Date: 31st July 2006 at 12:42pm
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The club have made an announcement on the official site with regards to the ‘takeover’ talk.

It reads, taken directly from the official site:

A number of supporters have contacted the club recently requesting information regarding the current takeover discussions.

Whilst we understand the interest and concerns of supporters and shareholders, as a listed company, we are strictly limited to what we can and cannot say regarding the current situation.

Consequently, we have communicated all possible information to supporters and shareholders via the Stock Exchange.

However, the following points give a brief summary of the legal requirements that any listed company must adhere to in such circumstances.

*As Aston Villa is a listed company, the board and its representatives have a legal duty to conduct any takeover negotiations strictly in accordance with the regulations.

*There can be no special deals struck for the benefit of any individual. Personal interests cannot be pursued and all negotiations are conducted in the best interest of all shareholders and the football club.

*As the company’s retained advisor, Rothschild has been, and will continue to be, present at all meetings to ensure regulatory practice is upheld.

*The board of Aston Villa are duty bound to consider the merits, or otherwise, of all offers made to the club.

*In such situations, it is not legally possible for a listed company to divulge specific information relating to a takeover without first informing the Stock Exchange.

*Accordingly, as and when appropriate, a further announcement will be made.


16 Replies to “Statement From Aston Villa”

  • rubbish. no takeover is happening, heard it all before. Time for doug to get a new manager and sign a couple of players pronto.

  • Anyone care to report them then.

    Two of the above statements are lies as they haven’t been met

  • hate to say it but the club do have there hands tied with regards to just wondering though,does this rule apply to posible bidders as neville has been spouting his mouth off,wheras lerner is being very coy on the situation.

  • Neville said he was going to have talks with Ellis over the weekend, but I don’t think he was he seen entering or leaving Villa Park. In my experience no news is bad news. But how many suitors can the old man shrug off without being revealed as a liar and

  • I find it very worrying that Neville has been quoted as saying he’ll be happy to merge with one of the other parties interested. What’s that all about? (a) You don’t say that kind of stuff in public, you contact the people privately but (b) Has his backer

  • The thing that worries me aout the Neville consortium is the wording of the statements. E.g. we are looking to provide £20m for the manager to spend on players. There is rarely a qualified statement where the wording suggests that the funding is definit

  • It is all down yet again to Ellis, we need to keep going on the Ellis out even if he convinces Martin O’Neill to take the job while re remains at VP. Although I doubt O’Neill would go to VP while Ellis is there.

  • I’d love him to prove me wrong Cheshire Villan as if it’s true he wants a Taylor/O’Niel partnership then that’s always going to get me excited as it sounds great..but that’s partly with the problem with this guy. He’s telling everyone what they want to he

  • The statement is correct but in that case why all the leaks, they are worse than the facts. They do have hands tied to a degree but they could say several offers or close to a deal etc broad statements. But the rumours are really the worst for us fans.

  • Rothschild may advise Ellis to accept an offer but it seems they can’t even arrange a meeting with Neville who has at least put forward an offer. Whether he actually has the funds is another matter

  • I don’t think Neville has the money to sustain a club like Villa if he buys it. I fear he could put us in a lot of debt

  • Now I know someone has been abducted! They always deny and deflect attention from the real issue. Ellis is an alien. and because of this he is not legally intitled to sell the real Mr Ellis’s shares. Aliens have stockmarket laws too you know. The TRUTH IS

  • All talk from the supposed interested parties, but no action. Its all very frustrating at the moment, and will no doubt remain so until one of the consortiums actually makes a firm offer. Once one bid is lodged, hopefully that will stir the other groups i

  • Neville seems abit green to me, although he is a business man. He says he will give 25 million to O Neill when he captures the helm, but what about in a few seasons? This bloke sounds like he has been strugglin to find backers, what if in afew years he is

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