Date: 20th June 2007 at 3:26pm
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The fourth instalment of our summer long gossip column!

We’ve already had 1020 rumours, arguments and links! So Who Will Villa Sign Pt 3 – Click Here

Tis the end of the season – you might well have noticed, what with the league being won, the fixtures ending and the players packing their bags to go on their holidays.

So here comes the speculation and rumour season, with loads of players about to be linked to Aston Villa and hopefully a good few actually coming to Villa Park in time for the 2007/2008 season.

So back, by popular demand, is the rumours thread on the front page. See a story linking us with a player? Share it with us all. Heard a tenuous link, or seen a player around Villa Park? Let us know! Oh, and although I’ll do my best to announce incoming players as soon as possible, if you hear of a signing before I do, wang it on this thread as well.

The January thread ended up with nearly 2000 article comments, spaced over several articles (the limit per article is now 400 after I got it raised, anymore than that and it slows things down too much so I’ll change the threads over each time we hit the limit!)

So Far.


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400 Replies to “So Who Will Villa Sign? Pt 4”

  • i’d be happy with signing phil bardsley at this rate….only joking!!! Who else reckons most of o’neills targets or pretty much done deals already, and he is just going to have a clean sweep shortly? Maybe just me…but we haven’t been linked to all the names under the sun like wham, surely things are going on in the background like clockwork.

  • any1 think we should sign Gurpreet Hayer from tipton town??????He would be a great signing and tipton town have said they will let him go for £4.5million, although we will probably face a lot of competition for the highly rated 18 year old!!!!!Chelsea are favourites to sign him with newcastle also interested!!!!!!He is definatley th type of player that we should be trying to sign!even though he has only just come from playing sunday league football he is fantastic!!!

  • dude, it’s not funny anymore. please stop. serious contributions welcomed…though you’re probably serious and probably gurpreet, LOL.

  • Press hbave dragged up MONs old comments about too much being asked of Gab and Carew as a strikeforce for Europe next seaon…poor journalism. Please, just one signing.

  • i like the nike theory i.e. unveil the signings with the new kit for maximum publicity…..anyone know when the new kits out? apologies if already discussed.

  • DJIBRIL CISSE is the man for me! I’ve not been drinking, i just think MON would get his head out of his arse and get him playing the way he can. just wrap his legs in duct tape before he runs out

  • I think we are linked to Deigo forlan because he plays for VILLArreal and that we are looking abroad for a new striker i think its just lazy journalism

  • Not sure any deals are done in the background yet. Fitzgerald was quoted earlier this week as saying he would be involved in the later stages of deals – and wasn’t involved yet.

  • NYC Villa – MON doesn’t need the extra work – we just got rid of Baros – He’ll go for players that want to play for Villa and prove themselves. I hope we don’t sign Forlan. He couldn’t score for United. Anyone that can’t score fora team like United is not worth 15 mill. Bring on Babel and Sneijder.

  • NRC looked frightening tonight and so did Drenthe,let`s go get these bad boys,as for the problem RB position-can`t we just go get Fernando Nelson back ( i`d say Gary Charles but……… )

  • Yes i agree We do really need a RB!! Young will be good a no nosence gets on with his job RB and ayoug up and coming RB to take over when he is finished or sold on

  • I would prefer Cisse to Forlan any day. But before any other position we need a top class keeper a right back and a creative midfielder.

  • there’s something about the forlan link that quite excites me. His goal ratio in spain is 1 in 2, over 3 years i dont care what anyone says you must be a pretty good player to do that. ok he struggled at Man U, but he was never given a proper run in the team. At a team like Villa he’d be one of the big boys, maybe thats why he is scoring at villareal. But Forlan or whoever, i can see us signing a £15m player this summer. I also have a strong feeling about Sneijder…Im sure Randy will deliver the goods.

  • Sneijder would be brilliant but i wouldn’t get my hopes up till we put a bid in or the player expresses an interest in us.

  • James Milner anyone? We could do a hell of a lot worse. He’s certainly looked impressive in the European Championship Under 21’s, following on from the impressive season he had with Newcastle United.

  • i think Milner is a good choice, he can certainly do a job, Under 21’s he did well i think. I just dont think he is himself at Newcastle. there were alot of talented players in Holland last night, young cheap talent, some of those might be worth looking at

  • Big sam has stated only just recently that he will be building the squad around milner, milner won’t be going anywhere. forlan no, harewood any even bigger no, defoe no ta, nugent will go else where, i doubt we’ll go for healy not prem quality, or rather tried and tested prem quality which leaves us with a MON surprise signing. Oh chelsea are in for drenthe now, i think all our deals are on the hush hush because any deal being shouted about is immediately jumped on by the hacks who spin a deal out to other clubs. UTV

  • Villa have a bit of a legacy of havin players that miss important pens(southgate,vasselle) so surely NRC must be a done deal!But then again by that logic does that mean we are going to sign Anton Ferdinand?Oh dear!!!

  • HAHA, just remembered my Hammers mate tried to tell me that Anton Ferdinand is better then Rio Ferdinand, I almost fell on the floor laughing at his delusion !!!

    and why do people want Defoe when he is no different to Gabby/Luke Moore, waste of money if we got him

  • This probably isnt appropriate for this message board but anyways – can someone tell me why the takeover offers for Man City £81.6m, West Ham £105m Liverpool £219m Newcastle £131m, are FAR higher than what Aston Villa cost Randy Lerner £62m??? The talks of the Birmingham takeover come in at £70m!! How come Villa are so relatively cheap?? OK maybe Newcastle and Liverpool may be worth a little more. I understand the london connection for West Ham and the popularity of Man City – but not to the extent that they are worth so much more than Villa!!! I think only Portsmouth were taken-over for less than what Randy paid??

  • doug sold us on the cheap, so that more money could be invested in players. he just wanted the club to go to the right hands. i think a lot of them clubs have debt to be paid off as well, whilst we didnt. man city are £40m in debt i believe

  • Plus Doug ran our great club into the ground by saddling the club with under investment, a lack of ambition, his pathetic small-time business nounce and poor fan-relations. He basically ripped apart the goodwill of our club, so the market value was diminished. But yes, we were’nt heavily in debt so he could applaud his “great” running of the club. Randy spotted the inherent potential value in the club once the cancer (Ellis) was removed, and, as they say, now job’s a good ‘un.

  • Randy paid £62m for dougs Majority stake of about 45%. Randy then had to de-list the club at a cost of about £65m, and then underwrite the debt of about £8m. the total cost of Aston Villa was about £135m.

  • Chelsea in for 4mill drenthe, how are we going to get around this problem if we don’t act sooner! answers on a post card to. Get your finger out MON p.o. box b6

  • Sorry Stig, got your numbers wrong mate. Doug and family left with just the £25million (ish) and Randy paid £64million for the total shareholding. Why so cheap? Randy’s a shrewd guy and got in early before buying premier clubs got really fashionable. And, I hate to say it, but I do think Doug did what was right for Villa when probably could’ve stuck it out for more loot.

  • I have to disagree, eltoro. MON and Villa should take their time and not be held hostage by selling clubs. Buy in haste and repent at leisure. Think how many ‘big names’ we’ve bought and been ecstatic about, only for them to fail to deliver at VP. Now think how long it took Ferguson to build his first Man U team – with the accent on build. We do need to buy this summer, but the building process will not be quick. Look how much Chelski spent in the last few years, but still ‘failed’ last season. Keep on building, MON. We can wait if we’re heading in the right direction!!

  • We should have a “Who is Villa not going to sign survey.”
    I don’t think that the pope has been mentioned yet!

  • Drenthe for £4mill to chelsea ill see it when it happens he hopefully knows that he wont get a starting player above A.Cole and W.Bridge and with villa he will easily over come Bouma.
    SWP-£10mill NRC-£8mill Drenthe-£4mill Forlan-£15mill Sneijder&Babel-£18mill DeJong-£3mill Boruc-£5mill—-Just the kind of players we should be able to get and those players will improve the squad im sure mon will also sign a RB but i dont know who.
    We do need a blank Cheque book this year there has been suggestions that he has £30mill to spend more like £60mill is what we need. Im just hopeful that Spurs dont go buying any of there players as i want the best for our Club! UTV

  • BobTheBuilder, of course I agree with what your saying m8, my article was supposed to be a bit tongue in cheek, I just can’t wait anymore, I’m 44 now and this rebuilding seems to have been ongoing since 1983! so you can’t blame some of us on here for getting a little edgy, MY GOD MAN I DON’T HAVE LONG LEFT PLEEAASSSEE! help please!

  • Martin will have alot more then 30 Million, of that I am certain. Like I have said many a time he wil hav positions he needs to fill nd Mr Lerner will back him to fill those positions with whatever money is required

  • The waiting is only seems worse, because of the never ending links. MON knows who he wants. I am not concern and beleive we will all be delighted with the starting line up against Liverpool. Sit down relax and stop checking Newsnow every 10 minutes.

  • Stevew, you may be right about Ellis doing the right thing by selling to the right person, but wasn’t it a shame he didn’t do the right thing by our club in the 25 years prior to his selling up? Listen to me! It still stings… can you tell?

  • Thanks pandapops m8, I’m glad someone can, my days are just taken up with trying to find out whats going on, what about you!

  • no news – bookmark (can’t add any comments because there really isn’t anything to comment about)

  • I just pray the deals are all in place to coincide with the Nikey deal/new kit situation and in fairness to the Villa that would make perfect Business sense,however a couple in the bag now would ease concerns then a couple of biggies later when we change over makes for happy summer.

  • Curtis davies transfer request beein knocked back -that’s just to add publicity to it by WBA. I say we go in and get him. I predict in the next 9 days – 4 players will arrive and we’ll be drooling.

  • ha imagine seeing Sneijder, Barry and Jaaskelenainen side by side parading the new villa kit.

  • Lol – sorry eltoro – I missed the point didn’t I? I have to confess to twitching while I was writing that post … :o)

  • im not sure what all the fuss is about wbrom players, we need players too take us to the next level not drag us down to theirs. we need sneijder, huntelaar, lahm, drenthe, reo coker, alves and jaaskelenainen. not smith, harewood, forlan, swp or any of the brom players.

  • Can we suspend this article until we actually sign someone ? i am ***** bored of constantly looking at this bloody site and newsnow , bbc , tribal , etc . i might actually go into hibernation until September . Please Mr Fear , can we talk facts from now on !

    HELP ! ! !

  • never look at tribal football. how do you spell bullsihyt? copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste

  • Newsnow Villa is class,(all those articles on David!) New article?? How about ” Did Doug have heart op or full cosmetic surgery to re-invent himself and he is actually Randy Lerner? ” I`ve never seen em in same picture/room etc

  • Plus,Bill Howell from the mail just copies and pastes Newsnow into his articles so surely they must be true??

  • Why is everyone so impatient – July 1st is when window opens – not before then!!! Settle down. We are now appraoaching July 1st and any rumours not categorically denied must be ongoing. So the morning papers have us linked to Carson, Wright-Phillips and Luke Young. Exactly the type of quality players we need. If we got Sneijder and Babel and added a striker I mean it – I would have a flutter on a top 4 finish. That will make a team that is up there!! The only doubt I would have in genuine links is Carson – perhaps that is a tactic to let Bolton know that if they want Carson they will have to sell Jaaskelinan. Everyone just wait till July 1st – buy the new shirt and then sit back and watch Sky Sports News to see the players arrive!!!

  • SWP is worth anyones £10 million mis read teletext i thought MON had bought him, nearly spilt me cuppa. But SWP would be top of my list, ahead of forlorn anyway. Alan smith linked with the barcodes 3.5 and the transfer merry-go-round continues, who knows who we will be linked with by sunday?

