Date: 15th August 2007 at 2:00pm
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Denmark international and Villa shot-stopper Thomas Sorensen is looking for talks with Martin O’Neill following the arrival of Scott Carson.

Speaking to Tipsbladet, a regular read in the Fear household you understand, he said:

‘I have asked the manager for a meeting to find a solution and I expect to have it this week. I am focusing on the rehab and to getting back, that is the most important thing to me right now.’ And it looks like he isn’t too happy at the loan arrival of Scott Carson from Liverpool as he added, ‘It seems somewhat strange that they spend a lot of money on him when we already have got two good keepers in the squad.’

Maybe Thomas doesn’t remember the situation last season when both him and Taylor were out and we had to take an emergency loan in the form of Kirally! At the moment Sorensen has a hamstring injury and Stuart Taylor is struggling with groin problem!


23 Replies to “Sorensen Wants Showdown Talks?”

  • What a ******! First sign of a bit of competition and he starts moaning and wants to leave! Maybe he should take a look at himself and stop making basic errors and then MON wouldn’t even be looking for another keeper! It’s good for no one if they are guarenteed a starting place. If I were MON I’ll tell him to battle for his place or **** off! Guttless!

  • He seems past his best and too injury prone, Taylor looked as good on Sat and could get better with an extended run.

  • Well no surprise there. We knew that reaction was going to happen, and you can bet MON did too. Tommy has gotten way too comfortable in his role as our chief custodian. He certainly hasn’t faced any real competition for his starting spot since he arrived at the club, and he’s probably a pretty happy camper right now that he hadn’t put pen to paper on a new extended deal. I suspect a parting of the ways is on the cards here, certainly at seasons end when his contract runs out, if not before. Ironically I’m far from convinced that Carson is an improvement on what we already had, but obviously MON doesn’t view things that way.

  • I agree, I’m not sure Carson is any better, but anyway, if Sorenson has any belief in his own ability, surely he should think this youngster is not having my shirt and show that he is the better keeper? Instead he is running away!

  • He was sitting two rows behind me on Saturday (yes in the North Stand Upper!) with some friends. He didn’t seem the happiest of people and hardly even celebrated the goal we scored! Think he may be on his way out!

  • Ah well, so we have another foreigner that spits his dummy out when he gets upset. You’d think he was working for peanuts. I understand he was one of the main suspects behind the player’s revolt last year because the Club lacked ambition – so there you go, he’s still not happy.

  • Steady on lads, he has been an excellent servant for us. He shouldn’t be moaning, he knows competition is healthy, but not so harsh please

  • i like the guy,think hes a safe pair of hands..but i rather see him go than taylor,if taylors given a good run i reckon he could do the job well

  • The reason he’s reacted like this is simple – money! That’s it, end of. He’s on a “relatively” rubbish contract and wasn’t offered a new one.

  • Does anyone know what the wage structure is now? Presumably Barry and Mellberg will be on top bucks. I heard Young was on £30k/week, Barry £45k/wk. What about the others? Anyone know?

  • think tommy thinks he is actually better than he really is,get rid if he doesnt want a bit of competition for a place for a change! also think carson is a better gk,more solid and a lot less error prone. in my opinion carson should be england no 1 for euro 2008 if they get there,the way robinson is playing now though they do have a ginger *****in doughnut as a manager i suppose!!!!!! UTV

  • We seem to have a whole load of whiners in the squad first sign of competition and they want out. Fair play to MON getting rid of the dead wood, but i would like him to replace people with people who are up for fighting for their place.

  • Not interested in what is good or bad for tommy, just want the best for villa, so Tommy you have done okish, made some shocking mistakes along the way ( against the blues mainly ) you get paid pooh loads of money. Dont care what you earn, youve not set the world on fire, what gives you the right for any type of showdown talks. Deadwood is no good unless it fights. Patients is wearing thin you have half a dozen good games per season and think thats ok in the prem. Thats one of the reasons why Sunderland went down. Villa will go on to better things, thats why you will be on your bike. Thanks for the good performances ( what you were paid for ) dont bother to explain the bad ones you’ve been paid for them as well.

  • do you all honestly thing carson’s some sort of *****in wonder goalkeeper, well he ain’t, I could understand if we’d just signed jussi or cech, but Carson, *****, leave it eh! I think it’s more the loan signing than anything else, if we’d signed jussi I’m sure he would have just got on with things, you can say what you like O’neil’s *****ed up! 3 keepers, no *****in defenders, what a sorry *****in state we’re in, and some of the remarks about a keeper thats been here over 4yrs, you need to grow up! I for one would have been *****ed off if he hadn’t said anything about having to sit on the bench!

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