Date: 28th May 2007 at 1:18pm
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The second installment of our summer long gossip column!

We’ve already had 316 rumours, arguments and links! So Who Will Villa Sign – Click Here

Tis the end of the season – you might well have noticed, what with the league being won, the fixtures ending and the players packing their bags to go on their holidays.

So here comes the speculation and rumour season, with loads of players about to be linked to Aston Villa and hopefully a good few actually coming to Villa Park in time for the 2007/2008 season.

So back, by popular demand, is the rumours thread on the front page. See a story linking us with a player? Share it with us all. Heard a tenuous link, or seen a player around Villa Park? Let us know! Oh, and although I’ll do my best to announce incoming players as soon as possible, if you hear of a signing before I do, wang it on this thread as well.

The January thread ended up with nearly 2000 article comments, spaced over several articles (the limit per article is 350, anymore than that and it slows things down too much so I’ll change the threads over each time we hit the limit!)



305 Replies to “So Who Will Villa Sign Pt 2.”

  • we are linked with nigel de jong, luis fabiano and reo-coker…i’d be happy with any of those…and apparently we are not going to sign sneijder…oh well that was a nice rumour


  • Gravesen possibly, but Jiri spent time on-loan with Birmingham, so that could put a stop to that. Gravesen’s not a bad shout, though, but I can see him Newcastle in the next few weeks. Interesting to see what he goes for, should be a decent amount.

  • Any club that will take Bobo off us can have TG for free. Getting rid of both of their wages – probably about £70,000-a-week between them, would be great. As for Jiri – could go back to Birmingham and try to keep them in the Premier.

  • Come off it. No club with any ambition would even consider signing Bobo at this stage. He’d go to Brimingham, Sunderland or WBA/Derby, too. And he should be grateful for it!

  • dont be silly jamie1967,jarosik or gravesen are some of the players celtic want to get rid of,you c we only sign your best players(eg.petrov and maloney),not your cast off’s with the exlusion of sutton there i might you keep grooming them down there 4 us and then whenever martin fancies any of them,we’ll just take them off you as simple as that whether you celts like it or not,you know its true. UTV

  • ROBBIE KEANE SIGNS NEW 5 YEAR CONTRACT!!Told you he wasnt coming to Villa.(Neil Lennon & Emile Heskey just been sighted in villa”s car park!)He he he……..

  • Belfast – yeah, have to agree. The only one we want is Boruc at the moment. God, they have a poor side, nobody worth nicking. Hope they sort their Youth system out soon so we can pinch a few more.

  • Celtic are planning on bidding £10million for Shunsuke Nakamura, to be fair. Though that’s about far more than football.

  • Now that West Brom didn’t make it lets have Koumas and McShane looked pretty p****d off when he got subbed off………

  • Wasn’t to impressed with Mcshane. Mears of Derby looked good with 2 immense tackles in the right back position. He’s a Wham plater though isn’t he? Koumas didn’t look too bad.

  • Koumas is a good player but we can do better, especially for the 5m price tag on his head.

  • Have not seen much of Koumas but looked their best palyer. McShane on that performance err no thanks. Mind you I have seen Leacock at Derby three times this season and he has looked absolute pants, but today he looked very decent… so maybe a little unfair on McShane, but surely there are many better out there.

  • Yeah thats right belfast bum villain. Celtic groom the players and if they are good enough then they are in our winning squad to win leagues and compete in best club comp., Champions league. Then when they lose ambition and get fed up with european football and playing for their country then they usually join mid table english teams for a big pay day, aka villa. Lets be honest , why else would any good ambitious player join villa ? Anonymity, no success and play in a ***** strip. hahahah Maybe next season you might make top 10 in league, then in 5 years or so u might make uefa cup. Thank you and good night !

  • Totally off-topic, but seeing as there are no transfer rumours, what do Celtic fans think of Strachan compared to O’Neill? I know many at Parkhead are disillusioned with GS at the moment, but i’ve also heard alot of harsh words about O’Neill from Celtic fans in the last few months….in your opinion hoops fans who is better?

  • Strachan encourages passing football on the deck. He is building a very young and talented squad to play this way which can only bode well as it has already brought us much success no more proven than in europe last season. MON however did bring success but his tactics were based on big, physical players who play percentage football, in other words the ‘long ball’. Most celtic fans will tell you that they prefer WAG and i personally don’t think MON would have had half the success if he hadn’t had such a great footballer as Henrik Larsson. But i think MON will know that villa can’t compete with the top four in league unless he keeps to his tactics as they do work when with right players. However, be prepared for more draws next season as that happens a lot with MON’s tactics.

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