  • More proof that signings in July – the official site says that they will unveil new Villa kit ‘sometime in July’ – why no specific date then for something that should have been organised and media informed in advance?? Possibly because they want to wait until a few signings are signed, sealed and ready to pose in the kits??? Would they wait if it was going to be a Marlon Harewood???? I really think the Shaun Wright-Phillips thing could happen – O’Neill said that he wanted Young and SWP, that he would love him to come next summer, that he wanted to come in for a loan and surely Ian Wright is close to O’Neill with the pundit work at the World Cup – Surely if he was going to give his son advice he would encourage a move to Villa Park??

  • Hi all, the weather seems to be getting better, I’m off out now, gotta take the little one’s bike to the menders, then going for a beer, anyone else got an exciting day planned!

  • I think Defoe will flourish at Villa should you get him. Defoe thrives on confidence and we all know that given a run of games he is a lethal finisher and will score bags of goals. 18 goals from a third choice striker sums hip up really!!! Ofcourse it would be ideal for Spurs to keep him alongside Berbatov, Keane and Bent but I doubt very much that will happen. £10+ million would be a very good deal for Spurs as he only has 2 years left on his contract and his value will seriously start to diminish if he don’t sign a new contract. So, he is your for £10+ million.

  • think you might have over valued him ever so slightly.6mill tops and would rather buy swp cause luke moore is just as good as defoe he just hasnt had a good run in the squad either

  • Yeah 6 mill no more. Like you say i’d go all out for SWP as moore is just as adequate a player as defoe, that would be one fast squad we’d have. But saying that i don’t rate defoe at all.

  • I like Defoe but i always think the lad is a bit too small . He should still be in school. How many goals did he score las season ? near 20 i am sure , and to be quite honest i didn’t notice him all season . No plaudits , Why ? DB and RK got all the Acclaim .

  • Serigo Aguero – An up and coming Argentine WONDERKID his 18 i think and playes for Athetico Madrid, i brought him on Football Manager and his really good i paid £18mill for him but we should be able to get him for £10mill max. I really would like him here get him before he becomes world class. C’MON MON!!

  • Quick martin fire up your footie manager and lets get some computer generated nuggets! UTV!

  • Man City after reo apparently now when the old takeover goes through, the markets gonna be stuffed full of clubs chock full of cash soon.

  • If Reo needs to be loved as much as he makes out then we should still get him cause we were the first in for him,also Citeh have no manager yet.Its getting to the stage where you’ll need a bilionaire owner to stay up.Give me Randy over Thaksin anyday.One of these foreign owners will eventually lose intrest and that could spell disaster for the club he ownes,Thaksin has already shown what kind of character he is,id be a bit edgy about him taking over Villa.Erikson is a crap manager and I dont like Defoe,He doesn’t pass.pheeww.

  • Your right jasper despite defoe’s goal, i only really heard about keane and bent all season. says it all i guess

  • In the first one of these “Who will Villa sign?” posts I put my preferred first XI team for Villa next season. The *new* signings i included at the time was Carson (GK) Young/Jagielka (RB) Wrigh-Phillips(RW). I also mentioned a new striker and centre-midfielder. It now looks like they are who we are after now. I am delighted by this.Lets hope the midfielder is Sneijder (if not Reo-Coker). The striker is harder to pick as many of them are too similar. Despite Defoe being a better player than Smith or Forlan he is too similar to Gabby and Moore. To be honest Forlan could work!! But if Kanoute is being quoted at £6.7m he could be an option! Offers something different from Carew, Gabby and Moore.

  • the transfer links dried up last week but now they are hotting up again, hopefully the transfers will flow like wine next week

  • Kanoute – no way. Was good but suspect temperament and why would he be leaving the golden Eufa cup winning shores of his present team – for a bumper payday ready for retirement – that’s why. Those motives’ll get us another Baros!!!! Too old. Defoe is a quality buy and who cares if he is similar to GA or LM – he has more experience against European defenders and I for one would hate to be a defender seeing GA or LM going off and Defoe coming on – absolutely making the defender work hard all match. Plus Defoe has one of the best turn and shoots since Andy Cole in his pomp (before you say it, i know Gab did a wicked one against Sheffield United too). I really don’t want Forlan and am loathe to say why again. Bring on SWP, NRC, Sneijder, C Davies and Scott Carson. Yeah baby!!!! Can’t wait for ANYONE to arrive really. This is really painful.

  • Also, imagine if our youngsters turn out class….Osbourne, Gardner, Cahill, STEIBER….the future is bright but it’ll be super’bloody’nova if we pull it off with the kids.
    FFS, please don’t buy Bellend, please don’t.

  • Scott Carson, is he really the up and coming prospect that he’s cracked up to be? Any better than Tommy Sorensen? I’m not so sure. Whenever I’ve seen him play, admittedly not too often, he’s never overly impressed me. Far from it. I consider him as something of a flapper. I admit that we need a second keeper, someone to rival TS, and while I dont think Stuart Taylor is the answer, I’m far from convinced about Carsons credentials.

  • How about this then to get the gossip starting – of all the links who would you put a big “X” beside. I am looking at the rumour watch on and of those players I think we should not be after Bellamy, Koumas, Harewood, Konchesky, Myhill, Marlon King, Kamara, Boruc, Darren Bent (too expensive), Cook, Kewell.

  • And as if by magic Alan Smith disappears! Now I know people keep saying the transfer market doesn’t open till July 1st, but why do other teams seem to be getting ahead of us.

  • at. madrid paid around 15mil for sergio aguero so no chance. id like us to sign: drenthe, sneijder, babel, carson, de jong, a top striker and a young CB. yes, yes i like dutch players

  • Dutch players aren’t that loyal though (except Bergkamp), so if any of those did do this biz, we are likely to only get them for a couple of seasons, but I’m OK with that. July 1st is significant for a few reasons; gives clubs a chance to take stock – not panic, I believe that certain players have loyalty clauses activated after this date (hence more cash if they move then), most importantly for us maybe is to announce our transfers with the new kit, sponsors etc. and sell more season tickets

  • I’m fed up of lazy journalism, and not least on the official website – here we have been linked with 61 players… I mean is there any need to display them on a webpage? OK, we can all but speculate – but the continuous drizzle of MO’N is interested in X,Y,Z everyday 24/7 has become sickening. Where has the creative writing gone from Journalists? Anyway, I have found a website that calculates which daily spread is the most accurate with it’s rumours (see next post for link), so I’m going onto the Telegraph’s website to see what they have to say about this summers ins/outs. The burning question for me is, why haven’t the likes of Liverpool and ourselves concluded a major deal this summer when our owners have stated that they are willing to supply substantial funds for new players – if targets have been identified surely it’s the simple matter of placing a bid for the services of the target? Have bids been made but not disclosed? (It seems that if bids are rejected or accepted, one or another party discloses the fact to the public domain.) The worst case scenario (but highly unlikely) to why there has been a lack of transfer activities so far would be that the foreign investing businessmen have realised that there isn’t much money to be made from Premier League clubs after all, and spending £20,30,40m on players would see their business asset dive into the red!? Another burning issue is about the transfer window itself – Is it open?! Some posters suggest that it opened 1st June, some state 1st July, wikipedia says once the playing season finishes – so which is it, and does it vary country to country? Regardless, the hardline fact is that our squad is thin on players, so in my mind I assume possible replacements have been touted – your guess is as good as mine to whom will be joining us this summer, and so the viscous cycle of speculating rotates full cycle….

  • Smudger is a big risk in my opinion, that’s reflected in his price tag – the top 4 don’t sell decent players – name one from recent years, I can’t think of any. Anyone seen my brother? He always delivers on the gossip.

  • Carson stays at the pool to compete against pepe.Not much of a surprise that and wit jussi staying put at bolton dont think we were ever really inerested in them.Only concern is the city koker link but if he has any sense he would opt for us over a dodgey dealing thai

  • Bazzah, I agree about lazy journalism – Koumas and Harewood! But July 1st is significant for loyalty clauses and announcements (i.e. our kit) also we’ve been waiting for the Spanish season to end. Players will have been given extended breaks after long hard seasons (domestic and international). Its not easy being patient. We have to be confident that our professional management team will deliver and are after the right type of players (e.g. SWP, Snjeider etc.). It’s not a case of just shelling out the cash, you only have to look at the Bent scenario. The last thing we want are panic buys, it’s been said before our kids are better than that. Who are the TWO teams in for NUGENT? – Everton can’t afford him? I’m undecided about him – what do others think?

  • He seems quite direct as well as being big and strong. A move to Sunderland would see whether he maybe of the Kevin Phillips mould but Rob Hulse also springs to mind! He’s scouse so would love a dream move to merseyside – I think Everton could afford him – Fulham have stated that Sanchez has £10m to spend, so with Everton finishing 6th and TV money, I feel Everton will have around the same amonnt. Anyway, I’d like to think that we are in for proven quality, but if MO’N thinks he can cut the mustard…. P.S. Seems like all media outlets bounce off each other and jump bandwagons. Who do you guys feel are the most factual paper in relation to rumours?

  • According to the Brum Evening Mail, looks like Davo could be on his way, which is a shame. However MON MUST have replacements lined up surely, before even contemplating letting him go.

  • personally i don’t trust any of the papers, though the ones that have less sports pages have less room to print lies. tabloids fill pages and pages of utter garbage it sickens me, im so bored of reading stuff i can’t trust. i trust bbc and sky sports more than any. if its on tv then u might have the pictures to back the story up.

  • McCann having left would suggest the Reo-Coker deal is set in stone. If Davo/Hughes were to go, then I’d believe that we have a deal with Sneijder/Alves/De Jong. I think Samuel, Hendrie and JPA were always going to leave and I although I believe replacements have been singled out – I think we far off from capturing our intended targets. Maybe I’m reading too much into the situation, but why else has MO’N delayed the start of pre-season training? OK, our U21 international players require an extra resting period, but if it’s all international players that took part in qualifiers at the end of May start of June, that’ll see us have 9-10 players reporting for training on 4th July!

  • Today is a good day for Spurs!!! Henry leaving Barcelona and Spurs agreeing a fee with Charlton for Bent. COYS!!!

  • talk sport this afternoon a villa fan called in and was asked how he felt we would do under mon this season – answer was the usual mon is a legend we will be awesome bla bla bla. Now to the good bit the reporter then went onto say the rumour flying around the talksport office this afternoon was that a certain ”right winger was on his way to villa from the capital”. SWP?????? has to be.

  • Is talk sport really reliable with its transfer rumours, i dont listen to it im more into kerrang music i hope it is true:)

  • Guys, you read it here first – THE HENRY RUNOUR IS NOT YET ON TRIBAL FOOTBALL!!!!. Serious, their cut and paster clerk must be a stonehead; watching Glastonbury on the Beeb. Lol. 23:30 hours.

  • Thats enough, what the f4ck is going on, PLEASE no more coming on here saying Forlan would be a good buy because he scores a goal every 2 games! the finest footballer in the premership probably the world, is of to barca for 16mill, and some f4cking loon wants 15mill for forlan,

  • totally off topic, but was watching it as well Koolbill, thought the artic monkeys were great and their drummer is awesome! SWP? Good, but aren’t Gabby, Maloney and Young similar types and just as good? Only so many small fast players you can fit in a team surely?

  • Benchmark is in place now,16m for Henry will kick-start the market-i know he`s 30 but what a bargain for a guaranteed goal per 2 games player! Sunderland in talks with Nugent so i can`t believe we`re not moving!!!

  • Ok,i was still hungover,now read teletext…We can speak to Nugent YAY…Smith going to Toon YAY….Carson staying at Liverpool BOO

  • Arctic Monkeys were good but Arcade Fire kicked everyone’s ass.
    Iggy and the Stooges today, Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • According to what I’ve read somewhere, MON is on holiday and is due back on monday (MONday lol), so hopefully things will start to happen next week.

