Date: 12th August 2007 at 10:23am
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Martin O’Neill has explained that both Martin Laursen and John Carew came down with an illness on Friday but both insisted they were fit to play.

Carew lasted the whole of the game against Liverpool, although he looked far from fit – which makes you feel even more sorry for Luke Moore who did the majority of the pre-season scoring only to find himself on the bench – but Martin Laursen had to come off at half time due to feeling sick.

The official site says that both should be fit for next Saturday’s game against Newcastle at St James Park.

Martin O’Neill explained:

‘Both Martin and John Carew came down with the illness on Friday night, but the pair of them were determined to play. John managed the whole 90 minutes, but it was clear Martin couldn’t continue at half-time and believe me it takes something bad to keep Martin Laursen out of a game.’

I’m glad that it was sickness that stopped Laursen coming out for the second half as most of us feared he’d got another injury and the towering defender doesn’t deserve anymore bad luck. Also good to hear that The Hulk was also not well as his performance was certainly under par.

There are also rumours circulating that Mark Delaney is set to announce his retirement due to his continued struggle with a knee injury. Lets hope these rumours are unfounded and that he is soon back in action.


15 Replies to “Sickness And Retirment At Villa?”

  • I felt sick aswell?! Actually it took many,many pints after the game to cure my sickness – seems to have come back now? MON – Why are you playing sick players you clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry

  • Day 1 and we are already seeing the results of a depleated squad. Up next a resurgent Newcastle team, if we dont start adding numbers to the squad i do worry!

  • I have to say that after watching the game yesterday i feeeeeeel a tadge worried….. Gardner was on fire down the right first half then seemed to get pinned in. As for our defence we were ripped open bye Pennat and Torres and Gerro when he could be arsed. We need more deffenders thats for sure , and a goalie…. as good as Taylors saves were (fantastic) we still need a match winner .

  • I can’t understand why he played Carew from the start ? if he was sick, leave him out. Luke and Gabby would have got a better result up front in my opinion, 4-4-2 was what was needed after we went a goal down. Well its out the way now, lets hope they address the weaknesses during the week. Lets hope some players sign.

  • And that was day one. Wait until injuries, suspensions, and the inevitable loss of form kick in, then we’ll really be struggling for bodies.

  • I think Gabby needs to come off the wing, he was wasted out there again yesterday, Carew / Moore or Gabby / Harewood, swap and change to see which works best. And Young needs to be used more, he had acres of space at times yesterday, and no one was picking him up. Gardener was very good though, we must get a RB in now, two would be better, then he can come back into midfield alongside Reo-Coker and Barry. Petrov ?? looks off the pace to me, he really has to shape up, because he cost us in lots of situation yesterday, panicking and losing the ball, Gardener, Reo-Coker, Barry in midfield is the way to go, Cahill deputised well, now the first competitive game is out of the way, training should be settled and back to normal.

  • Name me one other side in the Premiership who will play a player who is ill, whether he says he can cope or not ?

    Name me a manager who continues to play a player who he knows is ill, when he is totally useless.

    Name me a manager who is still living in the 80’s, unable to use squad rotation, unable not to pick out of form players, unable to even have a full squad available and ready before day 1 ?

  • avfc48 we all know that you are a better manager than Martin O’Neill. Until the day you are installed as manager we will have to be content with your brilliant and astute comments.

  • Dannygav we are all better than MO’N on the game but when it comes to real life mate hes the tops …. still its only one game out of many so have faith my friend and most of all KEEP THE FAITH

    UTV !!!!!!

  • avfc48, are you saying John Carew is useless ? saying that it was obvious he should have come off at half time, in fact he shouldn’t have been on at all. For me Petrov looks like a liability, he syas he is settled now, so I reserve judgement until he has put in 5 or 6 games, but I would much prefer Gardener / Reo-Coker / Barry in midfield if we are playing 4-3-3. Which brings me to the next point, we should have reverted to 4-4-2 after the own goal, Liverpool had too much quality in midfield to cope with.. Never mind, first game, 37 to go so its not that bad, and they didn’t break us down too much in open play, it was a fluke and a bit of luck that undone us, now the nerves are out of the way, lets push on………..and get these so called ‘ targets ‘ in. UTV

  • What a *****ing crock of poo! Why play ill players when you have more than capable (if not better in the case of Moore for Carew) replacements on the bench!? MON is starting to ***** me off!

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