Date: 7th May 2010 at 2:38pm
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Spur’s CL qualification is disastrous for Aston Villa

One thing I haven’t heard anyone talk about is what Spur’s Champion’s League qualification means for Villa.

After losing against Man City it was game over for us, but compensation was still possible. That would have come in the form of Man City qualifying. The reason I’m saying this is because wherever they finish they’ll be spending big this summer, attracting far better players than we can.

But now Spurs have got at least 4th, they are also in a much better position than us. So instead of having 4 teams we can’t compete with, it’s now 5. Or if you want to add Liverpool to that, it’s 6 instead of 5.

I understand we can still finish 5th, but I would have rather finished 6th if it meant Man City finished 4th, and Spurs ended up in the Europa with us.

It’s sad because we’ve already broken our premiership points record tally this year, but I think with Spurs, Man City and Man U all looking (and probably succeeding) at poaching our best talent, we’ll see us struggle next season to get nearer it.

Any thoughts?