Date: 9th March 2007 at 1:23pm
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In the 9,452,120th article to come from a player about the Aston Villa takeover, Thomas Sorensen has given his opinion on the matter.

Sorensen told the official site of his feeling that the club was now moving in the right direction, and even found time to praise Doug Ellis for his efforts during Deadly’s reign (of terror?)…kind of.

The lack of team fitness and injury-prone nature of our team from last season has also been made apparently by our top keeper.

‘The change now is for the better. The club really needed something to happen – especially at the top.

‘Doug Ellis did a fantastic job for the club but sometimes you need change. There was a lot going on at the end of last season and the beginning of this season with reductions.

HOWEVER, Tommy then went on to say…

‘We couldn’t even have a masseur, we couldn’t have this and that. It really was very hard to see where the club was going. It looks a lot brighter now.

‘As soon as everything happened, a lot of things cleared and the positive attitude at the club was reinstated which was very important.’

One interesting question I will pose to Villa fans, do you want Denmark’s number 1 to be a part of the future?


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  • Will begin by saying although this has probably been Tommys best season to date , he is still prone to errors and blunders in tight games, somethingwhich sticks that mourinho said last weekend about Petr Cech was that a good goalkeeper was worth possibly 12-15 points extra over the season.

    Just look at the saves made by Cech at Portsmouth last week and by Van de Sar against red scouse and you realise what top goalkeeping is , got both clubs 3 points when 1 was just as likely

    Tommy doesnt have any competition for his place either taylor is not good enough and will never be long term number 1

    what we need to take us to the next level is a top drawer keeper
    easier said then done i know, but perhaps an attempt to unsettle Niemi at fulham,
    otherwise think our neighbours down the road at wolverhampton have 2 possibles
    Murray who has all the attributes for a top keeper
    also a slight plump into the unknown here but has the attributes for possibly being the best keeper for england in years, currently on loan at stockport where he has just kept a league record 9th clean sheet in a row, is owned by wolves 6ft 7ins and 17 years old one wayne hennessey , wolves fans speak very highly of him and think with him as back up they would be willing to let murray go

    Bosnich love him or hate him was phenomenol for us and got us points and through cup games when a lesser keeper wouldnt have

    thats what a top drawer keeper would do

  • Well said agent. Sorensen doesn’t have the prescence of a keeper like Bosnich. I do rate Tommy, but he seems to make the back four nervous. I certainly don’t think that Taylor is up to the job, so we need to buy in the summer. Buffon will do nicely 😉

  • Geordie

    They say all great teams have a strong spine down the middle

    if you take the chelsea blueprint Cech, Terry, Lampard, drogba a quality, strong, rarely injured leadership type player right down the spine

    Starts with the goalkeeper we have carew as one part of the spine and although he hasnt quite shown it yet i still think petrov will be quality and is taking the time that some players need to adjust to a different style of play

    A goalkeeper in the summer for me is a must
    Buffon will not come altho we can dream ,
    carson might be work try to unsettle if he stays as 2nd choice at the scouse

  • Tommy has had too many chances. His form is very up and down even during the same game. I also agree with Geordie, he makes the defenders and midfielders nervous, before you know it we let a goal in. Priority number 1, replace him.

  • His kicking is poor aswell, makes me nervous when he gets a pass back. John Gregory summed him up the best for me, ‘Tom is to pretty for a premiership keeper’. When you think about it, you know what he is saying. Gone are the days when you see keepers like Bosnich that will come for every single ball and get battered in the process. I say we go and get Gi Gi Buffon from ‘the old lady’.

  • In the Premiership I think only Van Der Sar, Cech and possibly Given are significantly better than the rest. Sorenson is in the next group who are all pretty much of the same standard. No better, no worse. You then have Paul Robinson who is probably the worst English keeper in a generation. There is no point in changing for changes sake. The keepers mentioned other than Buffon would be a risk and are not proven to be better than Tommy. So I would be happy to stick with him unless we can attract somebody who is proven to be better.

  • i made this point the other day on the defending problem blog (cant remember the title) and voth made the same comment.i still say robert green would be a good choice, he’s jut been at poor teams. regarding tommy’s comment about fitness, the new bodymoor will help, most of the injuries are probably prolonged or bought back on by training on a farm! add into that this new ‘miracle pool’ that is being installed there and we should soon be a very fit and young squad. i favour bringing in a strong, young keeper now rather than having to blood someone new further down the line which will slow the process of randy and mon’s inevitable world domination (insert evil laugh here)

  • I didn’t make the Watford game but what about Ben Foster of Watford (loan from Man Ure). Is he good enough?

  • Its up to Mon to find the right keeper. You have to trust in him, if we dont get another stopper its because we cant improve the position at the time. But please Martin, no more co co the clown. In hind sight our young keeper who is going out on loan would have been a better bet, if only for the long run.

  • ‘We couldn’t even have a masseur, we couldn’t have this and that’. Even reading those comments nowadays, they all still have a very strange feel to them. Dark days indeed.

  • too right glen, i remember that day vividly. i got home from work and put skysports on as it was the day the results of the italian match fixing scam. instead what greeted me was the news about ‘the letter’. if there was one thing i would thank dol for its that he lost himself his job and effectivley made doug show everyone what cards he was holding regarding the takeover. a week after, no dol and the news of randy. as they say, 7 days is a long time in football.

  • Tommy may not be the greatest keeper in the world but when he was Injured I for one was glad to see him return, we had nothing else, OK the wont be Champions League clubs massing at his door for his signature but hes not all bad.

  • it is pretty interesting that he mentioned that we couldn’t get a masseur. It was suggested ealier in the year that sorenson and melberg were the players that went to the media complaining about doug ellis.

  • I note the papers are rumouring about summer signings. Kone from Holland who is a classy strong striker, Bellemy and Bridge of Chelsea. It’s gonna be another thousand threads on the site again1

  • There’s few better keepers in the premiership right now than our Tommy. He’s up there with the best of them, and has enjoyed a more than decent season. Agree and understand that supporters are split on him, but in my estimation there are not too many more consistent or reliable out there.

  • VOTH and others are right, there are few keepers around who are significantly better than Sorenson at the moment. Foster played a blinder for Watford again last night, but I believe he is on loan from manure and I can’t see them letting him go, might be worth an enquiry in the summer though as Watford are doomed to relegation at the end of the season.

  • I agree with col8 when he was out injured I couldn’t wait to see him back between the sticks. We looked even frailer without him at the back. Not the greatest keeper but the best we have.

  • The keeper on loan at Stockport is Hennessy(not Murray). He is 19 years old and 9 clean sheets for stockport in a row AND 1 for Wales. He is 4th Choice at Wolves. The Wolves have an embarressment of riches. Both Murray and Henessey will go far.

  • Whichever way we look at it, I dont think that replacing Tommy as our number one is a priority. Getting a capable, promising back up keeper is though another matter.

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