Date: 26th December 2006 at 5:05pm
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Martin O’Neill said after our 2-1 defeat to Spurs: ‘We must stop conceding soft goals.’

England striker and often talked about Villa target Jermain Defoe scored two before Gareth Barry gave Villa some hope on the 81st minute.

O’Neill said after the game: ‘We were always in the game today, but we conceded two soft goals – particularly the second – and that cost us dear. I want to see us making team work harder to score against us. The second goal was just a long ball flicked on and before you knew it, it was in the back of the net. That sort of thing is hard to take after you’ve seen the players work so hard. I thought we did well at times today, but we gave ourselves a lot to do.’

More worryingly Olof Mellberg and Aaron Hughes had to go off injured which doesn’t exactly bode well for the rest of the Christmas and New Year fixtures. Stiliyan Petrov also came off in the 46th minute, by the text I’ve seen it says that was tactical, hopefully that was due to another no show performance? I’d have thought it was more likely to have been an injury substitution judging by what the Villa boss said,

O’Neill continued: ‘The injuries didn’t really help us, but I’m not making excuses, just stating a fact. Chris Sutton was suffering from blurred vision and then we lost three players in the first-half. You have to deal with these things and I thought, even after the changes, we gave a good account of ourselves. We went two down but never stopped working and Gareth got us back into it. At the end the Spurs bench were screaming at their players to get it into the corner. But we can’t hide from the fact that this was another defeat and the players have to step up to the plate at Charlton on Saturday.’


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  • It’s a bit galling to lose again, we are playing decent football but with no end product…but we’re not even using our original goalkeepers, we’ve got misfiring strikers, and our defence is virtually non-existant after the knocks we picked up today! MON knows it’s a results driven business and i’m sure he knows whats needed to sort things out, I just don’t think he’ll be able to do what he wants in January….

  • agreed, our play has been pretty good but we just can’t take our chances and that is all that counts at the end of the day

  • we never look like scoring in any of our matches, we need a playmaker and a WORLD CLASS striker, Petrov is useless he hardly touches the ball his set plays are awfull too. That Osbourne kid has got a terrible first touch he should go out on loan, he should never be in the squad.

  • We do need a world class striker, but who? No-one is available, and there is no way O’Neill will take a gamble on South American’s or players from other European locations.
    I don’t think Petrov is useless, he would greatly benefit with a bit of class in the team though at the moment, he’s not able to get forward too much and is having to backtrack and plug holes if he had some quality that could hold the ball (other than McCann) he would be more threatening, and could be the playmaker that we so desperately need.
    I’m not sure about Osbourne he’s a bit Jekyll and Hyde…good sometimes, but poor at others, jury is still out on him!

  • take comfort in that not many will come to the lane and get guyz put up a good fight but you need to do something about your attacking options.tell you what give us barry and you can have davids stalteri and gardner.they arent attacking but its 3 for 1 a real bargain.

  • You looked OK today but were way too negative for the first hour
    After our goals you started to push on and looked a real threat
    The front 2 looked handy but there was no support apart from Davis on the odd occasion
    Strange to see a MON side look so cagey, but explains why you’ve drawn so many this year.

  • 3for1 but I think we’ll give it a miss! lol. I am not sure MON really has ‘his’ side yet, he’s not been able to do much player wise and is mostly using what he inherited, I guess with an average run of results confidence is lower and to be fair, your home form is good.

  • Fair enough MON might not want to take a chance on a south american or top european player, but he would surely be takin the p*ss if he wants nugent from preston!! Those sort of players wont get us anywhere. If we want to compete we have to spend big.

  • Well the whole thing turns in circles…to get to the top you need to spend big, but without spending big we won’t be able to get to the top. To be fair the whole Nugent link is paper talk, but look at what spending big has brought us, Collymore, Baros and a load of other disgruntled players…spending big is no guarantee of success. O’Neill’s strength is his man management skills and his ability to get the best out of players, i’m sure whoever he brings in will be successful for us.

  • Hello Samtozer, I mean Sam*******! Still stand by your comments the other day on who is the bigger and more progressive club? Enuff said 😉

  • any club has flop signings – spurs signed Reid and Dawson – Reid didn’t work out – and moved on. What we must learn at villa is that although some big name signings won’t work out – we shouldn’t stop signing players because of the odd flop – look at the forwards that have gone in and out of chelsea …

  • January cant come quick enough, but some of the names being thrown around by Villans as potential targets are just unrealistic. We still have a relatively low profile after seasons of standing-still, and that scenario alone will make the bigger names (if available) very hesitant to move to B6. We have to bring in quality, that fact is obvious to all and was again extremely evident today. Up front we possess nothing, but there are problems in other areas to. The rebulding will take time, and I for one dont expect MON to have resolved every issue come February 1st.

  • Gents this is a football forum, if you wish to name call and argue whos dad is bigger please go to yahoo chat, why not exchange phone numbers and you can chat till your hearts content. This is NOT the forum for foul and abusive language.

  • i may be wrong, its either wigan or reading who have a striker they bought from the lower divisions (was it kevin doyle?) maybe someone can help me out with this. the point is, as with platty, there is many a gem lurking in the nether regions of the football league. they probably have more enthusiasm than alot of the current prem players too.

  • Bobbyfett – Doyle came from the Irish league and signed for Reading for a ridiculous fee of a crate of guiness or something like that.

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