Date: 16th June 2009 at 12:27pm
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Well here is a new one, our man in South Africa, Reza Bodiat was watching the Confederation Cup opener the other night and heard the commentator say that Villa are interested in South African international midfielder Teko Modise.

Apparently Sky Sports have also covered it, however it must be pointed out it is still just a rumour.

The attacking central midfielder is currently playing for the Orlando Pirates.

Our main in situ, Reza says: ‘In SA rumours are that Villa are in for Teko Modise our national team midfielder’ and when asked if he was any good, he replied: ‘.yes good player….tricky midfielder…scores goals……imho better than Steven Pienaar.’

Well, Steven Pienaar looks a top notch player to me, so if Teko is better, lets hope the link is true!

Teko has 9 goals in 33 games for South Africa.

Wiki also says he is linked to Villa, then again, he might have written it himself! :o) Wiki entry – Click Here

He said in the Daily Mirror: “I’m a fan of English football and I’ve got a friend who is playing there in Steven Pienaar at Everton. We talk a lot about it, and if the opportunity comes for me it would be very important. It gives you that extra edge to work extra hard when you know there are people who are enquiring about you. I’m confident I have the quality to play in England. If I can get a move I’ll only become a better player.” Wigan and Manchester City are also said to be looking.


14 Replies to “South African Midfielder Teko Linked To Villa”

  • What a strange youtube clip. Watched over a minute and it’s just him being hacked down 6 times. Is this supposed to be a recommendation?

  • He’s a good player no doubt..silky skills and is a marked player ……much like Ashley is……and score goals ….and gets himself into the box…very creative in midfield…reads the game well……

  • he just keeps falling over :S. and adebayor said that salifou was the togoneese zidane young_johan LOL. didn’t mean much in the end aha. lol

  • those 6 goals he scored from that identical fee kick were amazing! Spends a fair amount of time on his arse but looks ok.

  • not to sure abt this one – i am an orlando pirates fan and i think Modise is a good player but not one that will make a great impact at villa – as a squad player maybe – and i base my opinion on the SA game versus the UK game. indivdually he is not half bad but his vision in passing is delayed not so good for the high pace of the premier league- but this is just my humble opinion

  • if he’s cheap its worth a look but I’m not overly convinced. We need genuine competition for places and options not just numbers for the sake of it. Wonder if he reckons he’s had talks as well?

  • Pablo….did you watch the SA v NZ game in the Confeds Cup? We should have beaten the kiwi’s 6 or 7…but two will do…..
    Teko was man of the match…he was simply brilliant!!!

  • hi reZA yes i did and he had 8 shots all terrible. u honestly believe he will improve the villa team.

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