Date: 30th July 2006 at 7:53pm
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The Sunday Mirror claim that both Tottenham Hotspur and Portsmouth want Villa midfielder – and captain in the absence of Olof Mellberg – to bolster their squads.

The club to date have refused offers and caretaker boss Roy Aitken admits that he doesn’t know the situation on the 26-year-old’s plans after reports suggested he had asked for a transfer.

Aitken said: ‘I don’t know much about what Gareth has said to the chairman, but all I can say is that he’s shown a commitment to the team that is first class. Gareth is a joy to work with and a great professional, and I would not be surprised if other teams are looking at him. But what he gives me on a daily basis is excellent and I couldn’t ask any more.’

‘Part of my job at the moment is to keep the whole squad focused and upbeat and, particularly when there is all this talk about takeovers and possible new managers, that’s a challenge we have to stay on top of.’

One thing is for sure, Roy’s press talk is sooooo much better than David O’Leary’s. Aitken seems to realise that it is far nicer to hear positive things about the club and players than the dour ‘me babies’ stuff we got before.


60 Replies to “Spurs And Pompey Want Barry?”

  • We cant afford to lose him, especially if all of this takeover speculation is just speculation.

  • Good job it was in the Sunday mirror then, their journo hacks would’nt know the truth if it jumped up and knocked them off their bar stool!

  • spurs can ***** off and as for pompey they are a joke its an insult to villa if barry decides to join any of them, spurs had a lucky season and pompey for the drop VILLA WILL BE ON THE UP

  • Dear Jol ie good, As you couldn’t be fu*ced to think of an original name which reflected yourself, I would like to point you in the direction of the telly (spurned) tubbies website that the rest of you children usually post on. The address is – catchyours

  • Frankly, Villa have been hovering around in the Premiership like an unmoored ghost ship for far too long, occaisionally bumping into other teams that ought there but never doing anything more positive. I have money on you being relegated this season, and

  • William Hiil is a rich **** because of prats like you weststandvoicewhichcriesimadeersh*gger

  • And ulstervilla, you seem overly wrought, is it because you’ve nothing but a currently mediocre team to harp about, or is your latent sectarianism needing to find an outlet somewhere – anywhere? Cybergansters, tut tut.

  • shut the **** up Samtozer u nob sayin pompey an insult u ***** Pompey r a bigger club than Villa. Next season ya going down n pompey top 8 finnish ya got a nob of a chairman, ya aint got NO money we got loads, ya dont no ya football n i think that spurs w

  • I seem to remember Spurs were in a similar position not too long ago. I would have thought the Spurs fans could appreciate whats happening at VP. Remember Spurs were a regular at the bottom of the table – back in the Mark ‘John Cleese ministry of funny wa

  • I’m chuffed to be linked with Barry – I’ve always thought that he’s Villa’s best player every time I’ve seen them. He could be just what we’re looking for on our problem left – he’s got a great left peg, leads by example and gets his share of goals too. R

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