  • Is it just me or is Amy Winehouse totally overrated. Saw her at Glasto yesterday, she was *****e.

  • Hi JF, some cracking bands! The reason I like SWP a well as Defoe despite their diminutive stature is the fact they are fast, dangerous and when used correctly – natural goalscorers. I think with Petrov in CM with Gardner alongside him we have two gifted players who are tough enough to be the ‘men’ in the center of the park. I belive if we get SWP for the Left wing you will see Maloney as LeftCM, Petrov as CM pushing forward, Gardner holdingMF and Young on the Right wing. Adding NRC to that equasion as the roating player for either Gardner of Petrov will do us well. If Sneijder came in (I don’t believe he will) then I can see much more rotation between Gardner, Maloney, Petrov, SWP and NRC. Just mentioning those options puts Villa in the top half for a finish. Add to that Defoe coming on and there will be some games where defenders just will not be able to defend against Villa. The imagine a few class defenders and you’re talking 7th place in MON second season – which I would like to remind everyone is/would be a great improvement.

  • Jon.H – holiday or staying under the press radar whilst conducting missions?

    Here’s my realistic line up for next season, basedon so far transfer delaings: Sorenson, Bouma, Mellberg, Laursen, Barry, Maloney, Petrov, Gardner, Young, Carew, Aggydododo…
    Here’s my ‘if the rumours(the ones i liked) were true’ line-up: C Gordon, C Davies, Laursen, Mellberg, Barry, SWP, Sneijder, NRC, Young, Defoe, Carew / Priority Substitutions bench: Gardner, Maloney, Petrov, Aggadododo, L Moore, Cahill, Bouma, Berger, Osbourner, Sorenson…..See how many players we’d have to rotate – combine it al with international duties, injuries and we’re still laughing. Any takers? Apart from Sneijder i believe every ‘new’ player mentioned would be an asset. Davies is Premiership material and would be storming after a seaon with Villa.

  • Jon.H. Sorry about that he’s in the one after. Isn’t it weird to think about all the quality we have got anyway. And we think MON can just buy ’em and play ’em….

  • P.s. Even though Barry is an excellent MF, I think he is too good to leave our defense. With MON progressing our playing style then I’m sure he’ll be overlapping and making things happen anyway BUT if we get SWP then Barry will be supplying him from all over, adding NRC to that mix means we would have a frightening midfield. I’m getting excited now.Also, the only reason I see Defoe as a starter ahead of Gabby is so he can have a bit of a rest this season – remember his drop in form during the middle of season when he HAD to be player out right because of our decamated midfield? Defoe would be the perfect foil for this. Let’s make it happen MON: NRC, Defoe and SWP. Then two defenders please.

  • cannel 3 teletext. Reo coker to villa stalling becuase west ham wnat 10-12 million. a villa source says that reo coker wnats to come but the two clubs are poles apart.

  • Just thought, HENRY = Barcelona, GUDJOHNSEN = ……… He has that bit of guile doesn’t he. Not massively fast but able to move around like Sheringham and certainly is a top drawer player….8m anyone? p.s. Winehouse – whats with the eye make up and weave? She was gorgeus till she went on that celebrity diet beginning with an H. Maybe we could stick her in defense and she could wail like a banshee as she did last night – she certainly scared me!! Rollin rollin rooooaaaarrrrgghhhhhh!!!!

  • Just imagine that the Nugent story has some substance, and we make the NRC deal happen then that would mean we have Cahill,
    Ash, NRC, Luke, Gabby, Nugent, Ridge (if he stays). 7 of the current England U21 squad (barring injury and not answering the ‘phone). That would be awesome ans imagine two to three years time when they have played and gelled as a team and gained prem experience. Jon.H wanders off… drooling……………

  • i have a few friends at Glastonbury this year and they said most the acts so far have been outstanding but Winehouse was a totally let down, and people were walking away.
    10-12 Million for Coker, jesus i’m so out of touch

  • I know people keep saying calm down this is how the new Villa regime deal with things now, but do they! or are we all just surmising they do because its a new board, because no official bids have been placed! does that make any difference, Newcastle have a new setup and they well into the signings race, if this were Doug and O’leary we’d all be up in arms, so why the change of stance, is it because 99% of us are really sh4tting ourselves, or are we putting on a brave face, because you can say what you like, but if you listen to the noises emanating from Villa Park it sounds alot like old times. but on a brighter note, season ticket sales are up, and we’ve all heard that one before!

  • I’m happy at the moment eltoro, the guys at Villa are very bullish that they’ll be making signings. If nothing in the next fortnight, I’ll start to get twitchy though, no doubt about it! The ticket office need the boost as well to get us above our record seasonticket sales (when collywobbles signed)

  • I think the west ham player valuation machine has gone haywire. This would explain offering 17m for Bent, the upson deal etc. Can someone sit them down and explain that just because they pay stupid prices it doesnt mean everyone else has to.

  • Koolbill – you didn`t name a right back in either team ? Shouldn`t we have sorted out the price for NRC with West Ham before fannying around as somebody desperate will probably pay 10-12!!!

  • Damn that right back!!! Sorry, but I’m all out on right backs. NRC will be sorted I’m sure. If he isn’t then it just wasn’t meant to be. There’s just a few market moves to be made by a few other teams and the players will start falling into place…this season has started early if you ask me…all very tactical on the shopping front…Fergie has gone for the throat by buying big, Mourinho has gone for sly understatement with his freebies and MON is flying beneath the radar and waiting in the wings…Jol is being his usual self by buying anything with a GCSE and Rafa is – well doing a grand job of sneaking around and saying eff all.

  • P.S. I left out Steven Davis – by accident too. He is quality. Needs some games to boost confidence. West Ham’ll sell to us for the right price…so will Chelsea…bring it on. don’t believe Nugnet rumour but wouldn’t mind at all.

  • Just wondering what flights of fantasy will appear in tomorrows Red tops mmmm lunberg to west spam, Arsen offerd city job,neugent to real madrid.Am sooooooooo fed up with all this tripe please give us a snippet of something factual.

  • I’ve just seen SD 3mill to boro and WHU want 12 mill REO, is he really worth 4 times the amount, making him 4 times the player, I don’t think so

  • WHU reported as favourites to sign SWP but Chelski say their £11m offer is not enough !!! The world is going mad

  • Why wont the Harewood link go away ? i hope we don’t sign him ! useless ! I bet we do sign him though .

  • Dannygav relax. Coker will be the first of at least 3-4 signings in the coming weeks

  • Tarzansbrother – you haven’t said ‘quality’ signings…are we going to be let down. West Ham are doing my head in. Problem is, money don’t guarantee anything, as Newcastle and Middlesvilla have found…let’s hope we can get Defoe, SWP, NRC, C Davies and another player anyway.

  • I doubt we’ll get SWP now seen as chelski have blocked an £11 mill move by west ham. Smith to middlesvilla and nothing in todays papers of note apart from tribal saying villereal are warning us off forlan, that is good news to me, warn away i say.

  • If SWP is around 21 mil then we have to pull out.I think its time to start concentrating on foreign players.Im glad to see Villa aren’t being held to ransom by teams.

  • agreed Villan76 m8, Forlan would not be good buisness at (15m), and at the moment neither would REO (12m) or SWP (21m) I think a few of us should get down the gym, we might end up getting a game at this rate!

  • Every ‘big name’ move this year has been ridiculously overpriced (except Henry) the figures being banded about are unreal!! Bent at £17m and Reo-Coker £12 is silly money. We shouldnt be pi$$ing our money away on players at that price who are not good enough for an English squad of 16. What would Luke Moore be worth, £5m tops, and Boro linked with Steve Davis at £3m. I would rather keep Moore and Davis rather than go for those two at a cost of +£21m overall. To be honest if on July 1st O’Neill said he spent £10m or so on 4 players we had not heard of but who he and his team has scouted last season in Scandanavia or whereever, there may be a doubt whether they will be a success in the Premiership, but he thinks they would do well. That would make me happy. If on the other hand we get Reo-Coker, Harewood, Forlan and Curtis Davis at a total cost of £40m. I would be gutted. For what is being quoted by West Ham for Harewood and Reo-Coker we could go to Ajax and get Babel and Sneijder before the big-guns get a look in.

  • I was really fed up with the lack of signings now Im a bit more relaxed.Any fool with money can buy a club,what will now seperate most clubs will be how smart there chairman and manegement is.I dont want to see us just throwing money around the way some clubs will be.

  • I agree Deano, the same was said of the Ridgwell price 2m – do me a favour! Most fans are worried about us wasting money on dodgy players like Forlan, Harewood and ANY player from the championship.

  • To be honest I’d be more worried if we were after any player that other teams weren’t interested in! A lot of the price problems are because a player doesn’t want to move the highest bidder, Bent is an excellent example of this. It was an open secret that Owen wanted to move back to Liverpool but chose the “poorer” option with Newcastle. We had some great firm rumours in January (VOTH, Tarzan’s brother), this time nothing at all. Any Nugent fans out there?

  • I agree with alot of whats been said on this site, clubs splashing cash on over hyped players, but at the end of the day we have to do something, spending 10mill on 4 players no one’s heard of is not going to get us playing in Europe, which is a what we all want, of course buying 4 players for 10 mill who would come good in the future is always good buisness, but we need some seasoned players who can turn our fortunes around now, at the moment we’re playing catch up with the likes of Spurs and Bolton lets hope at the end of next season that we’re not trying to catch up with WHU, Blackburn, Everton, Middlesvilla, we need quality players,and if it becomes an ebay sort of affair ‘highest bidder wins’ then so be it, because if we don’t bid with the likes of Spurs, bolton, newcastle, west ham and portsmouth then we are going to fall behind, if I can afford to pay abit more than the next guy for aPS3 on ebay I will, wether its worth it or not, its called supply and demand, and unfortunatly the Villa are at those crossroads now, so its decision time!

  • very true eltoro,but we cant be paying double for players.We’ll regret it in the long run.

  • Dont agree with you eltoro. It can be done and done well – clubs outside the Premiership will sell their players for a few million. Take the example of Morten Gamst Pedersen a player scouted for a while from Tromso and brought in. If a player is scouted for a while why not take the risk on a few of them?? Some for the future yeah whereas others can get straight in and do well. Benni McCarthy, Dimitar Berbatov (ok he was expensive), Arteta etc. didnt play in Premiership and a risk was taken that has paid off big time. Benni was £2.5m and Harewood is going to be £5m minimum!! Unbelievable! My point is that we dont need to be spending £10m plus on ‘average’ players in the Premiership – if they are scouted well why bother!! Is Reo-Coker THAT much better than Gardner, Davis or Osborne – is he £7-12m better?? Surely the scouts can judge better than we can. If there is a player in Europe who looks as good as Reo-Coker but available for £3m Would you take the risk or spend more just because they are ‘proven in the Premiership’? I wouldnt because is Reo-Coker really going to get us the extra 20pts a season and take us into Europe???

  • Just back from my hols. Concerned that Man City will now be in competition for the same calibre of players we’re in for. T

  • Don’t know what happened there?……………Just back from my hols. Concerned that Man City will now be in competition for the same calibre of players we’re in for. That’s Wham, Newcastle & Spurs. I can only think that with our players leaving an already small squad, MON has to have a few done deals. UTV

  • I know Pking quite true, it is a dilemma I know, but its one we have to address, we’ve just bought a new home ourselves for silly money we all know the house prices are ridiculous, but we had no choice. We’re in buisnes at the Villa and we all know in buisness that you have to stay one step ahead of the competition or you’ll go under, your right overspending is deadly if you don’t spend on the right product, but under spending and falling behind the competition is suicidal!

