Date: 2nd June 2006 at 10:18am
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According to a report in the Daily Mail today, Villa are ‘bracing themselves’ for a £3.5million bid from Tottenham for left sided midfielder Gareth Barry.

Rubbish. Villa aren’t bracing themselves for anything, let alone a bid of £3.5million for a player worth double that.

IF Villa were to sell Gareth Barry for a sum like that, I would send my season ticket back and that would be it for me. We might be a selling club these days but I don’t think even our lot would be that stupid? £7million would surely be the bottom line and then we still shouldn’t sell?

Barry, in my ever so humble opinion, was the main reason we stayed up last season, we can’t afford to let him go if we want to do the same in the 2006/7 season and O’Leary knows it as Barry and Davis are apparently the two players he is insisting Villa keep.

Our latest poll coincides with this story with 46% of Villa fans who voted saying that Villa must not sell Gareth Barry. Full article: Click Here

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43 Replies to “Spurs Can Get Lost!”

  • Amen to that Mr Fear..

    10million is the only figure that should even be worthy of reading a fax from Spurs.

  • Get lost? Thats not very nice. 😉 Come on, admit it, he is dying to come back to London and play for the team he supported as a kid. COYS.

  • I think this is just paper talk but if he was sold for a rubbish sum like that, I’d return my season ticket in disgust. Trouble is I do fear that he might want to move to a club with ambition as careers are short and players like that should be playing i

  • spurs always put in cheeky bids, 5 mill for van nist 2.5 for chimbonda then they spend 11 mill on a lazy russian, they can go screw themselves. Our future captain is staying put.

  • Well if there one final thing that Ellis and DOL could do to annoy us even more this would be it….so dont rule it out!

  • Would you accept 3.5m plus Danny Murphy? There’s another player who might keep you up next season.

  • I’m sorry but there is no way Barry is worth 10m! Then again, 3.5 is a tad cheeky. 5m would seem sensible to me, and as spurs fan I’d be happy with signing Barry…..

  • Wouldn’t be happy with Murphy, maybe Routledge + £8m ;-)) (You see Doug, this his how you negotiate!!!)

  • I said it before… £5 million, Andy Reid and Wayne Routledge, and you’ve got a deal Mr. Levy.

  • You Villa fans must have it bad if you think Barry is worth 10million! He’s a decent player but he wouldn’t stand out in a half decent team. I’m not really sure if he would add that much to the Spurs side other than giving us some balance. He is a Yid tho

  • Not saying he’s “worth” 10million, but value is relative… He is a vital cog in our team and losing him would cost us in terms of his play, his influence and his future captaincy material.

  • 10 mill, ha ha ha ha!!!! somewhere between 3-5 mill is about right. considering we could get bridge for 5 mill, and taylor for less than that doesn’t leave villa in a great position if you have to sell to buy

  • son_of_cher…..your knowledge of european football must be immense, our “lazy russian” is actually bulgarian!!!

  • Under normal circumstances I’d laugh off a nonsense bid like this but with recent goings on I’m not so confident 🙁

  • £3.5m and Danny Murphy would be a fair deal. Murphy would bring quality into midfield in terms of passing and finall ball a great goal threat from set pieces too..!

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