Date: 8th June 2007 at 3:47pm
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The third installment of our summer long gossip column!

We’ve already had 620 rumours, arguments and links! So Who Will Villa Sign Pt 2 – Click Here

Tis the end of the season – you might well have noticed, what with the league being won, the fixtures ending and the players packing their bags to go on their holidays.

So here comes the speculation and rumour season, with loads of players about to be linked to Aston Villa and hopefully a good few actually coming to Villa Park in time for the 2007/2008 season.

So back, by popular demand, is the rumours thread on the front page. See a story linking us with a player? Share it with us all. Heard a tenuous link, or seen a player around Villa Park? Let us know! Oh, and although I’ll do my best to announce incoming players as soon as possible, if you hear of a signing before I do, wang it on this thread as well.

The January thread ended up with nearly 2000 article comments, spaced over several articles (the limit per article is 350, anymore than that and it slows things down too much so I’ll change the threads over each time we hit the limit!)

So Far.


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400 Replies to “So Who Will Villa Sign Pt 3”

  • Are we to believe WHU when they say no bid has been made for NRC or are they just stalling so other clubs can bid and the price goes up..? (especially if he has a good tounament) this would be strange when you look at the amount of money they have been throwing around especially on wages..! so maybe MON is going all out for Sneijder..!

  • At this stage, I reckon we’re looking at 5 players coming in. I know certain players have already been released that is leading people to believe we may be signing more, but we haven’t let anybody go we’ll be uncomfortable being without and for me, the rest of the summer is now about quality rather than quantity. As such, we’re looking at a goalkeeper (most likely Craig Gordon), a right back (most likely Luke Young), two midfielders (Nigel Reo-Coker and one other – possibly Wesley Sneijder) and a striker (most likely Craig Bellamy or Jermaine Defoe). I think most people would be pretty happy with that scenario.

  • Crikes,i wish you would take Defoe from us,he”s ropey beyond belief…!!Nothing more than a overhyped Vassell………….As for Sneijder…??Well lets just say its highly unlikely that Villa will win that race………

  • It wouldn’t suprise me if neither club is actually chasing Sneijder. All sounds like paper bull to me.

  • Chalky, do you get joy out of annoying people? It seems to be the same on Vital Spurs. All you talk about half the time is Defoe, yet he has still scored 18 goals this season being third choice striker. Don’t be such a pessimist.

  • Hot news – A reliable friend saw MON and Defoe in the Birmingham Marriot this week have a cosy chat……………..?

  • How reliable is your friend Gazvilla? Do you think it would be a good buy for Villa? And for how much money? According to someone on Vital Spurs it says on Wikipedia that Sneijder was spotted in a Hilton hotel with Daniel Levy (Spurs chairman)!!! Was probably talking a load of s*** but i really hope that it is true. Even if Sneijder don’t end up at Spurs i would like to see him come to the Premiership, we want all the best players in the World playing in England.

  • I DON’T want Bellamy, I want Luke Moore alongside Carew.

    IDON’T want Reo Coker , I want Craig Gardner in the team, he is class.

    I DO want a tight squad with competition for places but no big money signings that have to be played just because we’ve spent big – when they are not as good as our youngsters.

    Too much rubbish is spoken about not bringing youngsters on too soon, but Moore and Gardner are good enough now. Arsenal, Man Utd etc don’t leave out their youth if they are good enough. If Luke Moore is not considered god enough now at 21 or whatever he is then he never will be good enough. Give him a long run. All the best teams win things by playing with a consistent team. Without Euro football we cannot keep too many top quality players happy on the bench. Disruption and grumples will do no good.

    Thus yes please Craig Gordon, a right back and one top class midfielder if we can get one – and that will be enoughi n my mind for MON to take us into Europe. Buy more than we need and we will miss out.

  • Its called banter OAL & as for Defoe i cant even believe there are people that still rate him,18 goals yes but against who….??Dannygav-How are things in the bottom half of the table..??Also i dont see too much bankrolling happening from your Yankee Dood Sugar Daddy…??He he he…………….

  • Sneijder is going to either barca or madrid – There are so many dutch connections at both clubs and perhaps 2 of the biggest if not the best clubs in the world. If Sneijder is such a fantastic player then why aren’t other clubs queing up for him? As MON would say TOSH! and a load of it too. Just wish we’d hurry up and sign someone because the squad size is shrinking.

  • The Defoe source is excellent but why would MON want to conduct his business in the open like that? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Not keen on Defoe and was glad keane re-signed for spurs. I think theres plenty of time for MON to pull some surprises out the hat ala when Carew arrived. Mertzecker or Alves would be a nice start though with a Sneijder topping…

  • why not eider gudjohnson if thats how you spell it , top class ,can cut it in the premiership and what a front line

  • villian76-Robbie Keane is top notch goods with an outstanding football brain for both creating & scoring goals at both club & international level.His slick showing in the 2002 World Cup Finals clearly shows that,as does the fact he had commanded £38mill of transfer fees by the age of 23 & is fast approaching 100 gls for Tottenham & still only 26 yrs old……….I bet you if Keane had been in your side last year then you wouldnt of only picked up 1 more win than Sheffield Utd,thats for certain….!!

  • Jesus mate,do you just trawl the Internet looking for any comment on spurs and respond with b@llocks?? You spurs fans are just deluded and remind me of them annoying tw*ts in the boozer spewing out random ****e hoping people will listen,why are you bothering us?we couldn`t care about you-it`s boring.

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