  • I think there is no time like the moment to really go all out in the market buy around 50mill worth of players and make that 4th chaampions league position ours.With the Arse in disarry over wengers future and the selling of without doubt the best player to grace the prem in a long time that 4th place is up for a number of clubs spurs,newcastle,westham us and everton.Come on Randy take the risk-Boric,Alves,davis,wayne bridge,swp,nrc,snide,neugent,babel,saviola (ok thats more than 50mill but u get my drift)

  • well deano.avfc, you don’t really back up your argument do you, you mention, Morten Gamst Pederson and Benni McCarthy both Blacburn players! but what good have they done blackburn! an inter-toto cup place, hardly hitting the heights of European football, I also never mentioned reo-coker, what I said was, we need players who can play in Europe, wether we like the price’s or not we have to decide.

  • And to answer your question wether I’d prefer Reo to a foriegn player, I’d choose Reo all day long even at the higher price! and I’m sure alot of villa Fans would, to much baggage with the foriegners

  • I can’t believe how excited we all were when MON and Mr Lerner took over this great club of ours, we all knew we’d have to splash the cash to get us up to scratch, we knew players we’re over priced (and have been for some seasons now) but we have to do it, we can’t wait any longer and we all know that! come on lets be honest here, don’t do the lottery if you aint gonna spend any of it!

  • There’s a limit to what a player is worth. Look at Michael Owen, no ones gone near the 9.5m asking price, not even West Ham! I’m more interested in why we should sign certain players. If West Ham are willing to pay more for Bent than Henry, therein lies the problem. It need transfers to start off the merry go round, certainly Tevez and Bent goung will help things. Ant firmish rumours?

  • Is there any truth that the window isn’t open until July 1st (i.e. players can’t be fully registered) – I know this has been asked loads. Also do loyalty clauses kick in On the 1st July? Also we announce our new kit?

  • Tarzan, It is true that players cannot be fully registered until 1 July. Also this is the traditional start/end of the contract year and thus when bonuses are paid. Villa have not set the date for the new strip only “that its coming soon”.

  • Dannygav – why are people getting anxious then? We’ll have to wait until next week, I’m assuming that we have some done deals lined up. If not $%&*! I have pictures of the home and away strips from a discussion forum, unfortunately no link. Looks great.

  • Just seen the article on Holteenders, it appears that NRC may be a done deal, lets hope for others and quality! If we sign NRC, I hope we don’t then off load Davis and Ridge for peanuts.

  • eltoro – can’t agree with u – look at Arsenal – they don’t spend silly money – but they invest in young unproven talent – u don’t need to spend big time to get quality.

  • MYLEFTFOOT, you say Arsenal ‘they invest in young unproven talent’ and ‘they don’t spend silly money’ REALLY! were do you get your information from, in the last few of seasons they’ve bought :- Helb 10 mill – Wallcott 12mill – Rosicky 6.8 mill – Denilson 3.4 mill – G.K. Fairanski 4.35 mill euros – Reyes in a deal worth 20 mill – and baptista, Diaby, and adebayor, all undisclosed and thats not to mention Wiltord 13mill – bergkamp 7.5 mill – henry 10.5 mill, and lets not forget Viera – Pires – Lundeberg – Sol Campbell, and a dozen more, so if thats not spending money, f4ck, you must be one rich guy, unless you mean apart from the players I’ve mentioned, then your right they don’t spend much! I’m not saying they’re not great players, but you do have to SPEND if you want quality!

  • Nearly forgot, Jens Lehmann – Kolo Toure – Philippe Senderos -Gael Clichy – Emmanuel Eboue – Francesc Fabregas – Gilberto Silva – Mathieu Flamini – Robin Van Persie, all of whom cost well over 25 mill, comes to quite a sum for young unproven talent and they were able to buy these young players because they’d spent well before, there’s no getting away from it we need to BUY!

  • eltoro, you are taking what i said out of context – apart from Walcott – not one of those players are what you could call over priced – and u seriouly can’t compare coco with any of them. As individuals they are some of the best footballers to ever wear the Arsenal shirt not to mention some of the best footballers in the world. They spent that much money over a 10 year period – not ONE FECKING summer u FOOL.

  • PS Where did u get those transfer fees from – Campbell moved on a free – baptista is a loan/swap. Over the tenure of Wenger’s management the cost each year has been 6.75 Mil! Don’t talk to me about the need to spend ludicrous sums of money! The only reason they are penny pinching now is because of the cost of the stadium. Wenger and his team have scouted brilliantly and I would suggest this is the way forward for the Villa – We have some good youngsters already.

  • Eltoro were all anxious for new players,but you need to chill out mate.There have been very few signings so far by any teams,the window is open for a while still.We dont want a reputation of paying silly money for players,and Arsenal under Wenger are proof that a shrewd spending policy and investment in scouting,youth set up,infaustructure etc.can reap tremendos rewards.We dont need to spend for the sake of it when we have the marvelous youth set up we have.Paying 10-12 mil for reo coker or 20mil for SWP is spending for the sake of it in my view.

  • I would rather pay over the odds and get a reputation for quality players and into europe rather than a reputation for being shrewd.
    there is no trophy for the shrewdest team. Its time we drive on and realise this ambition were all talking about. Yes we have good youth but so far where have they got us? We need top quality in and around the youth to help bring them through. 3 – 4 top quality (and paying over the odds) to support the youth effort will more than pay itself if it allows to grow fan base, fill stadium, finish higher and especially if we get into europe.

  • I think we’re all missing the point a bit….listing a group of top players who were all very happy to move to the likes of Arsenal, ManU or Chelsea is fine, but IT DOESN’T APPLY TO US! We are not in a position to mix it with those guys yet in the transfer market, and it’s not just a question of money – the well proven and established players won’t want to come to Villa util we get a bit of success behind us – including a season or two in Europe. We have to face facts that we are battling for probably a 2nd-tier of players, and I agree with myleftfoot – we have to either accept the overpriced 2nd tier (who I would put Coker in by the way) or we have to try and scout cleverly and buy talent as yet unspotted by the big guns. I also think you are being very harsh on Gamst Pedersen and McCarthy – we would welcome both of those players into VP with open arms….they are class players and very very good buys – exactly the sort that we should have gone for (and were linked with in the O’Dreary days).

  • Thanks YatesyVillain – the reason I spoke about McCarthy and Pedersen is not because they are both Blackburn players – but that they were both scouted by Villa and we decided not to go for them. Now if we are able to scout players well (and I believe our scouts are top class) why should we pay over the odds for Premiership players (not just English players – but PREMIERSHIP players) when there are better options available elsewhere. For every overpriced British player (Bent, Bellamy, Wright-Phillips, Reo-Coker, Harewood etc) there are expensive foreign Premiership (and chamipnship!!) players (Benayoun, Jaaskelinan, Kamara). My argument is that a £10m player from a European team is most likely better than £10m for a player from an English club. Example – Sneijder could be purchased for around £12m – that is the same as what we are quoted for Reo-Coker. I know which one I would rather have – and he hasnt got the EPL experience and I dont care!!!

  • MYLEFTFOOT, I got the information of an ARSENAL WEBSITE, The first 9 transfers I mentioned before wiltord were all bought in the 2006 transfer season you f4cking retard do your home work before spouting of on here, and don’t ever call me fool boy, i’ll f4ck you up!

  • AND YATSTYVILLAN you’ve missed the point, it wasn’t MYLEFTFOOT who said we have to accept the overpriced 2nd tier, that was what I was saying, he thinks we should buy no one if the price is higher than it should be

  • and to your answer YOUR QUESTION PKING I posted this yesterday to yourself when we were catting not sure if you caught this bit though, I wrote ‘I know Pking quite true, it is a dilemma I know, but its one we have to address, we’ve just bought a new home ourselves for silly money we all know the house prices are ridiculous, but we had no choice. We’re in buisnes at the Villa and we all know in buisness that you have to stay one step ahead of the competition or you’ll go under, your right overspending is deadly if you don’t spend on the RIGHT PRODUCT, but under spending and falling behind the competition is suicidal’ Now see what I said the ‘right product’ not SWP @ 22mill – not REO @ 12 mill – on all these posts I’ve never said those 2 players at that price are the right product, I don’t know why we keep posting on this site when evryone takes it out of context, I have never come on this site and read what someone as said then ripped in to them because I disagree, unlike MYLEFTFOOT coming on here telling me I’m a fool hiding behind this site! cos he sure wouldn’t say it to me stood at the bar, he needs to put his leftfoot in is big mouth if he can’t something without mouthing of!

  • Im not arguing with you,people can write what they like,Im not the police,but when you call people retard then dont be suprised if people tackle you on it thats all.

  • Jesus Chirst whats the matter with people, all this bullsh4t has come from me saying we need to spend,WHY! we all know we do, we all know the prices are over the top but thats life at the moment, it still dosen’t detract from the pressing matter of players needed to move us forward why all this getting sh4tty with everone who says it, you all think we’re going to get there without spending, I thought that was the reason of getting a chairman like Mr Lerner, if REO 12MILL AND THERE’S NO ONE ELSE WE HAVE TO PAY IT, its quite ironic that we’re all moaning about REO’s price when we paid 10 mill for young, was he worth 10 mill was he f4ck, but thats the sign of the times, thats what I’m trying to say, I’m not trying to p!ss
    people of, I’m just saying what I see, if you don’t agree fine, but no need to start slagging people of ( and yes I have, BUT ONLY IN RESPONCE)

  • Listen its quite simple lets put it another way, when we go out for a drink on saturday night, and we go to weatherspoons and pay £1.50 for a pint, then we move on to the nightclub and the same pint is £3.00, we know its not worth that amount, but we pay it, thats the problem we’re facing at the Villa, we either stay and drink with the big boys, or go home to bed! your choice, I bet not one of you has ever gone home!

  • PKING m8 I wasn’t having a go at you, lets carry on chatting peacefully on here, we’re all getting abit uptight, MYLEFTFOOT I apologise for calling you a retard, it won’t happen again, anger got the better of me!

  • I know you weren’t having a go at me m8,sorry forget about it.I should have kept me nose out,wont happen again.

  • Erm,…is it safe to come out and play yet. Bring on Matty Taylor too. Quality. I’d have him over Curtis Davies at the moment, but I do rate Davies.

  • According to the Birmingham Mail we could be offering 5 mil plus the likes of Cahill and Osbourne for koumas.Please tell me the Birmingham mail is a rubbish paper.

  • Ok tarzan what is the site with the new kit – dont need a direct link – just tell me what to type in google!!!

  • cant be bothered to read all that above cr@p but eltoro i remember u saying u were 44? …jeez…hehe

  • That would be a horrendous first signing, £5 mill + a player for koumas!? come back forlan all is forgiven.

  • eltoro – fool – u miss the point – 6.75 mill per year – get that into your head – soft Cock

  • ps Just because I don’t agree with u, is no reason to get upset! ***** I don’t agree with half of what I say most of the time. I say it to a response. I still believe in clever scouting and I never said we shouldn’t spend. I just don’t believe in spending silly money on average players. 16 mill on Henry is snip for a club like Barcelona, but 12 mil on Reo is just wasteful for any club.

  • Do you think RL and MON will pay for me to go to spain for a week and fund a few football matches so i can look at all the talent thats avaliable lol!

