Date: 2nd July 2007 at 2:26pm
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The fifth instalment of our summer long gossip column!

We’ve already had 1420 rumours, arguments and links! So Who Will Villa Sign Pt 4 – Click Here

Tis the end of the season – you might well have noticed, what with the league being won, the fixtures ending and the players packing their bags to go on their holidays.

So here comes the speculation and rumour season, with loads of players about to be linked to Aston Villa and hopefully a good few actually coming to Villa Park in time for the 2007/2008 season.

So back, by popular demand, is the rumours thread on the front page. See a story linking us with a player? Share it with us all. Heard a tenuous link, or seen a player around Villa Park? Let us know! Oh, and although I’ll do my best to announce incoming players as soon as possible, if you hear of a signing before I do, wang it on this thread as well.

The January thread ended up with nearly 2000 article comments, spaced over several articles (the limit per article is now 400 after I got it raised, anymore than that and it slows things down too much so I’ll change the threads over each time we hit the limit!)

So Far.


Jlloyd Samuel
Gavin McCann
Lee Hendrie
Robert Olejnik
Stephen Henderson
Aaron Hughes


Nigel Reo-Coker……….


376 Replies to “So Who Will Villa Sign? Pt 5”

  • Its just hit me – I know what the WE START TODAY means – they are the initial letter for our summer signings!! This theory is fool-proof!! Some good signings – I am particulalry looking forward to our Tevez and Gudjohnson front-line. Now if only we could get a keeper!!

    Eidur Gudjohnson

  • OK – I did cheat a little on Eidur Gudjohnsen – but I couldnt think of anyone starting with E!!

  • It’s always frustrating being a Villa fan.
    Loads of talk and loads of chat amongst us on here but no concrete news still !!
    But here’s my two-penneth anyway:
    Can we have Gordon, Jagielka (he still ain’t gone anywhere), Reo-Coker (at last), SWP and either Defoe or Nugent, I rate them both.
    Mepham said we wanted signings in by return to training. Isn’t that this Wednesday? Put us out of our misery then !!!

  • Interesting listening to Talk Sport this evening and in particular Ian Wright. Firstly he spoke very highly of MON when it was suggested he could be sacked early into the season. Wrighty thought Villa were top 6. Then a Villa fan come and asked him outright about SWP. Was very diplomatic but Wrighty spoke very highly of the Villa.

  • MON to be sacked!? Give the bloke a chance for god sake, this is his first full pre-season and people already want him out the door?

  • Likelihood of him getting sacked was probably suggested by the Ginger Tosser Durham. I mean what are the odds in the bookies?
    Now should MON completely lose the plot and buy 2 players prior to seasons start and we have a nightmare and are bottom at Christmas maybe those odds will shorten dramatically

  • Yep heard it Gaz,sounded very promising indeed,imagine ashley on left and SWP on right and gabby or defoe and carew up front.certainly got me excited anyway. UTV

  • surely if wright has been going on and on about villa on radio,it would be a good bet his son has heard it too. Happy days!

  • does is dad not want a few games, jesus if swp is worth 12mill god only knows how much is dad would be worth!

  • anyhow is Sutton leaving! if he does we could have Robbie Fowler for free!
    he could be our solskjaer

  • According to Villa site –, Daniel Braaten a young striker is due to leave Rosenborg at the end of next season on a Bosman, he is Norweigan and may fancy linking up with Carew.

  • By all accounts the NRC medical didn`t happen according to his agent and we haven`t even agreed a fee with West Ham so i can see us getting gazumped.

  • The Dutch striker Ridgers has gone to Blackburn and Geremi has signed for Newcastle. Now I don’t know if we were after these players but they’re gone! The problem with all the links is that it frustrates you because you think you’ve missed out. Have we? Is MON taking too long? Or are they players MON didn’t want. the latter I hope and which I think is true. However, COME ON MON!

  • It seems Sky, Beeb and the rest did pick this story up from the genius of Lisa Smith and her article in the Bham Post. Why does she talk utter drivel!! She was the one who told us we were in talks with Matty Taylor.

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