Date: 20th June 2009 at 11:36am
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It’s a funny old game this being a football fan, it really is! What do we do all season? Obsess about our teams. Then the summer comes along and we all take a well earnt break don’t we?

NO, we don’t! We obsess about who we’ll sign, when we’ll sign them, will they be any good, will the other teams purchases be better… why do we do it to ourselves, it can’t be good for the old ticker can it? Then again, it is very good for the websites and papers…!

We asked in our last poll, just in case you started to wonder what the hell I was on about above:

When will Villa make their first signing?! which was suggested by Sheriff Kimbo and clarkamus.

Seems 41% are hopeful that the first half of July will be when we get a player or two in.

26% were looking on the downside and predicted deadline day!!!!!!

15% are expecting a signing some time in June with a few more (8%) expecting one in the next day or so (which was a bit of a silly option really because I ran the poll for a week! LOL)

5% have been sent some prozac as they voted that we’d not sign anyone!!

That left:

Second half of July (3%)
First half of August (1%)
Second half of August (1%)

Our latest poll, suggested by a few different users, asks as things stand where will we finish this season? I’ll do another after a few purchases and obviously one just before the season kicks off.


6 Replies to “So When Will Villa Make The First Signing?”

  • A good poll idea, but a lot will depend on transfers, so perhaps run it again later in the window or at the end! It will be interesting to see if we are more positive or negative then!

  • yeah, AVGD, they’ll be re-run a couple of times as I say above, maybe after a few purchases and then as always, just before the season starts, the results will change dramatically I’d expect!

    Genius claramus, pure genius!!!!

  • I went with early July. In the press there is alot of talk about players contracts ending on the 1st of July? Triple transfer unveiling 1st of July anyone?!?

  • So good, we had it on our Colchester site as well! Re-runs are a good idea…! You guys will defo get one on the last day!

  • I think the majority have it right. This will be a frustrating month and wiill go down to the wire. The only way clubs can have any say on timing is if they can afford to pay more for an earlier resolution. July 1st should be the busiest “last transfer day” ever.

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