Date: 13th August 2007 at 7:00pm
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The tenth and I would think final instalment of our summer long gossip column!

We’ve already had nearly 3 million (ahem) rumours, arguments and links!

So Who Will Villa Sign Pt 9 – Click Here

Getting a bit depressing all this talk and not being able to update the threads with new players. Lets hope by the 10th the ‘in’ column will exceed the ‘out’! We need at least one big name to put down a marker for the season surely?

Anyway, here continues the rumours thread on the front page. See a story linking us with a player? Share it with us all. Heard a tenuous link, or seen a player around Villa Park? Let us know! Oh, and although I’ll do my best to announce incoming players as soon as possible, if you hear of a signing before I do, wang it on this thread as well.

The January thread ended up with nearly 2000 article comments, spaced over several articles. This summer one so far has over 3500 comments!

So Far.


Jlloyd Samuel
Gavin McCann
Lee Hendrie
Robert Olejnik
Stephen Henderson
Aaron Hughes
Steven Davis
Chris Sutton (retirment due to eye damage)
The Djemba Twins


Nigel Reo-Coker from West Ham £8.5m.
Marlon Harewood, from West Ham for around £3.7million.

Eric Lichaj
Harry Forrester
Scott Carson (season long loan from Liverpool)
Jonathan Fear (left back in the changing room)
PLUS? Surely they’ll be one or two more!?


344 Replies to “So Who Will Villa Sign? – Part 10!”

  • I can’t believe it, 10 threads with 400 comments each, and still only two real purchases! Maybe 10th time lucky?

  • Dean you really are down in the dumps mate. I think the problem mainy lies with the agents and not O’neil. Also perhaps he should leave the negotiations to the lawyers and business people. I’m concerned this will get us sidetracked from a tough start (fixture wise) to the season. We must secure the services of a rb and another player asap – but that may mean “Harewood” quality.

  • the human mind remains a wanton story teller, a profligate seeker after pattern. but the reality is, we will sign some ‘kin players.

  • tarzan…you cant blame the agents…did all those players sven sign have no agents….or the pompey signings….or the man ure signings…….come on mate there can be no excuses

  • I’m just not into paying top dollar for mediocrity. There’s not many players out there I thought we should have signed. I’m confused at what our scouts are up to though.

  • rumours from me this week include: Riise and el hadj dioff. curtis davies 8mil + adds. portugese connection still reckons Bosingwa is possible. yeah i know, blah blah blah, but hey! better than groaning!

  • apparently MON is thinking 7mil + adds for Davies, so who knows myleftfoot?? pity to think we couldn’t up it the extra mil and get him! spurs are “very interested”.

  • Its a simple formula when it comes to transfers. If your a club with cash to spend and you want a quality player from a club that doesnt want to sell him you pay 2 or 3 times over the odds….Its as simple as that nowadays………Get your cash out MON, stop whining over a few mill and buy us a right back and centre back! (plus a new midfielder if Petrov cannot be arsed to try)

  • I agree dubs its amasing how other clubs have manged to get clubs to sell there decent players yet we cannot seem to trade
    Had we identified any targets
    Do we have a scouting system other than looking for kids.

  • You would have thought that Villa would be able to outbid Spurs for Curtis Davies. Villa’s lack of spending coupled with Spurs’ £40 million spending should mean that you have that extra bit of funds. Would be delighted if we got him, especially with Dawson and King injured.

  • I think Ian Storey-Moore has been off on beach holidays all winter. I would love to see what scouting reports have been produced because we are yet to see one player from the continent this summer. We should also have been looking at South America but don’t seem to have done so.

  • Unless MON has some complete and total surprise up his sleeve, I don’t see us bringing in any more players. All the good players who were up for sale have moved. Villa MIGHT bring in some depth…but no more significant, difference-making players. Face it.

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