Date: 16th August 2017 at 8:34am
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Stan Collymore has been tweeting and it`s very difficult to argue with what he`s saying after the last two abject performances by Aston Villa. Worrying times indeed. Honestly thought with a pre-season Steve Bruce might do the business for us, he does have form getting teams promoted, but something isn`t right… we`ve gone backwards and he`s admitted he can`t arrest the away form. He should be thinking about offering his resignation if that is the case.

‘Too many random ‘big name, big £’ signings, gross naivety as to what EFL is about. Rookies, playing FIFA on paper. P*** poor.

‘A signing is as good as the plan you have for it. Where’s the plan? Where’s the cohesion? We’re just throwing name after name in!

‘Example. Jack Wilshere? In the Championship grind of 40 odd games? With his injury record? Just another ‘name’!

‘33% possession 3 shots on target 1 corner To every Villa player, whatever your CV, that’s garbage.

‘Also, someone tell me who Steve Round has recommended that wasn’t someone the club could throw loads of dough at? Bargains? Steals? Zero.

‘We’ve got 1 more year (?) of parachute money after this. No more excuses, no more bull****. Get the f******* team competing. Now.

‘Time to stick together, be brutally critical of performances and honest with how much needs to be done. No more excuses. None.’

He also asks:


6 Replies to “Stan Collymore Rips Into Aston Villa Shambles”

  • Time to drop players regardless for non performance …. seriously Mr Bruce what do you see in Gabby ??? Hutton ??? and others …. where is the Villa ‘style, tactics and passion’ …. at present its completly absent and that YOU AND YOUR COACHES JOBS.

  • I didnt go last night, but sounds like we’ve tried to sit deep and keep a clean sheet, hoping to pinch a goal on the break. With the squad of players we have, we shouldnt need to be playing that way. We should be far more assertive and put the opposition

  • Totally agree. JT is a vanity signing for a club living off its name. Acting like the big boys with sweet FA to show for it for nearly a decade. Surrendered our perch in the Midlands and still throwing money about like we own the place- which means we are

  • Agreed gary – since Calderwood arrived our performances have worsened. Have made this
    point several times.
    Last night for example, for the first 20 minutes or so we just sat back and watched them play
    the ball around – it was obviously our ‘game plan’

  • Agree with the above, the players should be fired up and all guns blazing. They are obviously being coached to be defensive. With the players we have I still say we should be able to walk this league.

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