  • Theres probably more talent on the beaches of Spain than at the football matches – if u know what i

  • Pretty new to all this, I’m usually more of an observer(!!) so to speak. I just thought I’d have my two pennys worth. I’ve read back over a few messages. I don’t understand the people who are anti signings such as Defoe, Smith or SWP as they feel they’ll halt the progression of the like of Gabby, Moore, Gardner etc. I really can’t see how that would happen. Surely signing the players of that calibre would only ‘raise the bar’ for the standard of the development of our youngsters wouldn’t they. No player should walk into a team, they all need competition and surely if the competition is experienced international players then that will mean Gabby, Moore etc will have to step it up a few notches, thats what we need. If we don’t buy to expand and improve the squad, not just the starting 11, then are the current squad good enough to push top 6 comfortably, I’m not so sure, after all, they’ve just done well to finish 11th.

  • Also, sorry, I’m getting greedy with my posting now, but does anyone know how many transfer messages were posted in January on here before MON actually made his first January signing?

  • 400ish, we need to wait until next week. Can’t parade the players in the old kit & loayalty clauses kick in. Newcastle are making signings left, right and centre – no class though.

  • I don’t know enough about Koumas to really comment on the guy, but I do have friends who watch the Baggies who rate him highly. What I do think is that sending a couple of our developing players on loan isn’t a bad idea, as it means they can get regular first team football and experience and not get frustrated sitting on the sidelines…..BUT….having said that….what are we going to learn about them if they are playing in the championship???

  • Maybe Im very optimistic but when I hear of the players linked with a move OUT of Villa I think there must be replacements coming in soon. Just saw the rumor of Koumas for £5m and a player on loan for a year. The two mentioned players are Cahill and Osbourne or both. Now Osbourne is obvious as NRC will place him further down the order and a year on loan could really help him. But to also suggest our 3rd choice CB could be leaving for a year – and with the links with Ridgwell leaving too must mean that we are in the market for one or two to CBs. I would hold onto Cahill as I have talked before of the need for 5 CBs a season (as Man Utd and Chelsea found out last year)!! I just think at least 6 top signings will be coming in soon. It seems that chief scout Ian Storey-Moore has been working very hard this year!!!

  • If he hasn’t we will be in the *****. koumas? as good as he may well be in the championship and lower this type of signing isn’t that encouraging, lets pray MON has surprises in the bag. Or better still koumas is another in the long line of paper talk, hes a disruptive ***** un’all.

  • It seems that Koumas is an alternative to Sneijder (or so reports say) because Sneijder wants a move to Spain. I agree that Koumas is disruptive and so is Reo-Coker. But they are also big characters on the field – we have not had that in a long time!! We need players who are genuinely upset by bad challenges, wrong decisions etc. etc. Maybe Koumas and Reo-Coker will give us the ‘bite’ we need. Then maybe we can sign 4 or 5 other players who are genuine superstars??? I have a feeling Koumas and Reo-Coker will happen, perhaps a GK from England too (carson??) other than that I think most of our signings will be from abroad! Top quality ones hopefully!!

  • Koumas is a squad player and thats it perhaps the type that’ll keep us mid-table reo i think is done and as others have said will be the bite in midfield, koumas may turn out good but we need very good and not another good/average squad player. He must have something else lined up.

    And to echo what deano has said: LINK PLEASE TO NEW VILLA KIT THAT WAS ALLEGEDLY SEEN. ‘I have pictures of the home and away strips from a discussion forum, unfortunately no link. Looks great. tarzan. – WELL DOWNLOAD THEM AND HOST THEM ON IMAGESHACK AND LINK THEM PLEASE! and ill stop shouting too…

  • I agree with what’s been said about Koumas, I think we’d be better off sticking with what we’ve got. But our buys will have been thoroughly researched and scouted out (look at Young for example).

  • Koumas is a good player and has a bit of skill but is at the last big move of his career type situation so I would expect a massive signing to coutner act his signing if it happens. I think he can cut it in the EPL. However, I would desperately need NRC and SWP as MON would get the very best out of them…and THAT is a frightening prospect! Defoe too. Meanwhile, I’m positive we’re gonna get some classy defenders, MON has the eye for such things.

  • Reo-Coker has something about him. To be made captain of a premier league side at 22 years old says something. And prior to that he was captain of his previous club at 20. Not so sure about Koumas, but as others have said, I know Baggies fans who rate him. Saw a rumour about Sven trying to sign Olly for Man City, hope that is just paper bulls**t.

  • yeah quite a convenient rumour seeing as they are both swedish. SICK TO DEATH of all these rumours. so fed up with waking up, seeing we’ve been linked to someone crap like koumas. i don’t wanna have to suffer the agony of thinking this sort of rumour might be true if it is a load of tosh.

  • Bang on Jon H. I have the pictures of the new kit, not sure on the legality of publishing them on photoshop! If you join one of these kit discussion forums in the net, you’ll see it (they do exist!). The away strip is majestic.

  • myleftfoot, I agree with alot of what you say, but we still need to spend, also the 6.75 million a year over 10 years is good no doubt, but you said nothing about balancing the books! you said they don’t spend silly money, but they do spend money and lots of it, its just that they balance the books with players being sold and we have to do the same, but first we need to purchase a large squad like arsenal did in the ninetie’s then get the youngsters up and running! I never once said on this site that reo is worth 12mill but if thats what the current market as brought about then so be it, i would rather pay 12 mill and have him than miss out on him, if thats going to be our stance and we stick to what we think players are worth we won’t buy anyone because everone is overpriced( 7mill for nugent) so lets just hope we sign 1/2 dozen players because like it or not we need them. And you also call me ‘soft cock’ but I feel I have to dispell that rumour to, with 3 grown sons aged 19 -22-24, your information is wrong:)

  • We keep being told the transfer season dosen’t start till 1st july! thats why we haven’t signed anyone, so why the hughes deal for 1mill, I’m totally confused now

  • Guys on another subject, I’ve just received an information pack from the Villa trying to get me to have a season ticket (work committments mean it’s not worth it). Showed crowd scenes at Highbury when we won the league. Trying to find my mug and would have took it as a sign from above if I’d had been on it!Cracking package with a DVD. Another sign of the professionalism within the club. UTV

  • On some Villa Blog page there’s talk of a press conference being announced where more than one signing will be unveiled, the bloke who wrote the article mentions Friday. Would be decent if true.

  • MON would not be letting players go until he has replacements – Hughes has gone so MON has a right back done and dusted – maybe a megga presentation is on the cards – ELTORO – your comments about paying over the odds for average to good players smacks of desperation. I will always argue that it is better to buy smart than to buy players out of a sense of desperation. Sure there are occasions when it seems that we are paying over the odds for a player ie Young, but u are paying as much for their future potential than just the player itself.

  • thanks HOSS, myleftfoot, can you blame any of us for being desperate! I’ve no idea how old you are but I’ve been waiting twenty five years for us to be great again, so when Mr Lerner took over from Doug, I and thousands of other Villa fans thought this is it! we can rise from the dead. Anyhow lets leave this ‘shall we spend alot of money or should we spend a little’ on the back burner till the transfer seasons over, then we’ll see who was right, at the moment though I have to say the 10mill spent on young as me just in front! because when you need to buy, and we do, then you have to pay the going rate like it or not, I will say this, we needed to buy players when MON took over we paid 7 mill for petrov ‘ to much money’ but we needed players, we then bought young for 10mill ‘ much to much’ but we needed players, we still need at least 8 players, and if we pay over the odds for a couple then thats what we have to do, this must be true because MON’s done it twice already, I don’t agree myself, but as you say, we should bring through the youngsters and scout, but haven’t we been doing that with no effect, vassell, moore 1+2, cahill, ridgewell,agbon,davies, whittingham,osbourne,
    if that was the answer we’d already be in europe, we need great players to play along side these kids and they cost, whether you like it or not, there’s a few comments I’ve read on here that want the money spent, just out of interest how much do you think REO the captian of WHU and England u21 captain at 22, should be, WHU have sold some good players who have gone on to be fantastic players, Ferdinand, Cole, Lampard, Carrick and Defoe and many more, and I for one can’t wait till we sign REO! BUT NOT FOR 12MILL

  • Well Eltoro, seeing as u are asking – I watched my first Villa match in 1969 – away to Blackpool. That will give u an idea on how long I’ve been waiting. As how much REO is worth – ask yourself a couple of questions – How much would u pay for Barry, Is Henry’s price reasonable and if so would spend 16 Mill on him (i would). All I’m saying is spend money wisely – If Sneijder and Babel are worth 18 Mill combined then I don’t believe that 22 Mill for reo and swp is sensible. U can argue all u like but all I have to say is LEEDS UTD.

  • Don’t know what it is (a lot of people would say blind optimism), but i’ve a feeling there is good news just around the corner, and that it’s going to be a very interesting season….everyone needs to take a chill pill…these guys sorting out the transfers are pros and they all know what they are doing. Looking forward to the likes of Chalky and Larsson@rse chocking on their little lollies next year when we emerge ready to rumble and mix it in the top of the ‘mini-premiership’ i.e. 4th to 7th spot!! As an aside, I do honestly think if Spurs could sort their defence out they would have a great chance of pipping Arsenal now to 3rd place (assuming Arsenal don’t add quality asap). Don’t mind Spurs as a team, apart from they do seem to have an unfeasibly large following of complete nuggets that invade our side spouting garbage….

  • I would just like to say that I believe ASTON VILLA FC (including the supporters) are on the cusp of something very exciting and all that is required is faith on our part and wise management on the part of the club. I would rather build the club on solid foundations rather that throw huge sums of cash around for short term gratification (been there done that). Lets think about the 5 – 10 year plan with forays in the cups and UEFA cup in the mean time. We want, after all is said and done, leave a legacy for future generations of Villa fans to enjoy. This is the point I’ve been trying to make about needless wanton (and panicky) spending on over inflated priced players. Who cares about the next season – its the next 10 seasons that count.

  • tarzansbrother, players are registered with their new clubs on 1 July. They will sign watertight pre contracts with 1 July as the agreed transfer date.

  • I totally agree MYLEFTFOOT with what you say about LEEDS, but I would hope we won’t be so stupid as to get in that position, we have a better board in place than Leeds and chairman who is considerably beter off than the leeds chairman, you still don’t answer questions do you! I ask how much you think REO is worth, you ask how much I’d pay for Barry! answer around 10mill thats what I think he’s worth, and to your remark of spend money wisely, I agree on that score to, but we must spend and some times a little bit more than we want to, its the only way forward in the current market, you can say it has much as you like but petrov and young at the prices we paid for them are not sensible, they weren’t good value but we bought them on the current market it seems to me its MON you should be aiming all this sh4t at because I wasn’t the one that sanctioned those buys!

  • Liverpool just signed a young GK – does that mean a Carson move is imminent – PLEASE BE TO VILLA!!! £3.5m should do it. That is a bargain!!

  • Dannygav – you should actually have some facts to back up your statement about July 1st being the opening day of the transfer window, which is a total myth. Under Fifa rules there are 2 transfer windows. The mid season window is clearly defined by Uefa as the 1st Jan to 31st Jan. The second window starts when a country?s league season has been completed i.e. the closed season has begun. In the case of England the close season, as defined by the FA, commences on the 1st June to 30th June. As such any transfers can be made from 1st June through to the 31st August.

  • £8 million reo TBA friday as the player goes abroad then. Defoe could be next? could be, last sighting of defoe: 45 minutes ago on BBLB talking about BB8 at 7.45 in the morn. Classy.

  • Haven’t really seem him to be honest DEANO, hope he’s better than he looked in the U21, because he didn’t look any better than the keeper we all ready have! please tell me if I’m wrong

  • He is a quality keeper and he is young. I am not saying in place of Sorensen but he would me more competition than Taylor is at the moment. To be honest – everyone raves about Foster but I think Carson is just as good. Jaaskelinan would be the best option but other than that what GK would move. Really we are looking at signing a Number 2 GK or a disillusioned GK. Carson is the best of the bunch.

