Date: 30th November 2006 at 4:19pm
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Martin O’Neill is talking sense as per usual, he says that although the January transfer window can’t come quickly enough, it is the here and now that they have to compete in.

‘January might only be just over a month away, but we’ve got a lot of big games to play. So we have to compete now, as best we can, because we can’t change things. We’re not good enough to afford bad days at the office, or bad 45 minute periods, especially at home. We’re a bit lightweight, but that’s what we have and even if we wanted to, we can’t do anything about that for quite some considerable time. I wasn’t happy with the performance last night – we didn’t do well enough – and eventually we deserved to get beat.’

‘So far we’ve had that after our defeats, but it’s at moments like this when you could do with your players fit. But every single team in the Premiership will have someone not fit at some stage. We have to be able to cope with it. After all, we are Aston Villa, and we’re supposed to be able to cope with these things. In time, I think we will be able to. At the moment, we’re unable to do so.’

And Gareth Barry has added to that saying more players are required for Villa to keep pushing forward in the league:

‘Wednesday night was a reality check. It was a big eye opener for us. We didn’t play like a team which is in the top five of the Premiership. The first 10 minutes set the tempo for the night. They took the game to us and we didn’t look as sharp as Manchester City. There is always pressure on every game wherever you are in the league. I am not sure what was wrong. There have been a few games where we could have picked up points and we’ve probably had a few too many draws.

‘Everyone knows we are exceeding expectations. We will still find ourselves in a healthy position in the table after a result like that. But the manager knows and the squad here knows we need a few faces to come in and strengthen us up. The squad has been over-achieving. Our main aim was to improve and get into the top half. We have still made a good start.’

‘However, if we are going to strengthen in January, we need to get as many points on the board as we can now and it is important we don’t throw away what we’ve done so far.’

Certainly make it easier to attract the ‘stars’ if we are in shouting distance of Europe won’t it? Who knows, if we can carry on ‘over achieving’ then get some quality in January, maybe would pull off a European miracle this year? The league is certainly wide open. Mind you, if we are in amongst it, will the top teams really sell players to someone in competition with them?


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  • One bad result does not a pear shaped season make. Chelsea lost to Middlesborough early on, hasn;t exactly dampened their title challenge has it?

  • About as pear shaped as your lot was before you decided to buy whatever silver ware you could, merlin. There are three leagues in the Premiership. Manure and Chelski, the next 16 and then Watford and Charlton. Although loathing manure at least the money they have spent has been self financed. But as we have said before Abramobiatch has ruined the game. When you can buy a 30 year old striker for £30 million, buy Duff for £17 and sell him for £5 million, and more than likely sell SWP for a loss of £11 million, and not even be bothered, then what can you say. So why any club would welcome that money, it is ultimately destroying the game. So merlin come on here with your childish comments, unfortunately I am torn between loathing and laughing at Chelski. I also seem to recall you being quite level headed and sensible with previous comments, so why the antagonism?

  • I don’t think it has gone pear shaped, we’ve only lost two all season, one to Liverpool and one to a bad performance. Compared with last season, all is very much rosey Mr Merlin!

  • MON said that we would have a blip, and this is all the last few games have been. We should have beaten Boro, but last night we were beaten by the better team. Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say it was a bad day at the office. I’m sure we’ll bounce back, and if we beat Pompey, we’ll be third. Not bad eh?

  • 5 points from the next 3 games (Pompey, Sheff.Utd and Bolton) will gives us 28 points and keep us on-track for a top-six finish as in 2004. Not bad compared where we finished last year.

  • Merlin – strange comment. We have spent £6m in contrast to Chelsea’s what £40m?? Why come on here spouting off, what will it achieve, you should be more worried about why you cant keep up with Manure, now that is amusing. People like you are the sole reason why the whole country hopes Manure beat you to the title, and that is saying something.

  • We are still on an unbeleivable run compared to what those in the know predicted for VILLA 2 defeats in 15 games, or perenial problem of a goal machine “may” get sorted out in the very near future. MON is doing all the right things, he refuses to throw his toys out of the pram over a poor performance because he knows the current players are giving their all for the cause.

  • The facts are that Villa are an over achieving team at the moment. With no January reinforcements I would be happy with 8th place. I think many people agree with me. With gates of 30,000 I think many are waiting to see what will happen in January. IF MON gets the players that he is after THEN we can start thinking about top 6 or…. anyway… this season is very much hourglass shaped at the moment!

  • Interesting comments storagematt. Wrong, but interesting. It makes me laugh these little clubs like Portsmouth, who go around mouthing off about how they’re going to beat teams out of sight. Pompey have only been in the Premiership for 5 minutes and had one good season. At the end of the day, Villa have been in the Premiership since 1992 and considering we’re only one point behind Portsmouth, I struggle to see your reasoning as to why you think you will win comfortably. You’re a crappy little club, with a crappy little ground, who’ll end up getting relegated once Harry decides he’s had enough and walks out again. Come back at the end of the season storagematt, and we’ll see who finishes higher. I guarantee it won’t be your lot

  • Lets not be too hard on storagematt. It must be hard for him to support a Club who’s manager first of all defected to the better half of the South coast, only to then take the p*ss out of the Pompey fans and return. Maybe Harry felt sorry for Pompey and the **** hole their fans live in.

  • Good point Hoss. I think I’d be bitter if I had to live in Portsmouth and go to that hole of a ground every week!

  • You would have thought players would be fighting for their lives to prove they are good enough to remain before January, but it didnt look like that on Wednesday!

  • Lets see the type of reaction we get from the lads tomorrow at Fratton Park. A good performance and three points will halt the mini-slump, if indeed it can be called a slump, and get us back on track. If we can get to 30 points by the time we kick off against Chelsea on January 1st, then I personally think that things will be looking good for us. See you all at Fratton Park.

  • Tough fixtures definitely loom ahead. We could well soon be very thankfull for the points we picked up early in the campaign. Hard to tell just how this season will pan out.

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