Date: 12th December 2009 at 9:13pm
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Well would you believe it, SirAlex ‘rallies’ against a referee dictating the amount of injury time?

I find myself in agreement strangely.

Ranting after the match Fergie told anyone who would listen:

‘It has to be taken out of the referee’s hands. There were two stoppages of two minutes three seconds, but we only played three minutes added time.’

We all know referees at Old Trafford simply cannot count and this isn’t the first time SirAlex has pointed out the blatant use of injury time to ensure Man U lose at their home ground.

We all remember Sheffield Wednesday especially from years ago, when Wednesday were allowed to play on until Steve Bruce scored an own goal.

That was it wasn’t it?

Oh, no….sorry. Ok considering I don’t know what I’m about I’ll let members post up the games that Man U were cheated out of a result by the inappropriate use of ‘injury’ time and maybe given the cynical foul on Rooney in the box all those games were Man U were cheated out of caste iron penalties that denied them an appropriate result aswell.

Either way I applaud SirAlex for again pointing out the unfair refereeing that goes on at Old Trafford. I bow down to his keen eye and mathematical skills.

Afterall, it’s clearly unfair from the FA to not let them have a 4 goal headstart when playing at home isn’t it. Injustices in the game like this need to be stamped out!

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