  • I rate REO at 4 to 5 mill based on his signing on fee from wimbledon and the fact that I believe he is only half as good a Barry. Young has great potential and if he lives up to this potential could be worth a lot more than we paid. So, again I disagree with u, I believe in spending wisely not in not spending at all. Young was what I expected last season – potential.I would pay 16 Mil for Henry who is 29! because I know he would score goals, get people to buy Henry shirts, people in the gate and attract other players. Mon has done alright with his purchases so far, It’s too early to fully judge them because (like Petrov) they didn’t have too much in the way of quality around them. I don’t think they were a waste of money by any stretch of the imagination. MON has done well with the loan signing of Bardsley – looked at him at chose not to take him on. Maloney 1 Mil (how good is that!!!). This is the perfect example of spending wisely. Lastly, I’m not having a go at u, just your tendancy to panic. Enuogh said

  • I have said before – MON is NOT stupid. He is letting these players leave (Hughes, McCann, Angel, Samuel, Olejnik and soon Hendrie, Davis [please no], Ridgewell and Djemba) this does not mean he is close to signing other players. It means they ARE SIGNED. He complained more than anyone about lack of numbers and playing youngsters. He just will not announce signings until they are all in. Look at NRC – bid got made public and now apparently Spurs and Man City are sniffing which is why WHU have said – lets make it £9million!!! I know MON has players and he must have a reason for unveiling them all at once. I fully expect the next press conference to show 3 or 4 new players. Including one of two superstars. Remember in a recent interview O’Neill would not reveal names of who he was going for as the interviewer would not believe him if he did. Now this is not Marlon Harewood here!! This is the likes of Lahm and Sneijder – and hopefully ones we never heard of before. And that will prove the fans on this board who are criticising the new regime or worrying that they were wrong. Of all the managers in the league – I trust O’Neill.

  • Oh by the way I meant ‘ones we have never heard of before’ as in never heard LINKED with Villa before. As opposed to players who are so low profile that we have never heard of them before!!!

  • Deano, I agree about the “never heard LINKED with Villa before”. I like surprises. Any guesses who the goalie will be? I will get you the link for new kits ASAP. Away strip is nectar, like the European winning cup campaign

  • “Martin O’Neill has assured Aston Villa fans not to be worried about the club’s lack of transfer activity in the first half of the summer” Can’t ask any more really, don’t want a pantomime played out in public like the last regime. Most fans are worried about us signing the likes of Harewood and “good” championship players. My guess would be NRC, Carson and Belllamy. I hope I’m surprised.

  • I have a feeling that Bellamy is not the striker we are after. I reckon it will be Nugent to be honest. If he was moving to Sunderland or Everton we would know by now. Other teams (West Ham) are not making a bid because he is overpriced….or that he has agreed to join us????

  • I hope we sign Gordon.Every picture of the new kit Ive seen is total rubbish,some kid has taken the Arsenal shirt from a few years ago and changed the colours.

  • I also think Reo-Coker and Koumas are done deals. I also think he needs two right-backs so Luke Young and Phil Jagielka (who again – if he was going to Everton or Bolton he would be gone by now. I am hoping for REO-COKER, YOUNG, JAGIELKA, CARSON, WRIGHT-PHILLIPS (must be – he turned down West Ham and ‘daddy’ wont want him under Sven – but he rates O’Neill!) and NUGENT. With a 50-50 on Curtis Davies ( i have a feeling he will go to London club) Also please please please Wesley Sneijder!!!

  • PKing – I’ve seen some fairly genuine pics, I’ll send you the link later. Pity I can’t post them! Deano – the Nugent theory is a nice one. The U21 crew would be good. I’d like a surprise big game. What do people think of Nugent? Can’t see him getting a starting spot over Carew, Moore and Gabby (in da middle)

  • Nugent wants to go to everton, his dream move he said. So far its REO, KOUMAS, GORDON i reckon. The dutch lot are staying put, surprise; SWP? and the unveiling of 3-4 players in one day sounds a bit optimistical, i mean when was the last time a club unveiled 4 players in swoop. It’ll be gradual over the next month. Come on the MON!

  • As much as he did brill for us last year i think MON will be quite ruthless with Gabby.he had to play him wide right last year due to milner deal fallin through and no other options but if he brings in his own squad now will Gabby be givin the benifit of the doubt when he goes through the tricky dry spell? dont get me wrong gabby is our future and a fantastic talent but MON has always made it clear he is in a results based job and wants nothing but sucess.No room for sentamentality.look at stevie davis when he couldnt perform to mons demands he was set to one side and now rumor has it he will be of to ply his trade at Fulham.

  • Forlan has been confirmed at Athletico. Does that then confirm our signing of Nugent???…..or Harewood?? I understand the worry about Nugent over Moore, Carew or Gabby. But I would rather have Nugent as he is different from the others. For example, I think Defoe and Owen are far too similar to Moore and Gabby so therefore would be a mistake. Nugent or (my unlikely but No.1 choice for a striker this summer) Ashton would offer something different.

  • looks like spurs have signed darren bent. meaning we’ll be linked with defoe all summer now

  • agree with deano on martin surely has players lined up which he has been given assurances they will come 2 villa and no-one else or martin just would not have let the likes of hughes,mccann etc go at all.signings are on the way,good move from martin coming out and giving us assurances they will be signings(as if we didnt know!) as it will settle a few nerves amongst us supporters.i would love NRC,SWP,Carson,Jagielka and Defoe(with bent going 2 spurs) to start with with a few O’Neill surprises thrown in surely.i know opinion is divided on Defoe but i think when he is given a run in a team he guarantees goals,if he signed i would think he would get close to 20 goals in 1st season as 4 spurs last year he got something like 18 and only played maybe half the full season with sub appearances and the like. UTV

  • OK we know signings are coming and fair enough they are very likely to be players we have never been linked with. But of the rumours still circulating for players in positions we know we are strenghtening. Who would you like to see sign in these positions. GK – JAASKELINAN/CARSON/BORUC/GORDON/MYHILL LB – ROBINSON/DRENTE/LAHM RB- DE JONG/YOUNG/JAGIELKA/MACSHANE CB – DAVIES/ALVES CM – KOUMAS/REO-COKER/DIDGARD/SNEIJDER/NAKAMURA/ ST- DEFOE/NUGENT/SMITH/BELLAMY/HAREWOOD

  • My top picks to get the ball rolling are GK Carson LB Lahm RB Jagielka CB Alves CM Sneijder ST Smith.

  • yep no way im paying 10 usd to view a picture. You could snag the picture or print screen a variety of ways then to upload it via imageshack or anyother host sights. but hey ho.

  • MYLEFTFOOT, your quite right I do have a tendancy to panic, but in my defence thats been brought on by past experiences with the Villa ‘maybe I should put in a claim for psychological damage’ I think we’re nearer to the same train of thought than you think, you don’t think we should spend alot on certain players, I believe the same but I also believe we have to to keep up, if I’m wrong and we get all these players for small amounts I’ll be very happy has I’m sure you will, but in todays climate I can’t see it happening, we can never buy players based on what the other club paid for him, thats a ridiculous statement, we’ve just bought a new home for £300,000 I know it was only worth half of that 7 years ago but I can hardly use that as a bargaining tool because it’s all about ‘THE CURRENT MARKET’ and the Henry deal is a sensation and to some extent is the maloney deal maybe, I also never said ‘petrov and young’ were a waste of money what I said was they weren’t good value, but the last thing and most important is, I can’t work out where your coming from, you said about young ‘Young has great potential and if he lives up to this potential could be worth a lot more than we paid? that really doesn’t go with your argument does it, because if thats the case for young surely thats the same for REO, who I believe has even greater potential! And if thats not enough I believe we’ll get REO for less than 10 mill, and that will be a result

  • Right sorry about that, I have the jpegs but don’t know where to stick them! Answers on a postcard please.

  • so according to villa blog the transfer window actually opens the day after the football season ends. so it isnt 1st of july afterall

  • The transfer window opens on the first day of the closed season so in England it is the 1st June.

  • thats correct Its All Over FC, and here’s the proof from the Premier League. “The first Transfer Window in any year shall commence at midnight on the last day of the season and shall end on 31 August next if a Working Day, if not, on the first Working Day thereafter, at a time to be determined by the Board.

    The second Transfer Window in any year shall commence at midnight on 31st December and shall end on the 31st January next if a Working Day or, if not, on the first Working Day thereafter, at a time to be determined by the board”
    FA Premier League, June 28th 2007
    so that clears that one up! hopefully

  • what was posted earlier Dannygav m8, was and email from the premier league so gotta go with them really!

  • All I know is that in Football Manager, you can sign players before the 1st July, but they don’t become part of the squad until this date. Anybody know why? The guys that write the game normally get it right.

  • I think I have got to the bottom of this one. Whilst the transfer window is open, most players contracts expire on the 30 June, and this is when any bonuses are paid. Hence a player will not usually terminate a contract before this date, as they will miss out. Does this make sense to everyone?

  • Should have said that the bonuses are paid on the anniversary – 30 June each year. Sorry

  • Eltoro – I don’t blieve REO has that kind of potential – I believe he is a no frills stcok standard player who will do a McCann for us (maybe a bit better). Whereas Young has the ability right now to turn matches or even win them. There’s no comparison – apples and u know the rest. AS FOR Reo’s valuation, yes a bit silly with the 50,000 bit, but my point was why should Villa perpetuate the cycle of greed and over valued players when West Ham stand to make 6.5 mill profit from an already over generous offer? Why pay over the odds for average british players when there are better foreign players available at half the price? More quality for your pound!

  • myleftfoot, i think you should give MON a ring with these bargain euro players, sack the scouts! 😉

  • villain76 – u know what I mean – look at the young foreign players signing for the academy – Hitzelburger was a prime example of a good investment – pitty about odreary tho. Middlevilla just signed that turkish striker – he looks the goods – worth a punt.

  • According to SSN, Spurs have made an approach for SWP. Wouldn’t have minded MON having a blast at him. SWP on one wing and Young on the other sounds very mouthwatering. Although not as mouthwatering as a pint of Stella and a bag of scratchins….

  • looks like Man City are in for REO as well, so we don’t want to get in a bidding war for him thats for sure, if we can get foreign players who want to play for us, and not just because we’re in the Premier League, then I agree with you MYLEFTFOOT lets go for it. but if REO chooses us over more money from another club then thats fine by me

  • We’ll never know what we offer players to play for us – u and i know the world has moved on from the days of loyalty and the one team man – I almost said the one club man but that hasn’t changed! Foriegners will always come here for the money and nothing else – how many foreign players played in the old 1st Division? A few Argentinians and thats it. So there you go.

  • I’ve seen a lot of rumours regarding Citeh for NRC or Olaf, but how can they buy anyone, they haven’t finalised the new board nor do they have a manager installed, surely they can’t beat us in the market when there in that type of situation!!! Can they? That would really take the urine. How can clubs still buy players when they’re in limbo manager and board wise.

  • they will be a real force next season bent and berbatov up front. why would they go for SWP if they have lennon? i know he likes to play him on the left but dont think he is as effective

  • I agree totally about Lennon, you are presuming they keep Berbatov – there will be a media campaign for him to sign for Manure. I am going to be well unhappy if we end up with Koumas, Nugent, Young and Harewood! I’m getting anxious now, developing a facial tick and shouting random obsceneties!

  • Davis for 4m – what a bargain they’ll get there. I want surprises, big ones (not Marlon Harewood and Koumas!)

  • Pking, you must admit the suspense is killing us. The fans want Spurs quality signings end of story. Koumas and peanut head aren’t that, I just don’t think the fans will warm to them. I’d like us to go the foreign route, but we’ll see. We are now desperate for a right back, goalkeeper and centre mid.

