Date: 23rd August 2009 at 11:21am
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Great to see Lisa Smith back talking about the team she loves! She has an article in the Sunday Mercury today with Steve Sidwell our flame-haired star (sorry, not going to let the official site writer live that bit of poetic prose down!) saying that the Villa fans had the right to boo the team following the awful no show against Wigan.

He also admits that we are currently showing relegation form: 6 draws, 8 losses and just 3 wins.

‘We do seem to have started where we left off last year and it is down to us and the manager to get us back on track. We have had a poor run of form and you can easily find yourself at the bottom of the table but it is just two defeats so far this season. It is still early and certainly too early to be calling for people’s heads.’

He does remind everyone that we are only two games in and it is easy to get carried away and says that the team have a massive role to play to keep to the high standards set.

On the booing, he admits ‘It’s not often you hear boos at half-time at this stage of the season but, taking into account the end of last season, we have only won two games in 18 and the fans want to see better.’

I think some of it is the frustration of all the talk from the manager about bolstering the squad before the pre-season, then before the season and again now before the transfer window closes, we had the same last summer and the same, yup, the summer before!

Our flame-haired star says that the fans pay ‘good money’ and have the right to want to be entertained and are also fully entitled to show their feelings. I think some of the players feel the same to be honest, they want to see re-enforcements and Villa pushing on.

Sidders says that for sure we need more quality to push for the top four and is sure that MON is trying to bring in replacements for Martin Laursen and Gareth Barry who is at a team who have been able to do more than talk about making signings, Man City I’m sorry to say are looking every bit the top four type outfit, I can see why Barry jumped after a few years of ‘we are going to bring in quality’ not actually materialising into actually doing it.

Flame away!

Sidders says ‘He is very shrewd with the market and wants to bring quality in. There is still time to do that in the window. I am sure we will see a few faces come before the close of the window.’ We live in hope, it could be an exciting 10 days.


Martin O’Neill meanwhile, never one for humility or apologies, can’t see the fans point. ‘I’m not so sure having finished sixth last season that we should come off to boos at half-time at 1-0 down. I don’t see the sense in that but we will overcome it. It’s something you have to deal with.’

Did he see the same game? We were played off the park by Wigan. Sorry ladies and gents, I really am trying not to be negative but the style of play since he has come in has left a lot to be desired with the hoof ball and Leicester City style purchases (not all, some quality signings including Ashley Young, James Milner and Luke Young). It has left me ever so slightly bored and wondering what the battles of yore were all about to get us a decent Chairman!

MON, added ‘If you are winning there is a confidence about a club and if you are not then that suffers a bit. But there is nothing fundamentally wrong with us that we shouldn’t be able to put right over the course of a season.’ Should have been put right over the course of the transfer window, we are four seasons in, 7 transfer windows in and the squad is frankly a shambles.

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I think the reason I’m so miffed is I vehemently argued that this summer would be our big summer, he’d not let us down, we’d see the action to reverse the end of last season’s slump, I so want to believe that MON is what some think, I just – from the evidence in front of my eyes game in and game out – don’t.

A bit more from Sidwell: Click Here where he admits no club is too big to go down and warns that ‘If that losing mentality sets in and keeps going week-in week-out, you can go ten or 12 games without picking up wins. Once you get that you are in trouble.’ BUT adds, we are a hungry and young side and that it is far too early to be panicking. Must be a topic of conversation amongst the players for these quotes to appear though. FAR FAR too early to worry about that and even if I’m at my most negative, I can’t see us finishing below 10th!

And a bit of opti balance by Northstandlower: Click Here

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