of strikers out there that could bang in as many goals as him in a season for us, and they wouldn’t put me through all that ridicule!

  • I would rather get Obafemi Martens for 5M than Crouch for 12M. I dont think he would be a bad buy. He has a great scoring record, just I am not sure how he would play off two other big guys? Definitely not worth 12M. Only 8M or less. But then we should still bring in Berg or Obafemi Martens as well!

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