Date: 4th August 2006 at 9:06am
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Vital Villa asked in a poll suggested by Ulster Villa, when a new manager comes in, what will happen to caretaker manager Roy Aitken?

50% predicted he would follow David O’Leary out of Villa Park.
33% said it didn’t matter, it is the manager that counts and 17% said he should stay as he is good at his job.

Looks like all might become clear today, the press are over this like a rash and it seems to be the common belief that Martin O’Neill is coming to Villa Park.

Wouldn’t it be great to know under what terms, ie if Ellis isn’t gone soon, will O’Neill remain?!


15 Replies to “So What Happens To Roy Aitken?”

  • I’d like to think he would still be useful to Villa as he has seemed to be the more commited of the two between him and O’Leary. But with O’Neill bringing his own backroom staff, I cant really see it.

  • Managers always bring their own staff, a harsh fact of football life. No doubt Roy will hook up with DO’L again at some other lucky club.

  • If O’Neill’s staff is available, do we expect that they have been waiting around for 15 months just waiting fro their boss to decide his future, i doubt it!!!

  • I think O Neill will be the first positive to come out of the club in a long long time. I think us as fans need to make sure he gets a rapturous welcome to Villa Park despite our dislike of the Chairman and board, I think we really have something to look

  • Poor aitken, he has to work with O’deary for ages, then he gets bloomin ill and more likely than not he is going to get the sack. I say we keep the poor bugger he would still be an asset in the backroom setup.

  • Soirry simonwoburn I think you are wrong. The only thing that will get Ellis out of Villa is money. If he faces empty stands every week with demos outside hye will eventually get the message that we don’t want him. We must do everything possible to mak

  • I think Roy will take some much needed time off and then maybe try his hand at management. I dont see why he should play 2nd fiddle to DOL again, as he’ll probably do a better job on his own.

  • We brush him under the carpet, which is something Ellis and Stride love to do with problem issues.

  • aitken would make a fine manager in my opinion.the team look transformed into a positive group since odeary left.
    id like to think that he would be kept on at villa in some coaching capacity.get well soon roy.

  • Get rid. Do you forget how we’ve played under his coaching for the past 3 seasons? So now with 3 wins against lower league sides in pre-season friendlies he’s an asset, he’s forgiven and all is forgotten? As for suggestions he should be kept on – which

  • Well if we have to pay up Aitken’s 2 year contract, it makes sense to keep him as some sort of trainer, he must know the players, if it doesn’t work get rid. I always quite liked the guy, I think he should try and apply for management jobs in a lower divi

  • Aitkens media handling as always been better the O’Leary’s. PERIOD.

    He has always talked up the team – rather than doing an O’Leary and talking them down.

  • Aitken being an ex Celtic man and O’Neill being an ex Celtic man, I’m sure he’ll stay. I’m sure O’Neill would find a job for him.

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