Date: 21st September 2009 at 4:41pm
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Ok we can put the incident to bed after this article, I’ve just found more quotes from the Ginger Ninja.

Speaking to SSN aswell, although I doubt at the same time as that would make taking notes quite difficult, Steve Sidwell has backed the manager and Hokey-Cokey to shake hands and put last weeks hiccup behind them as we look to grab six wins on the bounce against Cardiff.

Some fans were no doubt worried that the spat would affect the players, but as we saw from a nice 3 points against Pompey that was certainly not the case.

Sidders says the players have put it behind them and just accepted it as one of those things.

‘We’ve put it aside, got our heads down and worked hard. Whatever happens on that front will be dealt with in house I’m sure.

‘You can see how the gaffer is on the sidelines. He is no different in training. It’s the same with Nigel, he is a very passionate person.

‘I’m sure it’s going to get forgotten, put to bed. I’m sure they’ll have a sit down and have a chat about it.

‘I’ve seen it happen on training grounds so many times. Things boil over and that’s it – it’s just one of those things – as players you shake hands and that’s it.’

So the common theme here is it happens all the time, this has only received additional coverage because it involved the manager which is the only odd thing here.

The phrase ‘nothing to see here, move along’ should come to mind, so onwards and this time I won’t go and cover even more quotes on it after saying it should be put to bed.

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