Date: 28th March 2007 at 2:54pm
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Vital Villa asked, following weekend rumours in the press, should Villa sell Steven Davis to Reading?

The answer is a big NO. So put that in your pipe and smoke it Stevie Coppell!

38% voted no, he is a future star.
46% voted no, we need to build a squad not sell.
4% voted no, he is a good squad player.

Just 2% were unsure leaving 10% saying yes, he isn’t the grade for Villa.

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16 Replies to “Should Villa Sell Steven Davis”

  • He is a quality player, but will the attraction of more regular football coax him away from VP? Personally I hope not an should have been given a fairer crack of the whip while Petrov looks out of touch.

  • Big decisions need to be made, he was good LAST season. It all depends on who we can get in of course. Hasn’t Sidwell just signed a bumper new deal? Reo Coker looks tasty, but Davis has potential and needs a run of games. I am unsure if he’ll get that opportunity.

  • Why sell a player who is Villa through and through and could produce at a high level and take in another mercenary (Reo-Coker) who would only be coming for the money and after this season has not looked much better than Davies. Or have I missed West Ham soaring up the table? If we want a hammer, I would go for Ashton.

  • Villa have many promising players but not many who can hold there own. Davis may or may not make the grade but coker and Sidwell are more progressed at the moment and would help our cause more than the promising Davis. Methinks MON doesn’t fancy him anyway.

  • It might come down to whether Steve wants out, which may well be the case if his circumstances haven’t changed come seasons end. Should he feel that his long term Villa Park future look bleak, then he may well push the issue and ask for a move. Being a current Norn Iron international he obviously wants to be playing regular club football, and that hasn’t happened for him at B6 this season.

  • I have wondered why Davis has not been brought in for Petrov yet, considering Petrov goes missing in nearly every game i have watched this year. I have come to the conclusion that petrov is in the team for his batteling qualities, and because he is a stronger player than davis. Because at the moment we are not playing much football, and playing a lot of long ball tactics. I think both players would be more suited to a passing game, and both struggle with our style at the moment, particularly davis because of his size. I have complete faith in MON ability and understand that the team is in a transisional peroiod this season, i think it would be a risk to start working on differant styles this late in the season. Which is why i am looking forward to next season, when hopfully we will play a bit of football which will be much more suited to both Petrov and davis’ game.

  • Oh, there is no way we should get rid of Dais, he is absolute class and i think we will see it again next year.

  • The commentator on tonights N Ireland game said “I was speaking to Davis earlier and he is not happy about been left out of the side” He had a great game for Ireland and on this form should be playing for the Villa.

  • Very interesting to hear that Col. As I say, it may well be Steve who brings thing to a head. He cant be happy sitting on the bench, not after the season he had 2005-06. He wasn’t playing particularly well when initially sidelined, but it is somewhat surprising that he hasn’t been given an opportunity to re-establish himself in the team.

  • Name a player that is happy being left out the side? It’s a question whther the manager gives Davis a run of games – not sure he will. I think Sidwell and Reo-Coker are and would be better players than Davis, but that’s just an opininion. Davis hasn’t shown the form of last year and hasn’t been played in front on Maccan and Petrov. Just because a player plays well for his country doesn’t mean he will deliver for his club team (Baros, Vassell, Allback and Davis spring to mind). To progress we will have to get rid of a few of our favourites because they cannot step up a level.

  • It may be worth discussing what he’s worth. Every player has his price. I’d flog him for 5 million

  • Gordonsleftboot “Or have I missed West Ham soaring up the table? ” – replace West Ham with Villa at the moment. We can’t afford to have rose tinted specs with our players who are not good enough (Angel, Samuel, Hughes, possibly Maccan & Bouma). I am not saying Davis isn’t good enough to progress BUT if MON doesn’t play him he must be sold.

  • Good point Tarzan about players doing well for their country and not club. Having said that, when we have looked stale and he comes on from the bench, we look a better side. I think we should keep him, or at least give him a run for the rest of the season and make up our minds then. he can do no worse than Stan. To be fair he was super last season and his spell on the bench has been a kick up the arse for him, he must be ready to come back in.

  • I think Steve should get a recall for the Everton game. We need to shake up that midfield of ours, and Steve will be all fired up due to his lack of first team action, plus the success of the Norn Iron team.

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