  • wow bent to spuds for a mere £17mil – where will that leave defoe? i believe he will be sold so that they can re coup some transfer funds. could be good for us. and on antother noe I have been watching and waiting patiently for the signings and i hope for *****s sake that NRC comes for no more than 8 mil. Koumas would be nice also. could be the next big thing (well bent came from championship and look at him now, same could apply for cahill). even the scummy blues are signing players. There in talks for players like OLIVER KAPO? WTF? but still ill wait patiently cos i know that MON and Lerner will come good. Summat is gonna happen and when it does its gonna go off like a bomb

    BTW liverpool showed off six singings in one go. i think it was the likes of gary mcallister, possibly dudek and other players like that. it was the season they did the treble.

    Any thougts?

  • All the players we’ve sold now there has to be some deals done,Koumas wouldn’t be a bad buy in my view.He’s not as glamorous as some other signings but just because a player comes from the Championship doesn’t mean they wont be good.Harewood could do well if he got some confidence,but some big names would be nice.I think something exciting will happen soon.

  • Well alot of rumors about a press conference tomorrow so i guess its a case of wait and see?

  • Bent came from the Championship for only 2.5 mil I think.And Andy Johnson came up and was a revelation in his first season.I genuinley believe that a players price doesn’t determine how good they are.Spurs are under pressure now to break that top 4.

  • with the arse on the fall i think spurs will step it up. jols head will be on a chopping board if they under achieve. im kinda thankful tho – 27 mil on 2 players whos combined age is 40 yrs old and one of them is from the championship? but then that could start the whole “are championship players good enough for the prem” debait again. i say yes but it applies to the rare few. look at our ash for example?

  • I’m concerned nothing has happened and with the constant links to Scarewood and second rate players it’s getting worse. But I have to keep reminding myself the dead wood has gone and MON said in Jan this time next year we will have a better squad than spuds also Fitz has said that they wouldn’t keep on about the CL plan in 5 years (now 4) if they didn’t know what it’ll take.

  • We will be in at around 6-7 million for defoe, he needs first team football and he’ll definately leave, apparently liverpool are in the chase too, but i reckon he may think he has more chance of playing with us. So a definate transfer treble on REO, DEFOE and KOUMAS to start the ball rolling? you never know. Although i aint keen on koumas but he would bolster the ranks

  • I had a dream and it went like this – went to work and checked e-mail and villa news in the morning before work. had announced a press conference at 11am that morning. Then at 11am I turned on Sky Sport News and there they were O’Neill and Lerner with new signings Defoe, Reo-Coker, Sneijder, Wright-Phillips, Nugent, Carson and Jagielka. Also present was Steve Davis who reaffirmed his commitment to Villa by signing a new 4 year contract. Lerner then said that he hasnt finish spending. Ah well, I can dream!!

  • Sneijder (ajax and babel too), Wright-Phillips (?), Nugent (everton), Carson (liverpool) and Jagielka (everton) are going no where near villa. But like you say nice dream. My hopes are on what surprise MON has up his sleeve. He must have some, surely…

  • I thought the same villain76 – but then if Martin O’Neill is letting players leave he must have players lined-up to take over. WHO ARE THEY?? I am quite excited as I have faith that they will be lined up and they will be big names!! Hopefully he can get a real gen like Spurs last season with Berbatov!

  • Some lad on the OS says he has it on very good authority that SWP will be signing, he reckons its 100% done deal. I suppose theres a very good chance he’s living in la la land but with all the lack of noises coming from VP I can’t help but get sucked in by these stories. I know a couple of the talk sport presenters are convinced he’s signing for us, maybe there guessing but they do work with his Dad.

  • arrrh i cant take no more. ill sign for the villa if i have to (joke) but either way that would be sweet – defoe would be nice. wesley would be nicer tho. so what time does this press conference kick off? 11.00?

  • Sorry if Im being dim but what is the OS????? I have said before that if Ian Wright gives his son any advice it would be to join Arsenal or Villa based on the O’Neill factor. I think he may have doubts over whether Arsenal would be best with the question mark over the Wenger and Dein saga. But the rumours of Robben and Geremi leaving does suggest Chelsea may need to keep hold of him. I think IF he leaves it will be for Villa but my head says that he will remain a Chelsea player.

  • Sorry Deano. Its the Official Site. I agree with you though, I think if SWP was to leave then we’d definetly be one of the front runners. His Dad has never been shy in his praise for MON. Did Robben not sign a new contract a few weeks back?

  • its funny how just over 3 weeks ago I was voiceing my concerns over no signings being made and also worrying about the players that were moving to other clubs and the sh4t that was coming to our club e.g. harewood, its nice to see you all getting on board now, the nerves are starting to jangle abit, the difference was because of my veiws people responded with childish rants telling me to grow up MON knows what he’s doing! well for our sakes I hope your all f4cking right, because he knew last january that we needed players, and to answer the question that Man City aren’t in a position to buy whilst in the middle of a takeover! it never stopped Newcastle did it, and we all shouldn’t get a little nervous just because MON says everythings going to be OK! its human nature to worry, my kids used to get nervous every christmas incase father christmas didn’t turn up, he always had and always did, anyhow welcome to the club of nervous fans!

  • I also think that the only site worth looking at that dosen’t rely on newspaper bullsh4t is sky sports, and if u look under Villa theres nothing not a f4ckin jot. and with the amount of money they pump into the premeirship I would imagine they would have to be one of the 1st or the 1st to be told of any forthcoming links, so lets hope somethng happens

  • eltoro I disagree. I for one have been taking the sales as examples of players coming IN. Do you think Steve Davis would be asking for a move because Reo-Cokers coming in. He is a confident lad who would think with McCann leaving he would have a shot. Aaron Hughes too – with Bardsley going he was first choice – yet he was ‘disappointed’ with leaving Villa. These two have been told privatley who is coming in and know that they are not going to get much of a chance next year. That to me is good news!!! Anyway O’Neill DID do very well in January and even before then bringing in Sutton and Agathe who did a job when needed. I dont see how Young, Carew and Maloney did not she that he dealt with that window very well!!! He still knows he needs players and he WILL get them! Just wait until 1st July. Pre-contracts dont mean much – this mornings papers said Man Utd may have to send Anderson on loan for a year before a work-permit is issued etc. Chelsea have not unveiled Sidwell yet because he is still contracted to Reading. I knwo there is confusion over the dates but the fact remains we will not see a new signing on the turf in the new strip unil July. Also why worry: Young, Carew and Maloney were late deals. Yeah one or two players have been transferred this summer but I wouldnt have fancied many of them to be honest except maybe Scott Parker.

  • have to say agree with eltoro to an extent now.the nerves are jangling a little and getting slightly worried by it all.all i hope for is these signings martin is talking about to be top quality when they happen,i do still think martin will come up with them but worried now by the timescale of things as i expected at least 2 players IN by now.also to back it up further fitzgerald was talking the other week and he said something like we would like the majority of our signings to be at villa for pre season training which starts 6th july,so surely now a couple are close…………………..PLEASE! UTV

  • deano.avfc what do you disagree with! I’ve not really said anything in my last post to disagree with, I’m just stating the obvious really, about fans getting nervous, jesus thers even a board on this very website saying alot of villa fans are getting nervous, not every villa fan out there comes on this site! I agree with what your saying players going out hopefully means players coming in, don’t take everthing literally, at the end of the day this site is in place for fans to voice their concerns about Aston Villa, thats what I’m doing,! why do people take it out of context, at this very moment in time we’ve sign nobody so your basing your side of the coin on hopes not facts and i’m basing it on facts not hopes, so how the f4ck does that always put me in the wrong!

  • at last, thank you belfast villan, I will be the 1st to admit I was wrong if and when it happens!

  • And in enters PKing to be destroyed by Eltoro having it massive and then apologising whereby Eltoro is still having it massive. ;-/

  • eltoro I have read your post again and I took the line: “because he knew last january that we needed players” to mean that he didnt do enough then. I tried to state that he knew from the start – hence Agathe and Sutton to ‘tide us over’ until the window (where he did very well!!) but dont get so uptight I said I disagree so dont be complaining that I am “puting you in the wrong”!! Its ust a different opinion – you are worrying and if anything I am trying to let Villa fans know that i am not surprised with how it is going as I put a lot of weight into the July 1st argument. Just because someone ‘disagrees’ does not mean you start with the f-number4-ck stuff for goodness sake!! My next post may show why I am not too worried yet.

  • There have not been too many purchases this summer. If we do not include the big4 as we can not compete with them in the transfer market yet and obviously not include players bought from us we are left with the following: Fabianski, O’Connor, Muamba, Parnaby, Tuncay, Aliadiere, Viduka, Barton, Muntari, Distin, Hreidarsson, Cisse, Halford, Bale, Bent, Parker, Sibierski, Bramble, Melchiot and Granqvist. Only 20 players!! Of those who would add to the squad – In my opinion we have ‘missed out’ on are Distin and Parker. The rest are poor quality or overpriced. TO put in into context as well – 6 teams have not got anyone yet!!!

  • Here come the drums, here come the drums, here come the drums…..I’m am going to implode with nervous excitement…it’s like the old days of Little when out the blue came Draper and Southgate, then Nelson…can’t wait for similar super-signings!!!

  • haha its so funny reading this stuff! as far as im concerned everyone who supports villa is a legend so im not getting into arguments with anyone, whether they have ridiculous views or not. thats not an invitation to start an argument by the way…anyway i really hope we sign marlon harewood he is brilliant

  • All this arguing eh? it could be worse – we could be scummy blues fans debaiting like this? why do i get the feeling we have placed in a bid for defoe?

    Ever seen that film with kevin costner in – Field of dreams and that bloody voice saying “if you build it they will come?” well look at like this – “if the bid is accepted they will come” MON has sold villa to NRC. Once Eggbert egghead realises what we have offered is more than good enough NRC will be a villa player. simple!

  • By the way never watch Sky Sports News for more than 4 hours straight,if I hear about that 12 year old golfer 1 more time…..

  • Sky do always get the scoop. Been in a meeting all morning, no action yet? Not until next week I suppose. Don’t want Koumas or Harewood.

  • ric112 very funny m8 lmao keep em coming, I’ve changed my mind I want Harewood as well, :0 I feel like our relarionship is back on, its wonderfull everyone. Anyone heard anything about this 12 year old golf sensation!

  • This has to be the record number of article points for any one story surely (345) is there anyway we could find out ?

  • People are on other sites but not getting stuck in. I was very lonely on the Stockport site so had a wander around and stumbled across Villa. Blimey you lot are noisy! lol

  • fulham are signing out bloody players and we are the only ones commenting about it?

  • Tottenham for the CL next year!!! Best striking quartet in the Premiership; Bent, Berbatov, Defoe and Keane. You can have Defoe for £12 million if you want.

  • On a more serious note, you must be getting frustrated at the lack of transfer activity within your club. Maybe O’Neill is waiting to unveil a couple of players at one time.

  • I can’t agree with you ASPINALL, I understand that the price for Bent is over inflated by around £4 million but Bent is a fantastic player. He as just as pacey as Defoe, stronger in the air, has more strength, better finishing, can play as a lone striker and will always score more goals than Defoe. Saying that though, I would love Defoe to stay at Spurs!!!

  • I’m not nervous eltoro – my nerves were worn out years ago – for me evrything is a bonus. This time last year the talk was about loosing Barry and relegation. Ellis had 6 mill in the kitty and was saying how he’d invested 100 mill over the few season. Players were revolting and Odreary was still with us. Now the talk is about pushing for Europe, Lerners millions and who should we sign. Lets get some perspective on the situation. If we don’t sign anyone (surprises like a mega player) then dissappointment would be the order of the day – we’re used to that – but not panic, SURELY NOT.

