Date: 8th August 2018 at 12:01pm
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Sky Sports News are saying, or is that understanding, that Jack Grealish is staying at Aston Villa.

They say that we have turned down a £25million bid for the fans favourite.

Fascinating all this. Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris both said at the meeting with the FCG the other week that they wanted to build around our youth. This would show they are serious. But what plan have they hatched to get around the FFP? I have no answers, just total and utter fascination and even those these are early days, respect for what they are doing.

Bruce told Sky Sports after the match v Hull: “He is a wonderful talent. We will do our best to keep hold of him, but it is going to be difficult.” Adding, “The owner has made it clear that he wants him to stay. To be fair to Jack, he has got on with it.”

Sky Sports News Centre saying understands:

Aston Villa’s new owners say Totenham’s £25m bid for Jack Grealish has been rejected outright.

Our new owners have said they want to build the club around the youth, so to keep Jack will be a massive sign they are serious about that. Exciting to think we have owners big enough and strong enough now not to be bullied into selling our best.

And SkySports Transfer Centre have just added, I’m writing this live and updating as it goes along!


Big news coming out of Villa Park.

Sky sources: Jack Grealish will not be sold to anyone in this transfer window, despite interest from Tottenham and ‘other clubs’ this window.

Sources are telling us Aston Villa’s new executive chairman Nassef Sawiris has told Tottenham and any other potential suitors he is not interested in their money.

A (Not Very) Serious Warning To Tottenham Hotspur To Avoid Jack Grealish He’s Not Good Enough!

As my erstwhile colleague, DeanoVilla says in the forum thread, “JACK STAYING!!!! Best Transfer Window Ever!!!!!!”


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  • I can see Jack ending up at Stoke next season for half the price Spurs were willing to pay for him

    • Don’t be a cunt , nobody leaves Villa for Stoke !! Ask Chester , he would rather have joined the blues

      • We’ll see; when he gets fat and useless like Berahino because he didn’t get his move, you’ll drive him to Stoke yourself!

          • Oh dear it’s started already, “Jack Grealish Furious With Villa For Turning down Spurs’ bid” the headline screams. He’s defo on his way to Stoke.

              • Ya think they’d swap champions league for football for Stoke? Mind you, if they go all Berahino, they won’t have any choice about it, out they go!

  • Well my only frustration is that if this is true its late j the say tk get the message and it leavss us tight regarding finding alternatives, this is the price you pay for last minutes bids, although if that is how we have to work due to financial restrains and players preferring other clubs the so be it. On a footballing side, think it is 50 50 as to whether he would make it with us or make an impact this season anyway, as for the player himself i would have thought one more season in championship will probably make little difference if he continues to develop he will get his move to a PL club or with villa if promoted. I am not sure he is worth as much as villa are wanting anyway, makes me wonder if our academy players can be as good!

  • Great news,now offer Chelsea first refusal to get that striker on loan,it’s a carrot
    that promises only ,butgives SB the striker back up etc. Hope McGinn comes to Av
    Purring with anticipation at McGinn Grealish , it’s ringing that Bell like Ron Saunders
    Play these young bull dogs and Av could demolish the opposition.

  • No offence to Villa, but I hope this is true and Grealish is not going to spurs, he is not good enough for us.. same age as Alli yet miles behind.

  • Great news as long as we can build around him, goalies coming in droves , defenders , hope McGinn comes but what we need are SCORING forwards … urgently .
    The other one thing I like is the new owners resolve …. great start to hopefully a new era.

  • MPB is there any need to use such foul language. You are entitled to your opinion but cut out the bad language.

    • Sorry Vicar , but I come for a very disadvantaged background, it’s called the real world !! Sometimes people swear a bit when they see or read something really incomprehensible! Like that post …, no body leaves Villa For Stoke ( I don’t think ) ! And Jack Grealish certainly won’t!!

  • Just because he plays in the Championship at the moment doesn’t mean he’s not as good as players like Dele Ali – remember he came from MK Dons. Grealish is a super talent, the most naturally gifted footballer at VP since Merse and is more than Ali’s equal – he’s that good! I will be delighted if he stays.

  • I take it you’ve never really watched him play only on u tube , he’s possibly the closest thing this country has had to anything like Gazza ! And if he had maybe been in the World Cup squad , the piece of the jigsaw that actually passed the ball through midfield rather than the glorious hoof and hope , no end product that we actually had with our England STARS !! The reason that your manager wants him is that he sees this as when he was having Anomah watched last year , he was being outplayed By Grealish on every single occasion!

  • @rich, sorry, Grealish is the same age as Alli, yet Alli has been performing for a top club since 2015/16 …if Grealish was as good at the same age why is he languishing in a Championship team. Grealish is overrated and not worth 30m please I hope you keep him not good enough for Spurs.

