Date: 16th April 2007 at 1:59pm
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Thomas Sorensen said the 3-1 win over Middlesbrough proved to be a ‘bittersweet afternoon’ for him after he fumbled a free kick and gifted Boro the first goal of the afternoon.

The Danish international keeper, already rumoured to be under pressure to keep his position at Villa with summer spending likely to include a new keeper, said: ‘I guess it was a bittersweet afternoon for me personally. The good thing was that we got back and won the game after my mistake. I think I’ve had a very good season and it wouldn’t have been nice to have lost the game today because of me.’

‘Obviously, I’m never pleased to make a mistake, but thank God I had a team in front of me who were able to get me out of it. It was nice to hear the fans chanting my name after I made the mistake. They could have jeered me, but instead they chanted my name, and I think that proves that I’m doing a good job for the team.’

He also says the win was just the start saying Villa are getting their confidence back. ‘It’s just in the last three or four games that we have found the right way to play. It’s a way which suits us. Maybe we flattered to deceive a bit at the start of the season but we are all excited about next year. We’re confident we’ll be challenging for a place in Europe. We’ve got a good squad but we need some consistency and a few new players.’

Sorensen has just 14 months left on his contract and reports have linked Villa to Celtic’s Polish international keeper Artur Boruc with another rumour suggesting we might be bidding for Chelsea keeper Carlo Cudicini.

Our latest poll asks who should replace Sorensen (if anyone should)

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15 Replies to “Sorensen Thanks Villa Fans & Players”

  • Some of these replacements for Sorensen are daft suggestions. Where are Artur Boruc, Craig Gordon, Robert Green (if West Ham go down), Antti Niemi (if Fulham go down), Jens Lehmann (if he does not get a new contract)?????? Far more realistic than the likes of Casillas and Valdes.

  • I did vote but I think we should still keep Sorenson. If anything a new goalkeeper will keep Tommy on his toes as it is clear Taylor hasn’t due to his lack of first team appearences.

  • Tommy is a good shot stopper in general and don’t forget he is an international keeper. But… there’s always a but…. he never totally inspires me with confidence. He could fill a DVD with errors. Saturday, Wigan and the Small Heath game last year come to notice. I don’t think he’d stop if he was number 2 and Taylor isn’t good enough for number 1. Need a new keeper but don’t know if the Scottish links are the answer.. interesting times

  • definately need a new keeper in my opinion,sorenson does not inspire enough confidence for our chance foster will be at villa,i reckon he has a very good chance of being utd number 1 next season. boruc or cudicini or gordon would be an improvement on tommy i have to say.

  • You may get Foster on loan for 1 season as Fergie will resort to type and buy a foreign name,can`t remember too many decent keepers coming from SPL,i can see Given fancying it if we offer Newcastle enough wedge.Sorensen has had half decent season but that is all he is – half-decent.

  • agree PaulG, even if we get a new arrival, should keep Sorensen if he is willing to fight for the no1 jersey.

  • If he was younger I would say give him time. He has good games and bad ones, you can’t say he gives the back 4 confidence. Having said that, he was with us when back 4 gave everyone kittens and is still coming good. I say 1 more season, with a good no 2. Perhaps Antieeownie.

  • Sorenson is an alright keeper, but you have to say that he’s had 2-3 seasons to become blunder free and improve himself but he hasn’t done it. In his first season I could understand if he didn’t organise the defence etc, but he’s one of the more senior members of our team, and it’s not as if the defence has changed massively. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, and I honestly don’t think at his age he’ll be able to take his game up to the next level.

  • I don’t think these poll’s are very constructive and if anything, they enhance the fickle nature of some supporters. just an opinion. MON has enough wits about him to decide whether to replace a player so lets leave it to him to decide!

  • Is there better options than TS out there, and available? I’m not so sure there is. I think he’s had a decent season overall, but I certainly wouldn’t be against bringing in a capable understudy. These folks shouting up for Boruc though, have they ever seen him play?

  • The best buy of the season would have to be jaaskelainen, worth at least 10mill, and would save us 15 points a season, never mind another defender just get jussi

  • I am with myleftfoot on this. I do not think this is a very constructive debate. As mentioned in previous threads, Tommy has not cost us a point this season and has saved us plenty. There are possibly 3 or 4 better keepers in the Premiership and I would have included Van Der Sar in them, but he has made more mistakes in the last month than Tommy has made all season. Jaskalainen is a great shop stopper but his command of the box is no better or worse than Tommys (he has also conceeded more than TS this season). As for Cudicini he is vastly overated. Playing in front of a back line that does not give the opposition much sight of the goal would be different than playing for us. Also his command of the box is poor and much worse than TS. There are other areas of the pitch that we need to improve first.

  • I think this is a decision that needs to be made purely on whether or not not we can bring in somebody better. Most of the names on the poll are no better. I thought Cudicini was an interesting idea but he’s 33 – even for a goalkeeper, that’s too old for what we need. We have to bring in somebody that is going to promote stability – somebody we can build the back line around.

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