  • Erm…4 million over….Make it 8.5m plus overpriced dude,he`s a decent player – 2 caps but yes he`s still young – Defoe is the better finisher,if you keep all 4 and keep em happy then you have a hell of a strikeforce,if you get rid of Defoe for less than 10m then it can only be a panic buy as Defoe was offski anyhoo.

  • @OAL…tottenham for 7th place with Villa and Everton ahead of them. Better squads and wont ***** it up when 2 goals up. Remember chelsea and Arsenal in the cups do u old chap? A decent coached team wouldnt do that would they?

  • its not blind panic its nerves it could just be nervous excitement who knows, theres one thing Myleftfoot I can’t wait for the season to arrive!

  • I am a bit puzzled by the rumours and player links doing the rounds in relation to our reported £30m transfer budget. If today’s
    rumours are true that we are signing NRC for circa £8m plus SWP for £10m that then only leaves £12m to sign the other 4/5/6 players that we need depending on who you talk to. Everybody seems to agree that a new keeper is on the agenda and I’m no expert, but would imagine a decent goalie would cost in the region of £5m which brings our budget down to £7m for a right back/centre half/additional striker. Again I’m no expert, but any one decent quality signing for any of those positions would probably swallow up most of that amount (more if Bellamy is £12m,
    Defoe £8-£10m etc. etc.) so either the reported budget is wrong, though admittedly no official sources from within the club have actually stated this is how much we have available, or the newspaper rumours are wrong ergarding who we are targetting and maybe us fans should lower our sights a bit. Hope it’s the former, but if we are looking at the type of players being linked eg.
    NRC, SWP, Defoe, Koumas, goalkeeper, centre half and right back,
    I estimate we would need to spend in the region of £45m.

  • I’m rather concerned that with the lack of transfer action the players we end uo signing will be second rate rubbish like SWP and Defoe who are typical hit and mainly miss playes of the type that Villa have always bought when we “spend big” a la Collymore, Angel and Ginola. They are totally different in playing terms but the similarity I am making is they are not top notch.

    The difference now is that we actually have fantastic players like Luke Moore and Craig Gardner who could be top notch. I don’t want them squeezed out by second rate rubbish just because we’ve wasted money on them and therefore stick them in the team and throw points away a la Petrov being played continually when not at his best.

    I’m not being pessimistic – I believe if we get Craig Gordon,and a right back, then we can get to Europe with what we have got. Don’t spoil it unless we can sign real class.

  • stennyvilla what evidence do you have that luke moore is going to be top notch? Top notch as in storing 20 league goals a season and taking us onto the next level? I mean if you know him personally, regularly watch him train etc you’d know a more about him than me. He is a good prospect but that’s all he is for me so far, too much attitude for my liking as well. SWP isnt rubbish at all, infact on his day he is superb. Defoe was in and out of the spurs team last year and still scored 18 goals. How do you expect us to sign top notch players when at the moment we finished in a 3rd rate leage position, and have quite a few 3rd rate players in our team.

  • STRIKER – Bellamy or Defoe. MIDFIELDER – Reo coker(Done deal with just add on fees to sort out), Koumas, SWP. Right Back – Young. CENTRE HALF – Davies. KEEPER – Carson or Jasskelinan. Take your pick guys with only Coker all but tied up.

  • I think that when you add up the players we’ve sold or are going to we could raise another 10 mill. No figure was mentioned only that if MON wants them then the money would be there. So we now look at what we can attract. It’s no use going for the likes of Torres but the SWP’s and Defoes will take us on and consolidate us. I agree with the last post in that we have many kids who have potential but are not the finished article. We will end up signing 6 or 7 players….. but who?

  • Don’t think defoe will come. i want gordan gk, rosenior for rb, reo coker and wright philips any others will be a bonus

  • Had to join in, defoe has said he dont want to move to villa, so must be coker,swp, koumas and possibly a.n.other or two

  • Personally I can’t see what Wright-Phillips would add to the team.
    Asley Young is great on the right wing with Maloney on the left.

  • SWP would be High profile, whether he would be a GREAT addition the proof of the pudding as they say would be in the eating. most tend to say he is a confidence player and plays at his best when wanted and loved by fans ( now we don’t get on players backs do we) I would like Defoe at Villa and would prefer him to Bellamy. I think Rosenior is a left back but wouldn’t swear to it.

  • I agree with you regarding Defoe instead of Bellamy, but as already posted above Defoe doesn’t want to come and anyway we’ll never find out how good Gabby and/or Luke could be if we don’t givr them a run in the side. Ditto for Craig Gardner, I’d love to see
    Reo-Coker signed but if not and it came down to a choice between signing Koumas or playing Gardner I’d plump for Gardner every time.

  • Ashley young will be major for us next year but we need a bigger squad to support what we already have coming through, swp would add as fat loser says add a high profiler to the team and more than do the job. I think coker will definately come but until you see the topflight players on the move everone will be speculating on the same players, im sure that with the players that have left or heading out MON will have a few dead certs in the wings but i,m sure he will sit on the fence a bit longer (as is everyone but newcastle) and pick out what we need for next season. If we get into europe next year then you will see some major signings. Liverpool have already had a clear out sale bellamy now at half price.

  • on the liverpool clear out i think bellamy would only be worth a punt for 3mil and a clause in his contract banning him from the use of golf clubs. i would like to see defoe at villa but F.u.c.k him if he dont wanna join us. SWP would be nice but i think he would have to play wide to compensate for Ash who can play just off him. 1 transfer is all we need to start the ball rolling. keepin the faith.

  • ok so no more excusess 1st of July is upon us so we can all agree the transfer window is fully open,loyalty clauses will be paid in full and i would like to think the club will let us see wot they have in store regards the kits.Is the move of Davis delayed for a reason? is okey cokey not coming to us?is it SWP stallin cause Spurs may be interested?Is he not going and its all press speculation?(please make it this one) our first signing will be……….bently haha

  • I would think things are gonna start happening this week. However, unlike alot of people, I don’t believe any agreements have been made that we don’t know about. I certainly don’t believe Davis is on his way to Fulham before he has spoken to MON. I think things have been slow because managers, players etc have been on holiday. I do believe we now need about 7 players just so that we are covered for the season – we also need another goal keeper – not necessarily to replace sorensen but as back up to the one we already have. Lest wait and see.

  • i have always thought the belief that MON has got rid of the players he has because he has others lined up a bit fantastical. He’s getting rid of dead wood. Now the pressure is on for MON to get players in, in a world full of well funded teams. Just spouting out that i have faith in MON and realx doesnt wash with me.

  • Re Its All Over FC, I don’t know that Luke Moore is going to be top notch, all i said is he might be. I just want him to have a run to find out. I have no evidence he is not top notch.

    He was tops at U16 U18 level for Villa and England. He has never had a run for Villa alongside a decent striker (Carew) but when played wide works hard and when coming on as sub scored a couple of instintive strikes that stand out because 19 out of 20 players would not have seen the next to nothing openings he capitalised on. Give him a chance is all I say but I do not have any more insight than anyone else. I saw his hat-trick at Boro last season and until proved otherwise I think he could be the man.

    SWP has been around long enough to prove he is not – great on his day but doesn’t have many days. Vassell was massively hyped down by the media and SWP massively hyped up. Vassells performances for England were always decent and often good. SWP poor. Trouble with Darius for all his body strength and effort he wa a hopeless 6 yard box striker and timid in front of goal, not instinctive. Luke Moore seems instinctive and class to me, but the jury is obviously still out. All I want is the benefit of a verdict based on a good run in the team.

  • We always seem linked with forward players but the priority has to be 2 defenders and a keeper,i hope MON addresses this,i felt he should have bought a Centre Half in last transfer window instead of Young and now i feel we have enough forward options.

  • here,here – well said stennyvilla. I agree 100%. Especially when u think how much Liverpool want for Bellamy. Give the lad a go but we still need another striker for the squad. Nugent is someone I would think would give us somethink different.

  • The link to Geremi is interesting, he is proven quality and could do a job at right back.

  • I see whoever Pompey are linked with so are Villa, and vice versa, screams of agents and media churning up the stories themselves

  • I reckon attackers are our lowest priority but would definately take SWP. When you have SWP, Young and Maloney you can tell them to kill themselves running, and the defender trying to mark them, then throw on an equally threatening and pacy sub to terrorise them for the last half hour. The most dangerous will quickly assume the starting roles and the others will still have plenty of chances. as an aside i would kill to see Drenthe at the villa!!

  • Anyone still blarting on about a massive 5-6 person unveiling tied in with the new shirt? thought not.

  • well i’ve always hoped he will become a good player for us, he certainly was billed up to be wasn’t he. This season will obviously be the test for him, but its not as if he hasn’t been given a chance already, and i haven’t seen anything particularly special in him. If he was, he wouldnt have been half way up to glasgow to sign for rangers a year ago. Well i confess i haven’t seen loads of SWP, but i know he can be a quality player and was very good for man city, and if MON wants him i’m sure he knows what he is doing.

  • according to the E&S Randy is arriving over the next few days to put the seal on a number of deals (NRC, SWP, Geremi). So maybe it will tie in nicely with the shirt release

  • Dannygav – if you had been reading the forums you would know that the transfer window started at midnight the day the season ended. So says the Football Association and I guess they should know.

  • These discussions have come full circle again. Buying Koumas, Harewood orBellamy would be a total waste of money in my opininon. I’d rather play Osbourne and Moore.

  • Saurat, One e-mail on an un-named site is not conclusive proof. All the news agencies are reporting that the window opened today. ie players can be registered.

  • Dannygav – you are quite boring, like this whole thread. Have you ever looked at the official FA site which states quite clearly when the transfer window opens. Thought not.

  • Hoss the Villian. Whats your problem? no need to be offensive, just submitting my veiw. If you dont like the thread, dont read it. Go and give your head a wobble.

  • I know this is saying the same thing again but the Express and Star say Randy is jetting in to seal some deals over the next few days. Surely this is not just speculation and i trust the local papers more than the nationals. I cant see any reason for them to make this up so I think we can get excited for this week. Come on people after weeks and weeks waiting this is some more concrete stuff.

  • Things will happen FFS stop moaning you are beginning to get on my tits……. we will sign players we will not like them all but trust the management fgor Christ sakes

  • Bookmark I’m afraid. Looks as if Geremi is off to the Toon. His wages woould be astronomical and he will be off to the african cup of nations over Dec/Jan – don’t think it is paricularly wise to buy africans this season for that reason. Any thoughts?

  • Geremi to Newcastle and we havent even been linked with Yakubu. WHY??? On a positive note there is a sneak look at new villa kit on offical site – the white lion on the back of collar looks like a nice touch.

  • They actually said on SSN that Villa are close to making their first signing with the Reo Coker deal.I got a semi when they started the sentence.

  • Yay looks like our first signing is in, I think the price will be 8 Million which is exactly as I predicted. I hope there is another signing as well, one the media hasnt a clue of that they announce about ten minutes after the ReoCoker signing hehe

  • All these reports about NRC are finally something to get excited over. My only concern is that these reports seem like they’re all spanning from the story in The Birmingham Post “breaking the news” last night. The story was written by Lisa Smith and 99.9% of the time she tends to talk a load of bulld*hit. I hope BBC and Sky have there own source and aren’t being lazy journos

  • No formal news on Sky yet. We obviously will be getting a full back, Geremi would be my pick but it may be Young. A goalie (Jaskkelinen) and maybe Bellamy?

  • Randy and his crew still have the 4th july to celebrate yet, hopefully this will include 8 new signings in the new kit, so watch for the fireworks on Wednesday!

  • lets go for vagner love. surely he must be bored of moscow by now? a bit cold for a brazilian methinks.

  • can see it now ric112 back page of the sun, The Love affair continues has he bangs in another to break the bluenoses hearts!

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