  • If you are asking me if I have seen Grealish play live the answer is no … I do t take much notice of mid table or championship teams … no way can you compare this player to Gazza, you must be in a. Parallel universe… Gazza was doing 10 times more the. Him at the same age … Grealish can’t get a sniff at the England side due to younger players such as Alli …. ROI for grelish … anyways let’s hope he stays at your club …

  • You can only come to the conclusion that the new owners are going to take the FFP rap, either in terms of substantial fine or transfer embargo – or both. A points reduction would go against recent precedent.

    Realistically, I cannot see how we could address UEFA’s requirements in January. If Grealish is not part of the FFP solution, then do we have enough potential sales that are beefy enough to knock off the £40-£50M required to satisfy the overlords? I would suggest no.

    Clearly, Grealish staying is very good news, but Bruce must be careful. Will he be able to offer a salve to address young Jack’s disappointment at not making his big move? All indications suggest he was set on joining Spurs.

    The manager also needs to pay close attention to a number of other fresh factors. Can he carefully integrate a large number of new players into the squad, where many have often struggled to do so effectively in the past. He also needs to quickly find the right blend/formation and build up good partnerships all over the pitch. Clearly, professional players should cope quite quickly, but there could be hiccups along the way. Then the other big challenge is keeping a such a large bunch of players all relatively happy or, at least, ensure those regularly missing out on match day do not sour the apple cart.

    I know time is running out this transfer window, but I think it would still benefit the club long term to shift a few out. The worry is that there appears to have been few takers so far.

    • It wouldn’t Tony…QPR launched their legal challenge under the old rules. Every other club settled. New rules bring in points deduction and denial of promotion so the QPR case only sets a precedent on one thing ‘FFP cannot be ignored’ and they can now deduct points for future significant breaches.

  • Great post Tony J, as usual! I am baffled at it, excited by it and……….. no, that’s it! Just want the transfer window to close now and for this to be true.

  • QPR “only” getting fined 20 million for thumbing their nose at FFP rules might be the reason Grealish and thers are staying and why we are spending money on new players. Clearly we don’t care less about FFP and if we get promoted (150million richer), I reckon the owners will think its a price worth paying. Then again if we don’t…………

  • Grealish isn’t languishing in a Championship side, he’s playing for the club he loves. Are you next going to tell me that Le Tissier wasn’t worthy of playing more times for his country? He doesn’t get into the England side as Southgate has a policy of not playing anyone outside of the Premier League …. but how we could have done with JG at the World Cup when our midfield was crying out for someone with some flair and invention which we were seriously lacking (and that I’m afraid included Ali).

  • Apart from the huge positive that JG looks like staying (and I firmly believe that we have a far better chance of promotion with him ) the other satisfaction is the slap in the face for Mr Levy. He had the possibility of doing a deal with Dr Tony at 22-24M ( as Tony had no real alternative ) but friend Levy decided to wait in order to get the price reduced to 15M. Big mistake Mr Levy ! Maybe Nassef Sawiris having close contacts with Arsenal had something to do with it as well. Whatever your reasons Mr Sawiris – thank you.

  • @rich, I for one do not care for WC football … As long as the Spurs players came back uninjured it was fine by me … lets face facts, Grealish, hes not at a top team player if he was he would be there now, a top player wants to play CL … I dont care for Le Tissier, he chose to stay at Soton his right, them days it was different to 2018 … Grealish is not of the standard a top Premier League team require, I appreciate you being defensive over one of your own, but Alli left at a young age, younger then Grealish and keeps players like Grealish out of the England squad. Grealish hardly scored many goals last season, 4? Alli had a poor season still got double figures …. Aston Villa is the standard for Grealish, and his level of Football … proof is in the pudding .. and well, he should stay with you …. nothing against him but not good enough for a top 6 team … a Huddersfield yes not a Spurs or Utd etc ….

    • He’s still with us because up until last season he seemed to have too many off field issues which scared people off. The influence of Bruce and JT last year has finally made him mature and perform like we thought he could. Yes he only got 4 goals (he was out injured until December) but he created more chances than any other player in the Championship, doing so in just half a season. I never used to be a fan of Jack myself and would happily have sold him for £10m last summer, however last season he made me eat my words with some outstanding performances. He would clearly be behind Eriksen in the pecking order but I’d have him over Lamela any day. Anyway its all about opinions, we love Jack, Poch see’s his talent and wants him, but you guys don’t think he’s good enough. While the fans may have lofty ambitions unfortunately for you I don’t think Levy has it in him to spend the sort of money to get Bale or similar level, so you are left looking at the likes of Jack.

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