Date: 2nd July 2009 at 2:49pm
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Former Portsmouth, Arsenal and Spurs defender Sol Campbell, now a free agent and recently linked with Villa, interviewed on Sky Sports today who ask him directly about the interest from Villa.



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  • I think he will sign 4 us, id be quite happy he is a good leader and has bags of experience, he has lost his pace but could do a job 4 us, would also like to see Richards and Naughton added to the defence.

  • I don’t think he is young_jonah, thought he’d returned, unless he has another break (we are all allowed a few holidays in a year and the managers job love him or loathe him, is an awfuly high pressure one!)

  • I have to agree with astonsteve, after carefull re-consideration i too see him has good signing and a free one at that

  • Hmmm indeed. As a Pompey fan, I get used to reading that Sol is going to another club. I think at the last count I’d heard stories of at least 8 destinations. Villa makes 9

  • I think Curtis Davies is going to be a really good player and having someone like Campbell to bring him through can only be a good thing. With money as it is, brining in good experienced internationals for free must always be good business. Campbell and Owen? Yes please!

  • well ud assume he’s still on holiday with the lack of transfer activity! a 6 week holiday? live the dream!

  • What a give away! He couldn’t hide his grin when the Villa link was mentioned! Something brewing here! It’d be a great move for all, I still rate him…

  • Im not sure about Campbell, at 34 he brings the experience. Especially in helping develop davies and cuellar. I guess he would be a decent signing for free. but in all honesty id probably prefer some1 like upson, a little bit younger and still a decent leader. Hell…. get both of them in :-p

  • Two positive things: One, we have lacked proper organisation at the back for a while, something he is good at. Two, without Laursen we lack a defender who attacks the ball, something Campbell does. For me, it’s good business if we can get him in. The only real negative I have is that he has lost a bit of pace but I think his positives outweigh that – and not just cause I scored that two to one! 😉

  • UKTony, what was your opinion of him last season? I only saw Pompey a few times so I am sure you’ll have seen him far more than I did.

  • I think campbell would strengthen the squad,And after all that is the whole point.I saw him quite a bit last season and he seemed to have got himself in great shape again,.I could even see him doing a season in the first team and then dropping back for a couple of season as a squad player

  • I think there’s such a thing as too much experience, that’s the case with Sol anyway. No ta

  • Can’t see it. It was a great coup when we got him to Pompey & has been fantastic for us. Last season was a bit of a struggle for him & us & I doubt if he has that much more to give. Villa are on the up & should be looking for better than Sol can give.

  • He may not play in every game but we are a bunch of young players at the moment. He has experience, he is origanised and he can teach our younger backline a few things i’m sure. Bring him in i say – the cost is zero.

  • Surely we’ve got coaches for that? I reckon we should look for a defender who can defend and run a little bit when he has to at least.

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